Comments on “Average person wastes nearly $3,000 in groceries every year”

  1. Pieter Verasdonck says:
    04/26/2023 at 8:16 PM

    Good Research! Food waste is terrible. Why subsidise consumption? Recycle! Bring in taxes to charge individual FOOTPRINTS. Consumers react to price signals. Earth runs out of natural regeneration. Society leaders must guide consumerism to prevent derailing. (GreenlivingUK April and March 2023: sustainable consumerism and economics.) Bio-health can be restored, needs diet change to achieve net-zero industry. People are not apex predators. Human vegan cultures prove this. Industry-wide it takes 3x land and water to farm animals. Plant-based diets provide all nutrients, are tasty, healthier, cheaper. The ‘customer’ king has to be better guided by laws, just like damage to the ozone layer was averted by countries and industry working together


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