The 5 Most Accurate DNA Test Kits, Ranked By Experts

Unsure whether to unlock the mysteries of your heritage or simply geek out over your genetic makeup? You’re not alone. DNA test kits have exploded in popularity, offering a glimpse into your ancestry, health predispositions, and even physical traits. But with a plethora of options on the market, choosing the right kit can feel overwhelming. Fear not, curious explorer! We’ve combed through the top contenders to help you find the perfect DNA test kit to quench your genetic thirst.

If you’re considering purchasing a DNA test kit, you may be wondering what it can tell you. Well, the answer is quite a lot! DNA testing can reveal your ancestry, including your ethnic makeup and the regions your ancestors come from. A recent study found that more than 80 percent of people who use genetic testing to locate long-lost family members locate them! Whether you’re looking to connect with long-lost relatives or learn more about your genetic makeup, the best DNA test kits offer a convenient and reliable way. StudyFinds put in the work to find which kits to invest in today to learn about you and yours! We searched 10 expert sources and compiled a list of the top five best DNA test kits out there. Have you found a long-lost relative or discovered your heritage with one of these? Tell us your story in the comments below!

The List: Best DNA Test Kits, According to Genetics Experts

1. AncestryDNA

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive DNA test kit available, AncestryDNA is the way to go. Not only does it provide you with detailed information about your ancestry, but it also connects you with potential relatives and helps you build a family tree. With over 18 million people in their database, you’re sure to find some interesting connections. 

AncestryDNA Test Kit

AncestryDNA might just be your key to unlocking the secrets of your family tree. Wirecutter loves their clear, user-friendly results and how they put your ancestry in a historical context. Imagine discovering not just where your ancestors came from, but also the stories behind their journeys! Plus, with a massive DNA database of over 22 million users, the odds of finding long-lost relatives are higher than ever.

Forbes dives deeper into the details, highlighting AncestryDNA’s impressive breakdown of your heritage. They can pinpoint ancestry from over 1,500 regions, giving you a fascinating glimpse into where your ancestors might have roamed. Their special “sample community feature” even uses data to suggest reasons behind those migrations – like piecing together a giant family history puzzle! AncestryDNA can even estimate your ethnicity inheritance from each parent’s side, all without them having to take a test themselves. Pretty cool, right?

ZDNet acknowledges that AncestryDNA’s health testing isn’t the most extensive on the market, but it still covers the basics. However, where AncestryDNA truly shines is its ability to help crack open family history mysteries. If you’ve hit a wall searching for your roots, your DNA results might offer valuable clues to guide your research further. So, if you’re a genealogy buff yearning to uncover your family’s incredible story, AncestryDNA is an excellent place to begin your journey.

2. 23andMe

When it comes to DNA test kits, 23andMe is undoubtedly one of the best options out there. This company offers a range of testing options, from ancestry testing to health screening, all of which are incredibly accurate and informative. 

23andMe DNA Test Kit

Curious about your genes and where you came from? 23andMe might be your perfect match. PC Mag explains that this DNA service dives deep into your ancestry, not just your recent relatives, but way back into the distant past. Plus, they offer a Health + Ancestry plan that explores your genetic risks for certain health conditions, like Parkinson’s disease. They can even tell you if you’re a carrier for diseases like cystic fibrosis and predict your future weight based on your DNA! But that’s not all – 23andMe also has fun reports that reveal your genetic predisposition for things like sweet or salty cravings, or even if you’re more likely to hold onto your hair.

Here’s what makes 23andMe truly stand out: a massive database of genetic information, over 10 million customers strong! This allows them to provide super detailed and accurate results. They also make understanding your DNA easy with interactive online tools and clear explanations.

While 23andMe is a great tool for ancestry buffs, Very Well Health reminds us that it’s not a complete DNA sequencing test. Some reviewers have questioned the accuracy of the results, and there have been concerns about privacy in the past. But when it comes to finding your ancestors, 23andMe shines with its extensive ancestry reports and search features, helping you connect the dots on your family tree.

3. MyHeritage 

For a more budget-friendly option with many of the same benefits, MyHeritage is a great choice! Though not as comprehensive, it offers a built-in platform for connecting with new DNA family matches and a detailed ethnicity estimate breakdown.

MyHeritage DNA Test Kit

Insider points out their history as a leading genealogy tool, even before they offered DNA testing. This means they have a treasure trove of historical documents like birth certificates and marriage records just waiting to be explored (although a subscription is required for full access). But the best part? You can integrate your DNA results with this massive database to build a truly comprehensive family tree, turning your research into an exciting historical adventure.

