Best Cruise Lines: Top 5 Vacations At Sea Most Recommended By Experts

Whether it’s a quick weekend gateway or a trip around the world, cruises are a great way to spend a vacation. Cruise ships have something for everyone and are always looking to meet the needs of their diverse travelers. You’ve read the blogs, heard from experienced cruisers, and maybe even picked up the latest travel magazine, but everyone’s idea of the “perfect cruise” may leave you wondering what the best cruise lines really are.

The activities and amenities featured on today’s cruise ships are nothing short of spectacular. Who needs casinos and theaters when you’ve seemingly got world class amusement parks, water slides, and athletic facilities to keep you happy on the deck? One company is even looking way ahead to the future, envisioning “flying cruise” ships that stay airborne for months or even years!

Of course, taking a cruise and affording a room that isn’t the size of a walk-in closet can be challenging for many. One recent poll reports that the average American has had to cut spending, including their vacation budgets because of inflation. With big bucks at stake, it is important that when choosing a cruise, you get all that you are looking for and more.

Along with taking time for travelers to save up money for cruises, it is sometimes hard for people to simply get away due to work obligations. One study finds that almost half of employees would prefer more vacation time over a raise. This could be for many reasons including the fact that travel therapy can be helpful for those with mental health issues. Another travel study also found that people who take trips at least 75 miles from their home are around seven percent happier. Overall, a third of Americans say they’re happiest when they’re on vacation.

With so much research on the happiness that comes with traveling, it’s no wonder many are looking to set sail on a cruise no matter how long it takes them to save. This is why StudyFinds has researched 10 expert websites and compiled a list of the best cruise lines for every traveler. If you’ve got your own suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

European cruise ship sailing
Cruise ship (Photo by Daniele D’Andreti on Unsplash)

The List: Best Cruise Lines, According to Experts

1. Disney Cruise Line

If top-notch entertainment, great amenities, and fun for both kids and adults is what you are seeking, than Disney Cruise Line will be a hit. Disney cruise lines are known for their character meet and greets and great Disney entertainment on the seas. According to Travel and Leisure, “perhaps most noteworthy, though, is that these ships manage to cater to both families with kids and adults sans kids. Grown-up’s get separate hangout spots such as an adults only nightlife area, pool, and specialty dining venues.”

Disney Dream cruise ship
Disney Dream cruise ship (Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash)

With Disney Cruise line having something for everyone it is important to note that nothing is lost in what we expect from a Disney vacation. According to U.S. News, Disney cruises “receive kudos from families and critics alike for their kid-friendly atmospheres, whimsical amenities and well-equipped staterooms.” And, says Cruiseline, “of course, entertainment is of the highest quality you would expect from Disney.”

2. Viking Cruise Line

Viking Cruise line has a lot to offer with their special features, adult-only policy, and small ship sizes. There are many things that separate Viking Cruise lines from its competitors. According to Cruiseline, “onboard features include multiple swimming pools, a complimentary thermal suite in the spa, and all-balcony cabins.”

Although Vikings ships are smaller than their competitors they still have a lot to offer their cruises. Readers Digest states that, “thanks to its small ships, impeccable service and adults-only policy, Viking earns that title, offering amazing cruises for lovebirds of all ages.”

If you are a couple looking for the right cruise line than Viking cruises might be the choice for you. “The destination-focused itineraries and activities also create fantastic bonding opportunities for love birds aboard the ship,” says Travel Off Path.

3. Celebrity Cruise Line

If unique food options and upscale decor at a reasonable price are what you are looking for, then look no further than Celebrity Cruise line. “Celebrity Cruises receives excellent accolades from both passengers and experts for its upmarket decor and inventive food” states The Travel.

According to Forbes, “This cruise line can be a good option for travelers of any age, whether traveling alone or with others.”

There are many reasons that cruisers alike choose Celebrity Cruises as their go-to cruise line. According to Far and Wide, “cruisers looking for style and substance without breaking the bank hop aboard Celebrity boats. Their floating cities feature actual patches of grass and world-renowned art collections, along with innovative dining options, educational classes and playful activities like water volleyball with ship personnel.”

4. Princess Cruise Line

You might know Princess Cruise line from its Hollywood debut on the 1977 hit show “The Love Boat”, but the cruise line has much more to offer than just being famous. According to Conde Nast Traveller Princess Cruise lines scores an overall 77.76 for best large ships.

“The cruise company has continued to make waves with engaging onboard activities and diverse itineraries since its Hollywood debut,” says The Travel.

There is a lot to like about Princess Cruise lines not only for its onboard activities, but also its price. “Princess offers quality at an affordable price,” states Far and Wide.

“Sailing on Princess is truly a rejuvenating experience as it lives up to its tagline ‘Come Back New’. The onboard amenities of the ships are designed to pamper the guests in all manners” according to Cruise Booking.

5. Holland America Cruise Line

Looking for a luxury cruise that is great for any occasion? Holland Cruise line may be just what you are looking for. According to Cruise Booking, you can “go solo with Holland America that hosts glamorous parties for singles and couples. Cruisers will not fall short of things to do on their vacation.” There are a ton of other great entertainment options onboard as well.

One of Holland America's onboard spas
One of Holland America’s onboard spas (

According to Readers Digest on Holland America Cruise line you can “enjoy live entertainment at B.B. King’s Blues Club, Lincoln Center Stage and Billboard Onboard, and take part in Port to Table food and wine tastings and cooking demonstrations. All these experiences will enrich your cruise and your memories together.”

“Holland America Line is one of the most affordable luxury liners and sails on mid-sized ships that can provide a more personal trip,” states Forbes.

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