Best Dog Training Apps In 2023: Top 5 Resources For Your Growing Pup, According To Experts

Your puppy is SO cute! But the jumping on guests is, well, not so much. That’s why training is an important part of pup parenting. But if the cost of hiring a pro makes you want to lay down, roll over and play dead, a dog training app may be for you. These are a fraction of the price you’ll pay for puppy school — and according to experts, the investment will likely be worth it. That’s why we checked out 15 expert reviews to find out which were the best dog training apps in the digital marketplace.

There’s a lot to love about dogs, including that research says seeing, feeling and touching a dog boosts neurons in the prefrontal cortex — where our brains regulate emotions. And a York University survey of almost 6,000 people found nearly 90 percent of pet owners believe their animals helped them cope better emotionally during the pandemic lockdown.

Because dogs benefit our lives so much, it’s no wonder three-quarters of people consider their dog a member of their family. That figure is from a recent poll, which also found 79 percent want to give their pups everything they need to feel loved. Pet owners, on average, spend $276.40 USD on their furry pals each month!

If you want to spoil your pup right from the start, we found the best dog training apps even Fido will flip over. According to 15 experts, these are the best of the best at-home training resources. Our list is comprised of the most recommended apps across the experts’ reviews. So, read on, then grab your furbaby’s favorite treats and check out your app store! Make sure to let us know how the training goes in the comments.  

The List: Top 5 Dog Training Apps, According To Experts

1. Dogo

Get started with a 7-day free trial! Canine Journal says you’ll love it because: “Dogo is an impressive, full-featured app with over 100 training exercises and a built-in clicker. Training begins with a quick questionnaire so Dogo can personalize your training program based on your specific needs. They have text and video lessons on everything from a potty, crate, and basic obedience training to correcting behavioral issues and teaching advanced tricks. Once your dog has learned a new skill, you can submit a video exam showing both of you in action. Dogo dog trainers review your exam and give you feedback on your pup’s performance within 12 hours.”

This is the top pick for PetKeen: “All programs are tailored and curated by professional trainers and veterinarians, and dog owners can share videos with other dog owners for a unique experience; there’s even a video exam that you can submit of your dog’s performance. With the many programs and features, this app comes in as the best overall dog training app.”

“The app offers five dog training programs: New Dog, Basic Obedience, Stay Active, Strengthen Your Friendship, and Little Helper. If you’re just looking for the basics of training, you’ll want to complete the New Dog and Basic Obedience courses. These programs help your dog learn essential commands, tricks, potty training, and how to walk on a leash; the other courses are best for more advanced training. Aside from courses, the app also has many fun and interactive features. It comes with several games you can try with your dog, as well as an Instagram-like community that you can use to share pictures of your furry friend,” MUO writes.

2. Puppr 

According to Volumetree, “Puppr is possibly the most well-known dog training app around. Puppr uses the Clicker training method to help you train your dog at your convenience. With over 70 lessons from celebrity dog trainer Sara Carson, Puppr helps you to train your dog for free with a host of basic courses. Advanced courses require you to purchase a $12.99 monthly (or annual) subscription. Puppr features an in-app clicker and an online store with training material, equipment and other doggo-essentials.” 

Chewy says this is a budget-friendly option: “Puppr is a dog training app that offers lessons led by dog training pro Sara Carson. The app’s lesson packs are divided into different sections, including New Dog, Silly, Useful, Circus and Agility. Most lessons are locked until you pay for either the individual packs ($2.99), which include about seven commands, or all lesson packs ($13.99). Not a bad budget-friendly option if you’re looking to train your pup!” 

“Puppr helps simplify dog training at home. With a user-friendly visual, this tool is good for potty training, teaching new tricks, and training a new dog. It includes easy to follow video instructions so every dog owner can teach their doggo like a professional trainer. This best free dog training app has a variety of features, such as more than 80 lessons, live chat with expert trainers, and built-in clicker,” Regendus says.

