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  1. Alvin Phelps says:
    11/10/2022 at 2:40 PM

    The twelve is the best and I have tried it all

  2. Bud says:
    11/10/2022 at 3:37 PM

    Out of these ….sure.

  3. Dano says:
    11/10/2022 at 6:07 PM

    I wish these tasters would give the breakdown of corn and wheat or corn and rye . I am not a rye person,wheated is my go to sipping bourbon .

    1. Heeder says:
      09/09/2023 at 8:34 PM

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  4. Wes Henderson says:
    11/10/2022 at 6:34 PM

    As dollars only,.,. Find somebody who knows

  5. Wave Form says:
    11/10/2022 at 7:15 PM

    Hands down, Blanton’s is the best bourbon.
    Four Roses tastes like turpentine. Avoid it like the plague…

    1. Rick T says:
      11/11/2022 at 9:43 AM

      I agree. I really was surprised, but I didn’t care for four roses. Blanton is great, but it is $150 in central Florida. I really like Eagles rare and Elijah Craig.

    2. Bill says:
      11/16/2022 at 11:45 AM

      Whaaaaat? Good, more 4R for me!

    3. Rita says:
      12/21/2022 at 7:29 PM

      Everyone’s tastebuds are different. I think Blanton’s is fine but the SB way, way overrated. Four Roses – for me – is excellent, especially the Small Batch Select, Single Barrel and Barrel Proof version. I find Four Roses needs air. Right out of the bottle it can be underwhelming. Knob Creek has a chemical smell and taste right after opening that dissipates with air, then I can enjoy it. But again, everyone has different taste. Cheers!

  6. Bob Waters says:
    11/10/2022 at 8:43 PM

    Jack Daniels IS a bourbon

    1. Tony DeSouza says:
      11/12/2022 at 5:23 PM

      Technically due to the Lincoln process it is not. There are arguments about the impact of the process…cleaning up JD flavor vs imparting flavor but it is resultingly Tennessee Whiskey. Same for George Dickel which I actually think is better than JD these days. Interestingly enough, Dickel has made some bourbon in recent years, i.e. dropping the Lincoln process for those barrels.

      1. Bill says:
        11/16/2022 at 11:44 AM

        I can see why you would think that, and it’s a very common misconception. I’ve done a few videos on the topic this is the main one. However, the real proof is when JD reps stated clearly that it was in fact bourbon on one of The Mash and Drum’s live streams.

    2. Gerald Perry says:
      02/04/2023 at 2:31 PM

      No oak!

  7. oldsalty66 says:
    11/11/2022 at 11:30 PM

    Blanton’s is good but ridiculously overrated. You obviously have never actually tasted Four Roses Single Barrel. One of my favorite drams. If that’s what turpentine tastes like, sign me up.

  8. Jim Powell says:
    11/12/2022 at 3:55 PM

    I would scratch Old Ezra and Four Roses and add Eagle Rare and Angels Envy . I agree Weller 12 is the top dog

    1. Rita says:
      12/21/2022 at 7:23 PM

      That substituion makes sense if you prefer lower proof bourbons. Angel’s Envy is what – 80-ish proof?

  9. Shellyf says:
    11/13/2022 at 2:43 PM

    Michters 20 year old is sensational. Yes the spend is there but it is memorable.

  10. Jon S. Korevec says:
    02/01/2023 at 9:52 PM

    As other commenters have already written the four roses bottles that you mentioned probably should not be in this list. I recommend if you’re going to write about things like this you at least try them first. Second hand information is just that.

  11. morete says:
    04/16/2023 at 4:31 AM

    Buffalo Trace

  12. Bruce W. Sims says:
    05/26/2023 at 10:54 AM

    There has never been a time I could not start a war among my tastebuds should I pop back and forth between Russells (10 year) and Buffalo Trace
    (single barrel). I’m probably in a minority here but my tastes tend to go for nuances so the farther I can sit away from “pop”, “burn”, “pepper” or whatever you want to call the impact of Alcoholic content the better I like it. Sorry, but there is a reason that the cocktail was invented and I am a “sipper” not a “slaker”. Just sayin

  13. Vincent Loverde says:
    08/21/2023 at 4:40 PM

    I own a bottle of Weller 12 year. It’s excellent. Top bourbon. I have to say Four Roses Select is very close.

  14. Matt says:
    08/24/2023 at 8:09 AM

    I have a bottle of that Old Ezra 7 year and it is very good, in my opinion. And Elijah Craig of any kind has always stood up for me. Weller? Yep. Also always solid. I had Wifow Jane years ago and didn’t like it. Perhaps I should revisit. A couple here that aren’t noted that I am currently very fond of are Heaven Hill BIB and Penelope Toasted. Had a an impromptu tasting at my house the other day and Penelope Toatsed was the unanimous winner amongst some stiff competition.

  15. says:
    09/10/2023 at 1:09 PM

    As Subjective Lists go, this one is as good as any, and I applaud the effort. As a Bourbon aficionado, who teaches Bourbon workshops, and acknowledging the Subjectivity of Taste, Stagg Jr. by Buffalo Trace would be at or near the top of my personal list, greatest combination of Proof and Taste! As well as a decent value just under $100, since some Commenters bring up Cost-Value as part of the decision matrix. The List, and Commenters, also overlook another favorite from my cabinet of 70 or so labels, Knob Creek Single Barrel, although I confess my taste is shaped by my interest in Abraham Lincoln, since one of his 3 boyhood homes was Knob Creek (although of course Mr. Lincoln was a teetotaler!).

  16. nic says:
    10/25/2023 at 1:17 PM

    Pound for pound dollar for dollar Elijah Craig is the best bang for your buck.


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