Comments on “Effectiveness of vaccines: 5 reasons why anti-vaxxers remain in doubt”

  1. Jerry Segers says:
    05/11/2023 at 6:34 PM

    I find it interesting that you start what should be a persuasive article with a proclamation of the conclusion you wish to reach. Vaccines are safe. Next, you compound the problem by stating that vaccines have saved millions of lives. Both statements were made with no proof whatsoever. Then you wonder why people don’t believe you. Please show me the research and the underlying data so I can verify your assertions. I remember some years ago when the then-head of the CDC was testifying before Congress. They were asked to show the double-blind placebo trials showing the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. The response was that it was impossible to do such trials. Such trials would require withholding the vaccine from one group of subjects, and since we know the vaccines work, that would be unethical.

    That was the day I became concerned about the safety and effectiveness of all vaccines. Looking as hard as I can, I have been unable to identify any reliable indications of either safety or effectiveness. Please take the time to publish such studies, and you will not need to write such papers again.

    You mentioned the flu shot and how people believe they get the flu from the flu shot. You and I both know that is impossible, but stating that fact does not counter the experience of thousands of people who come down with the flu immediately after getting the flu shot. Why don’t the experts tell the truth that the flu shot focuses the immune system on the strain in the vaccine, increasing the chance that another strain or another virus will affect the patient?

    I believe the provable lies and mischaracterization being told about vaccines daily provide the anti-vaxxers the most ammunition to fight the vaccines. Incidentally, your article makes the anti-vaxxers case better than most I have seem recently


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