Survey: ‘Average’ couple has sex 9 times each month, 69 minutes per week

NEW YORK — Regular romps in the bedroom are always a great way for couples to keep the spark alive, but as many spouses can attest to, getting around to fooling around seems to grow more difficult as the years pass by. So how much is “normal” when it comes to making love? According to a new survey, the average American couple has sex nine times per month — which translates to 108 times per year.

A new survey of 2,000 American adults in relationships by adult product online retailer EdenFantasys sought to find out just how important having sex was to most couples and how frequently they were enjoying time in the bedroom.

Couple kissing
Are you and your partner intimate enough? new survey finds that the average American couple has sex nine times per month — for about 69 minutes per week.

They found that the average couple has sex for, as it turns out, 69 minutes per week or about 60 hours per year.

While 3% of respondents claims they have sex a whopping minimum of 30 times in a month, it was much more normal for couples to admit that finding the time to make love wasn’t so easy. Three-quarters of participants found their busy schedules cause them to struggle to have sex regularly, and 60% admitted they wished they were having more sex. In fact, 12% of respondents said they were lucky to have sex even just once a month.

One solution to spicing up the romance between partners is to schedule “sexpointments,” that is, actually coming up with specific dates and times to do the deed. It may sound silly, but half of the respondents admit to coming up with an exact time and place for some intimacy. The study found that the average couple schedules six sexpointments each month, and that 20% found doing so to be even more romantic than doing it spontaneously.

As for why couples say they schedule sex, about 40% of respondents said that having kids in the house forces them to book those rare moments they have to themselves. Thirty-six percent said that their partner is often busy, leading them to take charge and pencil in sexpointments. A quarter of participants admitted they’re trying out the tactic just because they want to have sex more frequently.

The survey also showed that Saturday nights at 10 p.m. was the most popular time for couples to schedule their sexpointments.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll in January.


  1. I’m 75 and my wife is 66. Up until I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in June 2015, and had 45 Prostate Radiation Treatments, my Wife and I had a wonderful sex life. I’m Cancer free, but my Dick is dead, and my Wife has Vaginal problems. We’ve Been married 43 years, and had a wonderful 40 years of Sex. We’re both retired today, and love each other more every day. Life is very good, and am so lucky to have the wife I have. Thank you God.

  2. Liberal men make good cuckolds. They like doing clean up when other men are done with their wives.

  3. Buy a sex doll. Never says no, never complains, never gets fat, never has an emotional melt down, never sleeps with everyone in the phone book, never wipes out the bank account.

  4. Look at who the study is sponsored by. This is so far off from reality for all but 20-30 somethings. For the 20-30 somethings with no children and success in their personal lives yes maybe 9 times a month is in the range. Add Children cut that in 1/2 immediately.
    Sexpointments may sound like a millenial word. It is NOT. They also do NOT work. This not a new idea. We tried that about 10 years ago and I would say less than 20-25% were actually kept.
    There is also much greater awareness of sexual harassment, spousal pressure and training in the workplace today. Many spouses today would NEVER even THINK about pressuring a partner to meet a sexpointment just because it is on a some calendar. That is not just disrespectful it would be considered unprofessional by millennial and Gen Y couples to pressure someone.
    Hit age 55 and 1-2 time per month is probably the maximum. If you average in the couples that have sex less than once a month the average would be less than once a month for middle age couples.
    The results at best might apply to a very limited age range and those within that range that fit certain additional criteria.

  5. I’m no statistician and we don’t know how this was conducted, but I have to question the validity of a survey done by an “adult product online retailer.” Seems like there just might be a bit of an issue with selecting for people who tend to get it on more than most.

  6. Old man and woman are watching TV. She says “hey , you want to go upstairs and have sex?” He replies” Pick one”.

  7. If you are doing it once a day you are a sex addict and are doing little else in life. If you are doing it once every four days or so you are keeping it fresh. Doing it more just makes it work.

  8. We brought a nanny into our house to “do the jobs my American wife didn’t have time to do”
    Problem solved

  9. I read somewhere that people who have sex often usually live longer. Now I have clinical proof my wife is trying to kill me!!!

