Comments on “You’re Dieting All Wrong: 3 Surprising Takes About Nutrition From A Dietitian”

  1. Pieter Verasdonck says:
    09/14/2023 at 6:48 PM

    Good article, but please not only discuss individual health, but group health too. The two are related. What good is it to be a healthy flea on a mangy dog? Fact is Earth resources are now exceeded by population growth and people past wasteful habits can be no longer: mountains of trash, throwing away good food, farming animals takes around 3x land and water than plants.
    Charge for the use of limited resources, for personal footprint. Consumers may have many languages, but all regard price – it is a universal concern. And if extra costs are not popular, why not tax incentives for green household behaviour? We just paid hundreds of millions of dollars to destroy French wines. The economic reasons are fine, but what about ethics.. starving people.

    1. PJ London says:
      09/15/2023 at 6:27 AM

      How much do they pay you to write that nonsense? Whatever it is, it is not enough to buy a soul.
      Please do not insult our intelligence with the “Green” BS.
      People are starving because of greed and distribution, not lack of food.
      Why is it that every time you sw*ne talk of changes it is through taxation which affects only the poor? Any person who has ever flown in an airplane knows that there is effectively endless resources, Habitation takes about 1% of even developed countries.
      Factory (vertical) farming of plants and vegetables requires very little water, nutrients or energy and produces 100s of times the food on 1/1,000 of the area, so your talk of land and water is total rubbish. I would say what I really think but children may be reading.
      Factory farming of pork, poultry and beef are incredibly efficient and all your blather is a lie.
      Spend your 30 pieces of silver, but you will never have peace of mind or a place among honest, decent people.


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