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  1. William Owens says:
    09/25/2023 at 10:50 PM

    I totally agree with the Kia Forte being on the list. I purchased a beautiful gravity gray 2023 in July. I’m 59 years old and the Kia was my first new car in my life. The car that I traded in was a 2006 Kia optima LX and it only had 87,000 miles on it but it had issues and given that it was 15 years old it was time to get a new car.

    I did my research and Toyota and Hondas and Mazdas came up in the search but the problem was I could not afford the prices for the models with the equipment that I wanted I became very frustrated and I almost gave up and just kept my old Kia but as luck would have it it was on its last leg and it was time to act.

    I took a leap of faith and I went to my local Kia dealership in Tulsa to take a look at the new kias unfortunately there were very few models on the lot to look at. I asked the salesman of what is the deal with the Forte availability? Why aren’t there very many on the lot and he’s plainly said… it’s our number one seller and it is out selling the Optima and many of the SUVs. That peaked my interest even more.

    I test drove one of the basic models of the Forte it was beautiful to look at, the interior is quality all the way, precise but not overcompensating steering, comfortable seats, and an amazingly smooth and quiet… I mean quite ride, but it was lacking in certain safety and upgrades that I was wanting especially since this was my first new car.

    My salesman did a check to see what incoming shipments of Fortes was compromised of. The next shipment was a bunch of the LSXs, GTs, and GT N-Line. The last two models were out of my budget. I settled on the LSX that I now have. Not being able to test drive an LSX, took that leap of faith and in the next shipment was a unique LSX that had 96%ish the features of the GT. It took a week to arrive and was worth the wait. Everything I wanted and needed and even with the 4-year extended warranty (total of 10-years bumper to bumper, it came in at a few dollars over $28,000. Yes, that is correct.

    I have thoroughly loved this car. I have not found one thing I wished KIA would have done differently. People ask to look at inside, trunk, and under the hood. They are blown away knowing it not a new car company called KN. Yup, it’s a KIA. My 86-year-old mother drove it. She is seriously considering buying one just like mine. She’s a hard customer to please. Obviously, KIA won her.

    I have a total of 1400 miles since July 25… delivered on my birthday.

    To all of you at KIA. You are killing it!!!


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