  10. The first couple of years of marriage my wife and I had sex on a very regular basis, after 5 years not so much, but after 10 years we both started having a lot more sex and the best part is that it isn’t with each other these days.

  11. Look, the template for good to great sex goes like this – if it’s not dirty, you’re not doing it right.

  12. How can anyone possibly manage to have sex nine times a month, when do they rest and recover. OMG, that is crazy!

  13. President Hoover & his wife went on tour to promote modern farming techniques
    While at a Poultry farm, Mrs Hoover noticed the activity of a rooster and asked
    the poultry farmer how many times a rooster did it a day?
    The farmer answered, he wasn’t sure but believed it was 20 … maybe 25 times a day …
    Mrs Hoover said, tell that to Mister Hoover ….
    Upon hearing that, President Hoover asked the farmer, how many times
    does a rooster do it a day with any one chicken?
    The farmer answered, once
    To which President Hoover said, tell that to Mrs. Hoover

  14. It also depends on if the couple is raising children and how old those children are. That has a GIANT impact… lol

  15. Do people lie to pollsters and surveys? Just ask Hillary. Hell, I had a tough time getting that much when I was 18 and Mr. Happy was hard enough to cut diamond at all times.

  16. The average man’s member is 5.2 inches;
    The depth of the average woman’s counterpart is 8 inches
    How many miles of unused v exist in NYC?

  17. The three biggest lies ever told:

    Dick size
    How often a couple has sex
    How far you drive the ball on tee shots.

    1. Don’t forget “The check is in the mail”, and “I promise I won’t ____ in your mouth.”

  18. 69 minutes…fake news…who knows…2 -3 times a week in 20s, 2 in 30s and 40s. 1.5 in 50s…1 in 60s…you catch the drift

  19. So……..if my wife and I (couple) are having sex nine times a month.

    And I’m only having sex 4 times a month.

    That means my side is having sex with someone else 5 times a month…..and has a lot of explaining to do.

  20. All my wife want to do is go to work,church and choir practice, then come home and be a couch potato glued to Facebook. Im lucky to get it in at least once every other month.

    1. Wait till she diagnosis herself with Fibromyalgia. If you think things are bad now……you have no idea what BAD is.

  21. I would say at a minimum a guy wants sex 3 times a week or said differently every other day. Women don’t have the same appetite. That is why many men cheat. If wives would smitten up, there would be less cheating. I have seen it many times.

  22. Oh puhleeze, gimmie a break. I am 60 & I have talked to hundreds if not thousands of married men ALL of my life…and their answer is universal;.NOT ONE of those men told me that they have a happy sex life-not a one. They all felt that their wives used sex as part of the bait to “catch them” & then after the “I do’s”- that all went away. And to a man- they all said it was true.Of course they all said that when the wife was NOWHERE around…if they were heard theyd get even less. Its a sad situation but a universal one, one I believe is quite true….

    1. I am pretty happy with my sex life Michael. I will be married 25 years in May, we average every other day and we love it. Now is there once in a while where I want it a bit more? yes. But not much usually we are happy

    2. Getting married for sex…is like buying a 747, to get free peanuts. Michael Jarvis is spot on!!! Men? I suggest MGTOW. Google it.

  23. Hell, we haven’t had sex nine times in the last nine years total. Early 50’s and wife equates sex with work. I need to invent a sex position called Candy Crush, that may pique her interest.

  24. Wow..I’m 31 and only getting sex not even once a month.

    Then again my wife is currently pregnant and not attractive to me at all, so maybe that will change. But they say kids are the ruiner of passion atleast for a while.

    I’m also not really into traditional intercourse and more into foreplay and fetish stuff, which is really easy to satisfy through porn. Always have been. If anyone is ever begging for sex it’s her.

  25. No one is stupid enough to believe that married men are having 69 minutes of sex with their wives each week. The online adult products retailer surveyed people who likely are more sexually active than the average person. And people will exaggerate their sexual escapades and frequency because no one wants to admit that they aren’t ‘winners’ at the game of sex.

