Alabama Crimson Tide flag

Alabama Crimson Tide flag (Photo by Jamie Lamor Thompson on Shutterstock)

Whether it’s football season or off season, the emotional impact of college football lasts all year long. Not only do college athletes play their hearts out, our bleeding hearts are right there on the field with them as they win and lose. The best college football teams make us feel as though our own personal success is on the line during every game. It’s no wonder football fans pledge their lifelong loyalty to their teams long after their favorite players have retired.

The best college football teams are the epitome of excellence and athleticism on the gridiron. These elite squads consistently demonstrate a combination of skill, strategy, and teamwork that sets them apart from the rest. They are the ones that dominate the national rankings, contend for championship titles, and fill stadiums with passionate fans.

With top-notch coaching staff and talented players, they execute intricate plays, display remarkable agility, and deliver bone-crushing tackles, making each game a thrilling spectacle. These teams often have rich histories, traditions, and rivalries that add to the allure of college football, creating an electrifying atmosphere that captivates fans and leaves a lasting legacy in the world of sports.

College football experts from across the country have weighed in on which teams from past and present have captured the spirit of football in a way that makes you wish it was football season all year round. There are no ties or runners up. There are no honorable mentions. StudyFinds has compiled a list of the best college football teams, according to experts. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below!

The List: Best College Football Teams, According to Fans

1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

We like big punts and we cannot lie. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish cannot be denied. According to a Top Tens reviewer, Notre Dame has the, “Largest fanbase from all over the world. New York Yankees of college football.” Their fans just can’t be beat.

If your team being synonymous with the term football isn’t enough, Love to Know writes, “Notre Dame’s 1943 Fighting Irish are regarded as one of the all-time greatest, if not the best, college football team to step on a field. They managed to pull off a 9-1 record in what sports historians regard as the most difficult schedule of opponents in college football history. Their quarterback Angelo Bertelli won the Heisman Trophy that year despite leaving part way through the season to fight in the war.”

The legend of Notre Dame’s football team stands the test of time. More than 75 years later, college football fanatics are still talking about the time in 1947 when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish dominated the season. “They finished 9-0 and allowed only 52 points all season. Notre Dame quarterback Johnny Lujack won the Heisman that season,” adds Bleacher Report.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

You’ll never kick your love for football when the Alabama Crimson Tide are on the field. But it’s not just the college football players that fans fall in love with, the head coaches have devoted admirers too. “These guys won their six national championships thanks to Bear Bryant, the legendary and uncompromising coach. They defeated 10 of 12 opponents by at least 10 points. It looks like Bear Bryant was able to find the recipe for pure football and put together a great team!” writes Sports Team History.

Alabama football field
Bryant-Denny Stadium in Alabama (Photo by Brayden George on Unsplash)

“It would be tough to picture any individual or school surpassing the legacy of Bear Bryant, who built a long-time dynasty at Alabama over 24 legendary years. But Nick Saban has done just that, and more — no one has won more championships in college football history than Saban, whose seven titles as a head coach in his career broke Bryant’s former record (6),” says Fan Nation.

For Alabama, counting football trophies is like counting loose change in your car console. According to a college football reviewer at Sports Keeda, “They have had four Heisman Trophy winners and spent 857 weeks in the top 25, including 140 weeks in the top spot. This is nowhere near a debate as Alabama is far and away the best program in history.”

3. USC Trojans

Los Angeles has more than just stars on the sidewalk. When it comes to college football the USC Trojans are super stars. Let’s kick it back to 2004: “With one future Heisman winner at running back and another at quarterback in Matt Leinart, USC was absolutely stacked with All-Americans. And before you go off about how the Longhorns bested them in the Rose Bowl, this is the team from the year prior to that legendary matchup. If you’re looking for the origin story to one of college football’s most dominant teams, this is where you’d start,” shares Fan Buzz.

USC Trojans' LA Memorial Coliseum
USC Trojans’ LA Memorial Coliseum (Photo by Sean Pierce on Unsplash)

If you want to throw statistics around, USC may never pass the ball. “USC also owns the best all-time win percentage in bowl games in college football history (.625) among schools with 50 bowl appearances. It is 35-21 to date, including a record 25 Rose Bowl wins,” adds NCAA Football Rankings.

And a reviewer from Bleacher Report won’t let us forget that at one point in college football history, “the Trojans never ranked lower than No. 1 in the country.”

