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You’ve probably heard the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Nowadays, most of us have hundreds, if not thousands of photos stored on our digital devices. One way to display those special moments we capture is by using a digital frame. Perhaps the biggest reason people are turning to these modernized devices are for their ability to easily add new photos and change the display. There are some fantastic options to showcase your favorite photos, so we went searching for the best digital picture frames most recommended by experts.

One of the best features you’ll find in digital frames today is the ability to send photos right to the device from a phone or computer. Moreover, you can customize how you want the photo or a series of photos to appear on the frame, and some even have added bonuses like music and lighting.

Family photos are the obvious choice to showcase in frames, but for people who enjoy photography as a hobby, digital frames are a really nice way to exhibit your best images. One recent study even notes that taking photographs of our surroundings actually helps to enhance our visual memory of our experiences. In fact, the authors found that having a camera with you — even if you didn’t take any pictures — boosts a person’s memory of an event. “These findings suggest that having a camera changes how people approach an experience in a fundamental way,” the study’s authors explain. “Even when people don’t take a photo of a particular object, like a sculpture, but have a camera with them and the intention to take photos, they remember that sculpture better than people who did not have a camera with them.”

Even if photography isn’t one of your hobbies, chances are you have a frame-worthy picture or two. So what are some of the top digital frames on the market today? StudyFinds compiled a list of the five best digital frames, according to expert reviews. Our list is comprised of the most recommended products across their posts. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

The List: Best Digital Frames, According To Expert Reviews


1. Aura Carver Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame 

black digital picture frame and smartphone control
Aura Carver Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame

At $149, this frame is easy to set up and connects to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  “It boasts a high-resolution 10.1-inch display that automatically manages photo cropping and screen brightness, an automatic on/off timer, video playback, and a built-in speaker, making it convenient to use,” according to JUST Creative.

The New York Times notes, “the free Aura app works with Android and iOS phones, and you can add photos through a web uploader, too. From the app’s intuitive design to the frame’s pared-down interface, the Carver isn’t just for the tech savvy.” 

Real Simple highlights the upload feature adding, “you can also invite friends and family to upload their photos to your account.”

2. Pix-Star Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame 

black digital picture frame showing a baby
Pix-Star Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame

Starting at $154, the Pix-Star comes in a 10, or 15-inch option. “This clever all-in-one multimedia screen lets you directly send and receive photos via email and the internet, not just cards or USB sticks,” according to Digital Camera World.

“The frame also comes with 8 gigabytes of built-in storage and free unlimited cloud storage, so you can pick and choose what to display,” adds The Spruce.

The drawbacks? It works via remote, not a touchscreen, and it isn’t the easiest to use if you aren’t tech familiar. 

3. Aluratek LCD Digital Picture Frame 

black digital picture frame showing picture of father and son
Aluratek LCD Digital Picture Frame

With some great features like a calendar and clock, you can snag this 10-inch frame for under $100. It also comes with a remote control. “This frame forgoes Wi-Fi and allows you to add photos via a USB flash drive or an SD card,” according to ZDNET. Consider it a great low-tech option.

“This frame even offers the option to set the display in vertical orientation and supports multiple pictures, video, and audio formats, so you can configure photo slideshows with various transition modes and set the background music to create fun combos,” adds JUST Creative.

Aluratek has Wi-Fi frame options, too.

4. Atatat Digital Frame with IPS Screen

black digital picture frame showing family
Atatat Digital Frame with IPS Screen

If you are looking for a frame with a simple set up that won’t break the bank, check this one out. The 10-inch frame will set you back about $85. There are also 7 and 8-inch versions available.

“This digital photo frame allows you to add background music, adjust the brightness, edit the slideshow, and more, making it one of the most customizable picture frames,” points out Popular Science.

“This model comes with a separate remote control, rather than a touch screen — so you don’t need to worry about marring the screen with fingerprints,” adds Tom’s Guide.

Keep in mind, this frame has no Wi-Fi capabilities and offers no cloud storage. 

5. Nixplay Touch 10.1 

black and gold digital picture frame with stand showing father and son
Nixplay Touch 10.1

This $189 touch screen Wi-Fi frame ditches the need for a remote. Tech Advisor notes, “instead you’ll have to use the touch controls and accompanying app to manage the screen.”

TechRadar points out you’ll, “need to pay for the frame’s full capabilities, although most users will be fine with the 10GB of cloud storage and five ‘playlists’ you can create with a free account.” 


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