Comments on “Do aliens love America? 92% of UFO sightings take place in the United States”

  1. Mulder says:
    05/23/2023 at 12:34 PM

    That’s because not all these objects are extraterrestrial in nature… I’d say the majority Americans see in the U.S. are actually us or our military/private corporations (Dept. of Defense and other military corporate contractors who have the technology and holding onto it).

  2. H.g says:
    05/25/2023 at 1:46 AM

    Only America loves America…

  3. PJ London says:
    05/25/2023 at 3:50 AM

    The truth is that the rest of the world does not endanger the planet, but want to live in peace and prosperity. North America on the other hand are rabid murdering warmongers. (See Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Granada [for God’s sake], Syria et al for details).
    One does not have to monitor Golden Retrievers only Pit-bulls.
    Of course neutering the whole population is the next option. Vaccines, Fluoride and food additives will bring the sperm count as close to zero as makes no difference.

  4. Snir hadary says:
    05/28/2023 at 3:42 AM

    Consider the bias that may be caused by the priming of the subject in the popular media in the US and the more advanced reporting mechanisms available to US citizens. We all know the phenomena is global.

  5. Ed says:
    08/29/2023 at 2:30 PM

    The United States is the most dangerous country. In the eyes of UFO’s the US poses the greatest threat to world extinction. That is why the United States has the most visits.


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