Pack to the future: 1 in 3 Americans would give anything to live in a ‘Jetsons’ home

NEW YORK — With so much time spent sitting at home over the last year, many are thinking about taking the phrase “home improvements” to the next level. A new survey finds Americans are looking to the silver screen and dreaming big when it comes to their future home goals.

According to a poll of 2,000 Americans, over a quarter want their own JARVIS, the AI assistant from Marvel’s “Iron Man” franchise. Twenty-seven percent would love to have the scene screen windows tuned to the scenery channel from “Back To The Future II” and 25 percent dream about having their own JOI — the holographic companion from “Blade Runner.”

One in five respondents desire their own five-second Black & Decker pizza hydrator, also seen in “Back To The Future II.” Meanwhile, another 14 percent hope to one day have a sassy Android servant like in “The Jetsons.”

Around one in 10 would love to have the Artificial Intelligence technology from “Her” one day.

Futuristic house hunting

Future Dream HomeThe study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with ecobee, aimed to uncover what people dream about when it comes to their homes. Researchers discovered that 32 percent would give anything to live in the Jetson’s futuristic house. In fact, five percent of those polled revealed they’d pay over $100,000 to live in the Jetsons’ house for just one year.

Along from this famous, animated dwelling, 29 percent would love to spend a night in the smart house from “Smart House” while 26 percent want to join Marty and live in the McFly house from the second “Back To The Future” film.

Until robot butlers and flying cars arrive, Americans seem content with smaller tech upgrades. While 65 percent like smart home products because they’re convenient, 34 percent look to their environmentally-friendly nature as a reason to invest in them.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans say their dream is to have their entire home completely outfitted with smart products.

“When it comes to smart products for the home, the future really is right now. Many of the futuristic innovations we see on TV and in movies are available today, and those who are hoping to create the smart home of their dreams can do just that. Thanks to the proven cost savings, many sustainable options available and simplified experiences overall, people are embracing smart home technology more than ever before,” says Stuart Lombard, founder and CEO of ecobee, in a statement.

Home security in the digital age

Future Dream HomeSeventy-one percent of Americans say they find it important to know what’s going on in their homes when they’re away. Over three in four say they’d definitely check in on their homes whenever they were away if they had the smart home technology allowing them to do so.

Americans not only want to check on their homes while they’re away but also make sure their loved ones are safe as well. Nearly half (46%) are most concerned about how their pets are doing while they’re away. Over half the poll (52%) worry about their kids while away from the house. Another 37 percent simply want to check in on their partner while they’re gone.

It’s no wonder then that convenience and efficiency are the two best things people enjoy when it comes to smart home technology. As a result, security cameras and smart thermostats are the most popular smart home devices Americans look to buy.

“The home is the most personal space there is, and one where privacy is paramount. Now more than ever, Americans want their homes to take care of them and their families, and ultimately manage itself. Americans demand simple and easy to use smart home solutions that make their lives easier, more convenient and stress-free,” Lombard adds.

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