Genealogy Explained loves MyHeritage for its affordability and global reach. They often have the lowest prices on DNA tests, making it easier to unlock your family’s secrets. Plus, they boast the largest international customer base, which translates to more potential relatives you can connect with – especially if you have European ancestry. They even offer a chromosome browser for advanced analysis and a convenient cheek swab test instead of the usual saliva collection.

Forbes agrees that MyHeritage is a great choice for finding relatives from all corners of the world. Their DNA kit provides a detailed breakdown of your ancestry across 42 ethnicities, pinpointing ancestral regions from both sides of your family. They even go beyond percentages with “Genetic Groups,” which can reveal specific populations you descend from and where they originated geographically. That’s an impressive 2,114 regions to explore! And to top it all off, you’ll get DNA matches with potential relatives, including users from other DNA companies. Plus, they have a free 14-day trial to their historical records section, where you can search through family trees, historical photos, and even military records.

4. Living DNA

Living DNA is a DNA test kit that offers a unique approach to exploring your ancestry. Unlike other DNA test kits that focus solely on your genetic makeup, Living DNA goes beyond that by providing a detailed analysis of your family history and migration patterns. With its advanced technology, Living DNA can trace your ancestry back to the earliest human migrations, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your family’s origins. What sets Living DNA apart from other DNA test kits is its ability to provide a regional breakdown of your ancestry, allowing you to explore the specific regions and cultures that make up your heritage.

Living DNA kit
Living DNA kit (

Ever wondered if your ancestors braved the seas from Europe or walked the ancient paths of Africa? Living DNA can be your passport to an unforgettable ancestry adventure, says DNA Weekly. They use cutting-edge science to analyze over 150 global regions, and even delve deeper into specific sub-regions – like pinpointing exactly which county in England your family hailed from! Imagine uncovering historical details, migration maps, and even haplogroup information (think of it as your genetic fingerprint) about both sides of your family. DNA Weekly also raves about their interactive maps, where color-coded migration lines bring your ancestral journey to life. You can literally trace your roots back 80,000 years, exploring the fascinating paths your ancestors took across the globe.

Living DNA doesn’t stop at ancestry, according to Forbes.  You can connect with potential relatives through their matching tool, or even opt into Family Networks to find DNA connections anywhere in the world. They even offer a separate wellbeing kit (for an extra fee) that explores your genetic predisposition for certain fitness and nutrition traits.

While waiting for your DNA profile might take a bit longer than with some other services, PC Mag assures us that Living DNA is well worth the wait. This UK-based company boasts a team of experts who are constantly working to refine their results and migration route analysis. They collaborate with universities and other top minds in the field to deliver reliable ancestry discovery and family tree-building features, all at a competitive price. So, if you’re ready to embark on a global genealogical odyssey, Living DNA might be the perfect key to unlock your family’s incredible story.

5. Family Tree

For a deep dive into your ancestry, check out Family Tree. This DNA test kit features several additions that provide highly detailed results of your maternal and paternal lineages. 

Family Tree DNA Test Kit

Considering a DNA test but want more than just a basic ancestry report? FamilyTreeDNA might be your perfect match. Wirecutter loves their in-depth options, especially for genealogy enthusiasts. They offer a variety of add-ons to their basic ethnicity test, allowing you to delve into your history like never before. Imagine exploring your connections to ancient human migrations or isolating relatives from a specific side of your family tree – FamilyTreeDNA can be your guide through the fascinating labyrinth of your genetic makeup.

ZDNet says that FamilyTreeDNA is a great starting point for beginners too. While AncestryDNA might be ideal if you’ve already started building your family tree, FamilyTreeDNA can be the shovel you use to break ground. Their test results include a breakdown of your ancestry, including percentages linked to ancient European groups, along with the ability to connect with potential relatives from the past five generations.

Here’s what truly sets FamilyTreeDNA apart: CNET calls them the company with “the world’s most comprehensive DNA matching database.” They even have their own state-of-the-art testing facility! This means more potential matches and a wider pool of relatives to connect with. They also offer advanced tests like Y-DNA analysis, which can trace your paternal lineage and the history of your surname. Plus, you can upload DNA data from other services and transfer your information to their database, maximizing your chances of finding those long-lost cousins. So, if you’re serious about unlocking the secrets of your family tree, FamilyTreeDNA might just be the key you’ve been searching for.


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