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Smelling fresh and staying dry is vital for many. All over the nation, working people and folks on the go want to avoid unpleasant personal body odor and stay dry in the underarm area. One of the most frequently cited concerns when considering deodorants is the inclusion of aluminum as it is linked to some breast cancers. Our list of the best men’s deodorants might be helpful for dudes with a little too much funk.

For the hygiene-conscious, deodorant is an absolute must that can leave some individuals feeling dingy all day if forgotten. On the other hand, some people simply don’t take personal hygiene as a priority. Whether keeping your hands clean is religiously incorporated into your day-to-day or seen as more of an option, many people believe it is important for staying healthy. Despite that, a new poll finds nearly half of Americans don’t do a great job of thoroughly scrubbing away germs. Some don’t even use soap!

According to the Healthy Handwashing Survey™ from Bradley Corporation, 93 percent of adults believe handwashing is essential to maintaining their overall health – a nearly universal sentiment across gender, age and geography. The need for feeling clean has risen in recent years. In 2009, only 45 percent of people felt the need to wash their hands diligently. This rate hit its peak in 2020 with 90 percent of people washing up carefully during the initial outbreak of COVID-19 and has since decreased to 85 percent as people have become more relaxed.

It’s happened to the best of us: it’s hot out, we sweat, and eventually, we stink. Even the best-smelling armpit sprays and sticks can’t completely prevent body odor from happening, but there may be new hope. Scientists have pinpointed a key cog in the development of BO, and the finding could lead to tougher deodorants down the road. Researchers from the University of York say they’ve broken down the process that causes armpit bacteria to create the horrific stench we identify as body odor.

Hopefully this newest line of research will yield results, but until that time most folks will likely continue to need a good underarm deodorant. Our trusted sources helped us to compile our list of the top five best men’s deodorant brands most recommended by experts. Let us know your favorite deodorant brands in the comments below!

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The List: Best Men’s Deodorant, According to Experts


1. Blu Atlas Deodorant

For some men, fragrance is secondary to the desire for a product free from harmful chemicals. Blu Atlas offers a no-nonsense bar is well reviewed by our sources. “The aluminum-free formula uses 99% naturally-sourced ingredients to neutralize odor and absorb sweat, which is why you can use it on the underarms and any other areas on the body that tend to get sweaty or musky throughout the day. Coco-caprylate, an emollient gel derived from coconuts, gives the deodorant a moisturizing feel that softens and soothes skin, while volcanic ash (aka bentonite clay) is broken up into ultra-fine particles to absorb excess oil, odor, sweat, and other impurities,” according to Men’s Journal.

“To avoid stinking up a storm, you need an odor-prevention tool you can rely on time and again. Blu Atlas’ Classic deodorant is just the ticket, offering aluminum-free fragrance control that can neutralize body odors without clogging up your pores or causing ancillary health problems. It’s one of the best deodorants for men overall,” details SI Showcase.

“Lots of deodorants fight stink with harsh, irritating chemicals. Not this one. Blu Atlas’s exotic-smelling, aluminum-free deodorant uses natural ingredients that help you smell good and soothe skin irritation and inflammation. It even won an AskMen Grooming Award!” exclaims Outlook.

2. Tom’s of Maine Men’s Long Lasting Wide Stick Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine is another brand that is focused on natural ingredients. Clean ingredient label products are increasingly visible at stores and online, and Tom’s of Maine aims to appeal to the clean-label consumer. “Vegetable-derived oils and moisturizers, along with organic aloe, are the foundation of this refreshingly fragranced, mountain air-like deodorant. Add to that the company’s use of hops—yep, just like those found in your favorite beer—for deodorizing, and you have a great alternative to the other similarly scented but significantly more synthetic solids for about the same price,” raves Byrdie.

“Tom’s of Maine has been doing ‘all-natural’ since before your folks knocked boots to a Van Morrison album, so you know its products slap. Its natural deodorant is another popular pick thanks to its tried-and-true formula,” writes Vice.

“Relatively affordable for a natural deodorant; widely available at many stores; free of aluminum and artificial fragrances and dyes; wide variety of scents; company is certified B Corporation and donates 10 percent of profits to charities; company offers numerous other hygiene products with similar scents,” claims Healthline.

