Every day is the same: Americans more lethargic, less focused during COVID pandemic

NEW YORK — Bill Murray’s 1993 classic Groundhog Day is as relevant as ever, according to a recent survey of 2,000 Americans. In total, 62% say that every day during the coronavirus pandemic feels the same. To make matters worse, Covid exhaustion is causing Americans to struggle focusing on the day’s tasks.

As such, over half of surveyed respondents can’t believe how fast time is flying by, and say they’re constantly tired. Similarly, 60% feel lethargic and drained of energy most of the time.

This latest Covid research, commissioned by Tru Niagen, also notes that close to half of Americans are worried they’ll never be able to focus like they used to before COVID-19. The survey shows that many people are turning to everything from leisure activities to learning new skills to trying vitamins and supplements.

Hobbies help during COVID pandemic

Of course, with everyone spending more time alone and inside, Americans are turning to new hobbies and activities to pass the time. When respondents were asked about quarantine hobbies, reading (46%) came in as the number one response.

Besides a good book, many are exercising more (40%), doing puzzles (37%), watching documentaries (36%), playing board games (33%), and taking a new vitamin or supplement (31%). Other popular answers include doing crosswords (31%), learning a new skill (28%), playing Sudoku (17%), and learning a new language (17%).

Using supplements in hopes of improving focus

Regarding new supplements or vitamins, 56% of Americans say they are “overwhelmed” by all of the different wellness products to choose from. Consequently, 65% like to do their own research on new vitamins or supplements before speaking with their doctor about adding something new to their health regimen.

On a positive note, 83% of respondents think they’ve sculpted a great vitamin and supplement plan for themselves.

“Not all supplements are created equal,” says Dr. Andrew Shao, Ph.D. “Before starting any supplement routine, it’s important to evaluate what your current health needs are and which supplements you should take to optimize your health. Supplements are, after all, supplemental.”

The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

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