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Let’s face it: our furry friends deserve the world (and a constant supply of belly rubs). But when it comes to treats, navigating the dog treat aisle can feel ruff-er than a walk in the pouring rain. Fear not, fellow dog lovers! We’re sniffing out the best dog treats on the market, from delicious and healthy options to training aids that’ll have your pup performing tricks faster than you can say “squirrel!” So grab your leash and your reading glasses; it’s time to discover treats that’ll have your dog barking with joy (and maybe drooling a little). StudyFinds compiled a list of the most recommended dog treats from 10 expert websites in hopes of helping you find the perfect snack for your canine. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

The List: Best Dog Treats, According to Expert Reviews

1. Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats
Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats (

Zuke’s Mini Naturals topped Good Housekeeping’s list of the “10 Best Dog Treats That Will Have Your Pet Drooling.” “Something about these treats entices pups of all sizes and breeds.  Good Housekeeping also notes, “these treats are great for training and rewards due to their strong smell and small size,” they write in their review.

As mini treats, they are the perfect size. According to Popular Science, “the mini treats are the ideal size to put in your jacket pocket or training pouch while you head outdoors for continued training.” They crown these minis “Best Overall” in their ranking.

This low-calorie treat option comes in six different flavors, but beware, their scent is more appealing to dogs than humans.

2. Wellness Puppy Bites

Wellness Puppy Bites
Wellness Puppy Bites (

The soft variety (lamb & salmon flavor), are simple and nutritious snack squares for puppies to nibble on. “They are about the size of a nickel and can easily be torn into tinier pieces for training,” adds The Spruce Pets

Plus, these treats are a healthy option. “The bite-sized treats (which are available in soft and crunchy varieties) contain no meat by-products or traces of corn, soy, or wheat gluten, and are utterly free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives,” points out Mental Floss.

And they even pack some extra nutrition-boosting ingredients. “Furthermore, they contain DHA and omega-3 fatty acids, which help with dogs’ muscle and mind development,” notes Architectural Digest

The crunchy version comes in a chicken & carrots recipe.

3. Greenies Original Regular Dental Dog Treats

Greenies Original Regular Dental Dog Treats
Greenies Original Regular Dental Dog Treats (

Greenies are available in a variety of sizes, depending on your dog’s breed. “These treats are made from natural ingredients and contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. They help fight plaque and tartar build-up and are designed to clean down to the gumline,” according to Canine Journal.

“Paws down, they’re one of the best dog treats out there for dental hygiene,” adds Reader’s Digest.

4. Ziwi Peak Good Dog Rewards Training Treats

This brand is a great pick for dogs of all kinds. Discover Magazine notes these treats are “bursting with flavor (beef, lamb, or venison), and they’re both nutritious and delectable. They’ve been handmade by a small team of dedicated and skilled workers in New Zealand, using meat raised on pasture.” 

These treats can also be beneficial when it comes to your dog’s mobility. The ingredients are 96-percent free-range lamb, New Zealand green mussels, and organic kelp (a seaweed superfood). Plus, the tripe included in the treats provides natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help with creaky joints,” according to Reader’s Digest.

5. Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze-Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats

Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze-Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats
Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze-Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats (

There’s something commendable about simplicity. “Made with a single ingredient — 100% pure beef liver — these Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze-Dried Liver Treats are a favorite among dogs and their owners. These treats are freeze-dried to preserve the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients as well as their natural flavor and aroma,” notes Insider.

Some reviewers also like the structure of these treats. Why? “The treats are solid cubes, so they won’t crumble in your pocket during a training session,” adds Your Best Digs

Honorable Mention: Milk-Bone Small Bones 

Milk-Bone Small Bones
Milk-Bone Small Bones (

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Milk-Bone. Our family dog Chance is obsessed with the peanut butter flavor. Available in a variety of flavors, Canine Journal calls them the “Best Dog Treats For Small Dogs,” adding, “The crunchy texture helps remove plaque and tartar build-up as well as freshen your dog’s breath.”  

Something to keep in mind is that certain Milk-Bone varieties do contain dyes. So, do your research!

Happy treating!

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