3. PupFord Academy

Hepper recommends this option for your pup, writing, “Pupford Academy offers a vast library of videos designed to make it super easy to turn your ill-mannered dog into your favorite companion. From obedience training to sessions designed to stop aggression, you can find various videos to make your dog-parenting journey a tad easier. Furthermore, you can also benefit from courses like dog body language, canine first aid, dog sports, etc. Qualified trainers conduct the lessons and encourage employing humane techniques and positive reinforcement to ensure safe and effective training.” 

And My Dog is a Robot raves, “Pupford offers fantastic training resources like tutorials, a built-in clicker, and a progress tracker if you can’t afford a professional trainer. In addition, Pupford has a free 30 days training program created by the famous YouTuber and dog trainer Zak George. Each section is organized with step-by-step instructions in video and text to facilitate every step of the training. Some of their best features are the training reinforcement indicators, signaling which lessons should be repeated to ensure learning. They also offer progress tracking, new lessons, and a curated store.” 

TechPP says you can also buy training treats through them: “Pupford is a company that sells treats, chew sticks, and other dog food. Besides the products they sell, they also offer training video lessons in the app. You can take any course you want and complete it slowly. Some last 30 days, others less than a week, depending on the course. Pupford also offers paid courses tailored to niche issues such as separation anxiety, snapping, pulling on the leash, crate training, recall behavior, etc. In addition, the app provides a free course summary so pet owners can learn before they buy.” 

4. GoodPup

Rover shared a Verified Review from Rover employee Alison Rutty: “I used a trainer on the GoodPup app to help me address car anxiety in my 5-year-old Labradoodle. I felt like we had tried everything and nothing seemed to work. Enter GoodPup! They matched me with a trainer who conducted weekly, 30-minute video sessions with us.  I especially loved the feature where I could send messages and videos to my trainer directly outside of our sessions. It was highly convenient not having to leave my house or travel anywhere. At $30 a week, I feel like I am getting high-quality, personalized training that would be much more expensive if we were meeting in person.” 

Puppy Smarts says this app is a smart choice: “The GoodPup training app is a trainer-guided course that includes a weekly one-on-one video call, text check-ins to answer all your training questions, plus daily training goals to help you and your pup stay on track. Your dog can learn essentials like potty training and crate training, but you won’t want to stop there. There are lessons to teach all eight basic obedience commands, plus problem solvers for behaviors like excessive barking and begging.” 

Support Dog Certification is also a fan: “The app helps teach better in-door manners, basic commands, skills to avoid bad behavior and educates users on dog health. It has been praised for its support, illustrated guides, quick daily sessions, and cooperation with the American Veterinary Medical Association. The app comes with daily text check-ins from a trainer and will require you to follow a schedule.” 

5. Doggy Time

Dog Lovers Blog says, “Doggy Time makes it simple to track all of your dog’s important information for yourself, the vet, and other caregivers. Share all the exciting milestones of your dog’s development with friends and family. Doggy Time handles the details so you never have to take significant time away from the joys of having a dog or puppy. Designed by busy parents, for busy parents, Doggy Time offers a simple, streamlined way to track your dog and puppy’s daily habits, training and health. Doggy Time is a daily activity tracker, dog training assistant, log, and diary.” 

Technical Ustad calls it the best, writing, “On our list of the best dog training apps, the first name is Doggy Time. Doggy Time is one of the best and easy training apps. There are many beneficial features on the Doggy Time app that helps you to train your dog efficiently. With the help of Doggy Time, you’ll be able to track your dog’s health and daily habits. Doggy Time app also has various training activities you can perform with your dog to train efficiently.” 

And according to Android Ally, “This app will help you keep track of all important things about your dog. It will be crucial for yourself, the caregivers, and also the vet. Doggy Time is an excellent app for busy dog parents. You can use it for a dog training assistant.”

Make sure to give your four-legged friend an extra treat for us! We hope training is a tail-wagging good time. 


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