3. Certain Dri Prescription-Strength Clinical Anti-perspirant Roll-on

Certain Dri strives for honesty in product name. They offer one of the most powerful products that is available over the counter, but it does include large amounts of aluminum as the primary ingredient that blocks sweat. The Strategist explains, “Certain Dri is two of our experts’ favorite brand for excessive sweating. ‘One of the keys when you’re using it is to apply at night,’ Fenton says. ‘You want the aluminum to settle down in the sweat glands,’ which is harder to do during the day when you’re actively producing sweat. Because it’s so strong, both Fenton and Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali of Hudson Dermatology recommend starting slowly — every other night at first — to avoid irritation. ‘There’s a cumulative effect as it settles into the pores,’ Fenton notes, so using it every 48 to 72 hours may be all you need.”

Certain Dri Prescription-Strength Clinical Anti-perspirant Roll-on
Certain Dri Prescription-Strength Clinical Anti-perspirant Roll-on

It must be stressed that the presence of aluminum in this product does not have any links to toxicity, but many consumers feel better knowing that it is present in the formula before making a purchase. ‘“Clinical’ is the key here: Certain Dri’s antiperspirant cranks up the aluminum so that it can counter the most severe types of sweat and hyperhidrosis. This one doesn’t necessarily last longer than the competition—nor is that the aim. Rather, it provides the strongest shield for an entire 24 hours, which is great news for those in dire need,” offers GQ.

Our sources state that this product is best when used as a preventative measure. “It’s truly as powerful as an antiperspirant gets, and is literally a doctor-recommended treatment for hyperhidrosis (aka excessive sweating). It’s so loaded with sweat-fighters that you actually apply it at night, before you go to bed,” adds Vice.

4. Native Probiotic Deodorant

Like many of the other entries on this list, Native Brand offers an aluminum-free product. Native’s collection of scents are described as fresh and long-lasting. “When you switch from aluminum-based products, expect a short purging period, says Dr. Zeichner. That’s just your body clearing out aluminum. (It’ll only feel like you’re sweating more.) This minty deodorant contains natural moisturizers like shea butter to keep your underarms smooth,” writes Men’s Health.

Native Probiotic Deodorant
Native Probiotic Deodorant in coconut and vanilla

“You’ve probably heard an ad for Native on your favorite podcast—the brand seems to be everywhere at the moment. But their cruelty-free, all-natural deodorants do live up to the hype. They’re highly effective and contain natural moisturizers and probiotics that help ward off bad, odor-causing bacteria. Customers especially love their fragrance options, which include novelty seasonal scents, but the unscented stick is a great pick for those with sensitive skin,” explains Town & Country.

GQ writes that, “Probiotic products like Native’s deodorant help the good bacteria keep bad cultures at bay (especially in the underarm where bacteria festers and creates body odor). This one also uses baking soda to further thwart odor, and tapioca starch to soak up moisture, which also prevents the proliferation of bacteria in the first place.”

5. Oars + Alps Deodorant

For many men, sweating is not a problem, but odor control is still important. In these cases it can be helpful to note that deodorant is not necessarily an antiperspirant that prevents underarm sweat altogether. “Oars + Alps knows that natural deodorant (aka deodorant that doesn’t use aluminum as its odor blocker) must be hardworking and practical. Otherwise, what’s the point? That’s why they’ve created their signature Natural Deodorant, which goes on clear and non-sticky, so you don’t even notice it’s there,” claims Men’s Journal.

Oars + Alps Deodorant
Oars + Alps Deodorant

“Oars + Alps has another great deodorant for men. This natural deodorant is gluten-free and provides long-lasting protection against body odor. It’s aluminum-free and highly rich in antioxidants, which can reduce skin irritation and inflammation, particularly if you already have sensitive skin,” adds SI Showcase.

Byrdie also states that, “What’s not in Oars + Alps Natural Deodorant (aluminum and alcohol) is just as important as what is: cornstarch, which will absorb any sweat you work up during a 24-hour period. This naturally skin-soothing, lightly scented deodorant is especially a fit for sensitive skin, thanks to its allergen-free fragrance that works hard, so you can play hard. While it leaves behind notes of citrus and amber, you’ll never find any weird marks on your clothes at the end of the day. You can feel good knowing it’s made in the U.S. and cruelty-free too. Our only gripe? It could be a touch stronger.”

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