Best Christmas Gifts For Fathers: 5 Awesome Ideas For Dad That He’ll Actually Use, Per Experts

The man, the myth, the legend — and, perhaps, the impossible to shop for. If you have that special breed of dad who deserves the world, but says he doesn’t need anything for the holidays, you have probably banged your head against the wall trying to figure out the right Christmas gift for your father. StudyFinds is here to help, turning to experts for finding the best Christmas gifts for dad this year.

A study says parents are, on average, planning to spend over $200 on gifts this holiday season for their kids, so the pressure remains. And if you’re born to an older father, you are definitely smart enough to appreciate this list!

You could always go with the one of the best tech gifts for 2023, but that’s too obvious. Instead, we shopped around for you, finding the best gift choices for dads for Christmas this year that they will actually use and enjoy. We reviewed expert opinions on what gifts dad love and why, so you have one less parent to worry about.

The List: Best Christmas Gifts For Dads, Recommended By Experts

1. Huckberry Greys Outdoor Slipper Boot

Greys Outdoor Slipper Boot is our choice for the dad that loves his patio almost as much as he loves his kids. Sturdy like a boot but comfy like a slipper, these shoes are stylish but beyond comfortable. Esquire says, “If dad spends as much time out as he does in, he’ll need a slipper-slash-boot that he can depend on for conquering the road then returning home to loaf around doing whatever dads do.” One of our favorite things is that they pull double duty, as both a boot and slipper, just like your dad has always done for you.

These make a great choice for dads who have difficulty getting out of their slippers but who shouldn’t be wearing slippers when running around the backyard. These slipper boots are great because they have all the protection of a shoe without being too restrictive for dad’s feet. GQ seconds the idea, saying, “From the bathroom to the backyard, these will keep pops’ toes warm and toasty.”

(Of course, don’t forget that women love house shoes too).

$100 on Amazon

2. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Whether he’s craning his neck to see the gutters, under the car, or just the Sunday Crossword, dad’s neck can get sore. So gifting him a Shiatsu massager that will heat up his sore muscles and then work the kinks out is just what the doctor ordered for him, and a gift for your mom (who won’t have to hear him complain about his aches and pains).

Good Housekeeping thought it was awesome, saying, “A dad-friendly solution to self-care: this heated neck and back massager. It packs a punch — complete with heat and three intensity levels — but is small enough to fit in an end table or nightstand for easy access.”

And although the name says neck and back, Dads worldwide have proven that you can use the stuff for more than one thing. As Popular Mechanics puts it, “This Shiatsu heated massager does more than relieve tension from your neck. You can wrap it around your lower back, knees, and other achy body parts.” With a ton of great switches and directionalities, your dad can get exactly the massage he wants.

$37 on Amazon (Currently a 40% discount at time of publication)

3. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

For dads who haven’t had a cup of hot coffee in years (how do they always forget they’re in the middle of drinking it?), the Ember smart mug will keep their coffee at the ideal temperature for hours. As Esquire says, “For the dad who orchestrates his morning around coffee, nothing hits better than a hot one that stays piping for hours.” Plus, it has a classic look, all sleek lines, and charcoal black.

The mug itself keeps his coffee nice and warm, and the charge lasts for an hour and a half (please let him be done with it by then, for his own sake.) If he needs to charge it, though, the sleek saucer that comes with it will charge it for him in between stolen sips.

Good Housekeeping likes it because it’s versatile, saying, “As long as he pours his coffee in this smartphone-controlled mug, his morning brew will stay at the perfect drinking temperature until the very last sip. It’s just as versatile as any other mug: He can carry it from meeting to meeting for up to 1.5 hours or let it charge on the accompanying coaster.”

$119 on Amazon

4. Craft Beer Brew Kit or Subscription

While dads come in all shapes and sizes, we have yet to find one that will turn down a beer or a project. Why not combine these two dad-passions into a brewing kit? Even better, you can keep him occupied year round with a monthly subscription to all kinds of beers to brew. As Esquire puts it, “This is a double-whammy kind of beer lover gifts: Dad will get to support small, independent brewers from across the country while getting monthly selections of their craft beers, from the rarest to the most crowd-pleasing.”

This subscription also has the benefit of a lot of flexibility, so you can tailor it to his tastes. For example, does he drink a lot of beer or savor it sip by sip? Good Housekeeping liked the options, saying, “Bring the craft brewery experience straight to his door. Sign him up for a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly shipment of 12 or 24 ales, lagers and IPAs, so he can always keep his fridge fully-stocked.”

If a beer kit subscription seems like too much work, you may also want to check out our best food subscription boxes for 2023.

$50 on Amazon

5. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

If your dad has an adventurous palate, so much so that other people look at him like he’s crazy, this one might be for him. Good hot sauce that totally fits your dad’s specifications is hard to find. That’s why letting him make it himself is such a good idea. Good Housekeeping says it best: “Your dad has very specific tastes — and that’s putting it lightly. Instead of buying him a bottle of the pre-made stuff, give him a kit that lets him make six hot sauce variations tailored to his spice level.”

This is a great gift because odds are none of his friends will get the same thing, and he can go wild finding the perfect variation of hot sauce for him. Oprah Daily liked it because it was a gift that gives back, saying, “If your dad’s a hot sauce fanatic, this six-bottle DIY kit includes everything he’ll need to make small batches of spicy condiments. It’ll be a fun, rewarding project for him.”

$60 on Amazon


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