4. Ohio State Buckeyes

The state of Ohio is known for being the home of the world’s largest set of drumsticks, but even that amazing world record will never, ever compare to the jaw-dropping college football record that the Ohio State Buckeyes can boast about. Sports Keeda writes, “The Ohio State Buckeyes have been incredible as they have an 845-264-36 record. They won eight national championships and 40 conference titles.”

Fan flag at a Buckeyes game
Fan flag at a Buckeyes game (Photo by Dana Lewin on Unsplash)

With 41 conference championships, 10 division championships and 10 undefeated seasons, hundreds of hopeful college football players from around the country salivate over the chance to join the Ohio State Buckeye team each year. USA Today shares, “The Buckeyes are by far the most popular team in the nation and the number will likely grow as the program remains competitive and fights for a national title opportunity every season.”

Ohio State is projected to win all but ONE game this season. If they manage this feat, it would be a glorious flashback from days past when, “Ohio State toppled second-ranked USC 27-16 in the Rose Bowl to claim the championship. This is the same season in which head coach Woody Hayes opted to go for a two-point conversion after already hanging 50 on rival Michigan,” recalls Bleacher Report.

5. LSU Tigers

In Baton Rouge, the LSU Tigers lead the pack for respect and Louisiana pride. According to a reviewer from Sports Team History, “In 2019 LSU defeated seven Top 10 teams. In addition, some athletes from this team showed outstanding sports results. For example, Quarterback Joe Burrow smashed FBS records with 5,671 yards and 60 touchdowns through the air. Such exceptional results were made possible thanks to the right strategy.”

A team like LSU is guaranteed to score a touchdown, no matter which set of uniforms show up on the opposite end of the field. A Sports Keeda college football reviewer applauds LSU by writing, “Five national championships and 12 conference titles were able to boost the LSU Tigers as one of the top 10 greatest college football teams.”

When LSU comes into town, they are going to shut it down. There is no debate. “In 15 games, LSU scored more points than any other team in college football history,” adds Fan Buzz. “This came against as impressive a schedule as possible. The Tigers averaged 48.4 points per game on their way to besting seven teams ranked inside the top-10.” Case in punt.

What was the one college football moment that you will NEVER forget? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Steven wise says:

    Yeah but Everyone knows That The Oklahoma sooner are most accomplished Team outside of Notre Dame OK ND and OU everyone still trying to catch Tradition of Oklahoma since Bud Wilkinson abd Barry Switzer Are most smartest coaches to ever coach college football that built dynasties unmatched . Most combined Heismans and National champ . Bar none . Just because we took a downhill for decade after Switzer fired that helped Bama catch up to us while they and Sec Negotiated rather kinda sneakily to help ther sec. To better TV Package mostly by abc and espn to put big 12 which at time they made that pack with disney espn and sec.comissioner Gary slive to help put them in catbird swat to take away best football conference Led by Nebraska and Oklahoma and Tbey know what they did think it was to please east coast timezone schools for scheduling and easier for espn to move ther production tv trucks to more eastern schools for more TV slots than over the farther Midwest. I seen it , it’s as bad as The east coast Democrat political machine is a cheat to me. We at big 12 and okla got screwed and They know what they did it’s a Fact we was #1 conference and tradition rich school at OU.big red ruled and they sidnt like it just like they dont like Trump now and when they want to change ther going do it hook or Crook to help ther own! Thats a Fact! .

    1. Bubba Gump says:

      “most smartest” – That pretty much says it all!

    2. Rob says:

      What does correct grammar have to do with Sooner fb. Idc if you can’t spell phive years in a row without losing, it still counts.
      This poll is worse than wrong.
      47 in a row will never b beat, not with free agency in cfb.

  2. Cordell S. says:

    No love for the 2001 Miami Hurricanes ,a team loaded with NFL 1st rounders?

  3. Gene says:

    The University of Miami the year they embarrassed the university of Texas in the Cotton Bowl

  4. Phil Grove says:

    How could you overlook Oklahoma

  5. Phil G says:

    How could you overlook Okla …who owns the longest winning streak.

  6. Jimmy Cantrell says:

    I don’t Think you know much About College Football!!! But I do know a little but Why in the World you dont have Oklahoma on that List they have Beat every Team on that list and each of those Teams can say that?!!