Airbnb misbehavior! 91% of guests would throw an unauthorized New Year’s Eve party

PROVO, Utah — Beware who you let into your Airbnb property. A new survey finds nine in 10 guests would throw a crowded party in someone else’s home on New Year’s Eve — even if it was against the rental rules.

With the countdown to 2023 well underway, a survey of 1,000 Airbnb rental owners and guests, commissioned by smart home company Vivint, found that New Year’s is the most popular holiday to rent a home.

In fact, New Year’s is nearly twice as popular (72%) as Christmas (40%) when it comes to booking rental properties. Watching the ball drop on Dec. 31 also finished ahead of Valentine’s Day (61%), Halloween (31%), and the Fourth of July (16%). However, renting an Airbnb during the holidays isn’t easy and won’t come cheap!

Half of rental owners in the poll say their properties book up at least three months in advance of a particular holiday. Airbnb rentals also cost an average of 22 percent more during the holiday season. Even so, renters say price is no option — especially if the homeowner decorates! Seven in 10 Airbnb guests say they’re more likely to pick a rental if it’s decorated for the holidays. Two in three (64%) are willing to pay more for a little extra holiday cheer.

Airbnb bans don’t scare party hosts

With all this holiday cheer often comes a holiday get-together — and it’s not always small! Unfortunately, out-of-control parties at Airbnb rentals have led the company to ban big gatherings the homeowner didn’t agree to.

That might seem like a step too far, but 60 percent of hosts say they’ve had to deal with furniture stains, 49 percent discovered damaged carpets, and 10 percent came home to a broke wall after an unauthorized party. Overall, it costs hosts an average of $153 to repair the damage after a rowdy party on their property.

Despite the risks, the survey finds a staggering 91 percent of Airbnb guests would ignore such a ban and throw an authorized party on New Year’s Eve. When asked if they’ve ever hosted an unapproved party at a rental home, 74 percent confessed that they have. Another 17 percent say they haven’t — but they would.

Younger guests are overwhelmingly the most likely customers planning to throw a secret party in someone else’s home. A whopping 95 percent of Gen Zers and 93 percent of millennials say they’d host an unauthorized party in their Airbnb rental.

Tis the Season to Party

How can renters keep a lid on parties?

While Airbnb and plenty of property owners may frown on big parties year-round, the survey did find that roughly one in five hosts allow parties. Two in three (69%) say they would also make exceptions during the holidays — just try to keep the homeowner’s walls intact, please!

For those who don’t want a wild party taking place, rental owners shared their best tips for keeping things under control:

  1. Make guests promise under the “honor system”
  2. Question guests before they arrive
  3. Drive by and check on the property
  4. Remind guests they signed a contract
  5. Set up a security camera outside the house
  6. Give the guest a random call to check on them
  7. Use a noise level sensor
  8. Keep an eye on the property from nearby
  9. Use a doorbell camera to keep track of uninvited guests
  10. Stop by the property in-person

Survey Methodology:

Vivint surveyed 500 guests who reported they had previously rented a vacation home during a holiday and 500 short-term rental owners. Among the hosts, 61% were men, and 39% were women. Additionally, 3% were baby boomers, 14% were Gen Xers, 49% were millennials, and 34% were Gen Zers. Of the guests, 63% were men, and 37% were women. For their generational breakdowns, 3% were baby boomers, 14% were Gen Xers, 53% were millennials, and 30% were Gen Zers.

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