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Shocking survey shows many people are multitasking when in the bathroom. One in 25 admit to eating while sitting on the toilet!

LONDON — Coronavirus lockdowns are leading to some awkward video chats for many people working from home. While it might not surprise you to catch your co-worker in their pajamas, a new survey finds some employees are taking their work to the bathroom. If their background looks odd, it’s because one in six people are actually taking the conference call from the toilet!

A poll of 1,128 people from the United States and the United Kingdom reveals our toilets are becoming a shocking center of activity. The survey, commissioned by Homecure Plumbers, finds a staggering 92 percent take their mobile phone to the bathroom. More than 60 percent of respondents say they’re checking social media while relieving themselves. Another 49 percent are checking the news.

In the bathroom? C’mon!

Toilet habits
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Researchers say checking social feeds in the restroom may be odd, but people are doing far more shocking things too. In a confession that may make you “lose your lunch,” one in 25 people admit they’ve actually eaten while sitting on the toilet. The survey notes more women (5 percent) than men (3 percent) say they have a snack while having a bowel movement.

Eleven percent of respondents say they take phone calls while on the toilet. Another four percent have even taken a nap on the porcelain throne.

When it comes to work, nearly 18 percent admit to participating in a conference call with work from the bathroom. It’s even more common among younger workers, as about 21 percent of 25-44 year-olds check in from the lavatory. Given the number of people working remotely due to COVID-19, researchers say these numbers may be even higher now.

Dirty business

One disturbing trend the plumbing service finds is many people are not washing their hands, no matter what they’re doing in the bathroom. A stunning 26.6 percent of respondents say they don’t always wash up after urinating. Nearly a third of people under 25 admit to this unsanitary practice.

Even worse, one in seven people don’t always wash their hands after pooping! One in 40 people between 45 and 54 years old actually admit to never cleaning up after going “number two.”

The last sanctuary

No matter what people are doing in the bathroom, the survey finds a toilet can be the only true place to sneak away for privacy.

Whether it’s working, reading, or even sleeping, researchers say many go to the bathroom just to get away from others in their home or office. One in three admit using a bathroom trip to “escape” family members or roommates.

The poll was conducted using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk network.

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