Here’s where most people think you’ll find the best air in the world!

NEW YORK — Need a breath of fresh air? The “best air in the world” is apparently waiting for you in the mountains or on a beach. Out of 2,000 adults, 46 percent believe mountainous areas have the finest air, followed by the beach (46%), the woods (42%), and their own homes (35%).

Seven in 10 admit they would bottle fresh air from their favorite places to take home if they could (71%), and the thought of it even brings them relaxation (72%). Four in five believe there is “nothing quite as satisfying” as getting a breath of fresh air. Sixty-three percent have even tried to replicate their favorite kind of fresh air at home.

With rising climate change concerns, more than two-thirds (69%) are more conscious about the quality of the air they breathe than ever before, according to the research conducted by OnePoll for LG Electronics.

Better air = better life

Fifty-seven percent care about the air quality in their homes because of health sensitivities. Close to two in three (64%) will try to get out of their home for a while to find a good place to breathe. Almost six in 10 respondents add that their home feels “too stale or stuffy” at times — especially in the living room (44%), laundry room (42%), and basement (41%).

Two in three (68%) note they could never get comfy at home because of the stuffiness. Many try to get rid of this feeling by opening windows (44%), turning on a fan (40%), using an air purifier (38%), or turning on the air conditioner (38%).

Temperature and air moisture are also factors when seeking the best home air quality. A third (31%) think their homes have to be cool so they can feel comfortable. Meanwhile, 22 percent say it has to feel warm and 21 percent prefer their homes to be more humid than it is outside.

Seventy-one percent add that having a well-ventilated home is important, especially when they have guests over.

“Nothing quite compares to taking in a breath of clean, fresh air, especially when you can do so in your own home,” says Josie Salazar, director of brand marketing at LG Electronics, in a statement. “We have seen an increased desire among consumers to take control of their wellness by improving the air quality in their home and creating a comfortable environment for their families as well as guests.”

Does air quality change with the seasons?

Respondents also pay attention to the seasons when it comes to the quality of the air. A third of Americans (32%) are most concerned about air quality during the summer months — followed by autumn (25%) and winter (18%).

Only five percent worry about the air quality in the spring, perhaps because of high pollen levels. Three in five have considered bringing in extra help in the form of an air purifier to help alleviate their seasonal allergies and cold symptoms.

“As experts in the air care space, we want to help consumers create their own personalized oasis in their home,” Salazar continues. “Making sure there are plenty of options for airflow and cooling is the perfect way to ensure optimal comfort in any room and season.”

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