    1. Why not? Sounds reasonable to me. If your wife is frigid or preoccupied, please accept my condolences, but don’t project your situation onto the rest of us. That said, I will concede your point about potential bias in the survey as a result of sampling distortions IF Edens Fantasy surveyed only its own customers, but the article doesn’t say that. Also it’s possible that people who patronize Edens Fantasy do so because they feel that this aspect of their lives is inadequate (hence a lower frequency of experience than the general population).

  26. It depends on how they consider each encounter. A friend of mine included every time he entered his wife in a single night. My wife and I only count each time we get into bed which is any where from 6 to 14 times each month. I go into her three to four times each encounter so that could be counted as 18 to 56 times each month. I think that that is how they came up with an inflated number.

  27. 5% of retirees have sufficient funds to carry them through retirement, so they weren’t working or saving. Were they having sex then?

  28. Stopping smoking–that’s a tough one.
    We made a deal, my wife and I, we said we’d only smoke after sex.
    I got the same pack since 1975.
    What bothers me– is she’s up to two packs a day.
    –Rodney Dangerfield

  29. Average? Yeah right, and for what age groups? I didn’t see anything relative to age groups being polled. Yeah 19 to 25 year olds could have sex every day, but only if they’re married. If you actually took the average of all humans who have regular six, you would find those number much lower. studies like these are a catches-catch-can and can be manipulated six ways coming and going depending on who was surveyed, where were the surveys taken, blah blah blah…… AND THEN, AND THEN you have to trust that whomever answered the questionaire would actually be telling the truth.

      1. With that possibility being about one in five million, I don’t buy it. Also young one how would you know the intricacies of who or how those figures were aggregated such that you know it was this exact survey?

        Most modern day studies are no more than propaganda posing as legitimate science, when nothing could be further from the truth. Specifically if you were phoned for your opinion. IE: do you actually think they should trust those polled to tell the truth? Only fools would trust that type of survey as being legitimate.

  30. 9 times a month? Its more like 7 times a week In my house. If we miss a day she lets me know it too. If you ever wondered if there is $ex after 50, well now you know. With the kids all grown up and gone we have plenty of quiet time now.

      1. You can believe it or not, but it is true. They are out there you just have to find the right one.

    1. If you see my house “A rockin”, don’t come a knockin…CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY.. Becasue it ain’t us….

    2. Ours are at the age where they no longer bang on the door wondering what we are doing…..

  31. A couple in their 20’s is going to have sex more than a couple in their 40’s. A couple in their 50’s is going to have sex more than a couple in their 70’s.
    It should be broken down by ages.
    This survey is useless.

          1. my wife and I are in our early 60s. We have been having sex in the hallway for years. Every time we pass each other on our way to our separate bedrooms, she mutters “Fkcu You” to me

          2. Ha…..why wait until you’re in the hall. I get the ‘screw you’ as long as I’m in earshot.

        1. Yeah I don’t know I am with Eric. It’s mo betta mo olda…for now anyway. When all else fails Popsicle sticks and rubber bands I’ll go as long as I can.

      1. Agreed. My girlfriend and I are each in our 50s and we are having sex more frequently than we did 10, 20, 30 years ago. A big part of frequency is how well you and your partner click.

        1. Anecdotal evidence is not something that can sway reputable surveys. Your comment shows exactly why.

      2. We are in our 40’s too and sex is at least once per day and BJ’s whenever I want one which is normally once per day as well. We have always been perverts though… that is what made us get together back in high school in the first place lol. 30 years together going strong!

    1. Typically maybe. But my wife and I are in our forties and we have more than ever. It’s a lot more fun than when we were in our twenties……

      1. True. Most people are broken down by age. That’s why Bart Starr doesn’t play in the NFL any longer.

    2. How in the name of anything would you know what the amorous activities of the members of any organization are? Even if you are a member of a group like the Mormon Tabneracle Choir ( and Light Show) I would seriously doubt they would share en masse that kind of information with you or anyone else.

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      1. and the 69 minutes a week. even if most men did it 3 times a week, the total time would probably be more like 15 minutes!

    1. A guy told me that hen he has sex with his wife he knows its time to pay estimated taxes. when he gets a bj he knows its time to get his drivers license renewed.

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