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Sleep, more specifically restful sleep, is a key factor to good health. Quality of sleep has a significant impact on quality of life and energy levels throughout the day. As many of the sleep-deprived will tell you, getting out of the malaise that goes with poor rest is difficult and can contribute to mental health problems like anxiety and depression. A comforter or duvet can often be a major component of making a bed that you want to lie in. Always ready to lend a helping hand, we’ve gathered information from our sources to compile our list of the top five best duvets for a cozy sleep.

A person’s bed is a sacred place. It’s where we start each day, and where we recharge each night. Perhaps, then, it’s no surprise that a new survey reveals that inspiration strikes most often in the bedroom. According to a survey of 2,000 British residents commissioned by Microsoft Surface, many of our best ideas are most likely to occur as we are dozing off, when we first wake up in the morning, and even in the middle of the night. In all, just over 40 percent of survey participants said they believe their bed is a conducive environment for creativity. That being said, investing in your sleep environment is important for your mind and body.

Duvets are undoubtedly a delightful addition to any bed, providing a level of comfort that is unmatched. With their soft and fluffy texture, they offer a cozy embrace that instantly transforms a mundane bed into a haven of relaxation. The gentle weight of a duvet creates a comforting pressure, enveloping the body in warmth and security, making it easy to drift into a restful sleep. The plushness of the duvet filling provides an exceptional level of insulation, keeping sleepers comfortably snug during colder nights. Whether it’s a luxurious down duvet or a hypoallergenic alternative, the plushness, and comfort of duvets make them an irresistible choice for enhancing the overall coziness and tranquility of one’s bed.

So, are you convinced yet? Luxurious bedding can really enhance a restful night’s sleep. That’s why we dove into this topic by turning to experts for their reviews on the best duvets on the market. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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The List: Best Duvets, According to Sleep Experts


1. The Company Store

The Company Store offers a highly rated and reasonably priced duvet that was ranked at the top with many of our sources. The Spruce writes, “If you tend to overheat at night, you may want to opt for a lightweight and breathable duvet cover like this one from The Company Store. It’s made with a blend of bamboo rayon and cotton, which makes for a smooth and incredibly soft texture. The fabric itself felt sturdy and somewhat heavy while holding it. However, the material was surprisingly breathable and felt deceivingly lightweight while laying underneath it. Upon arrival, there were no imperfections and the duvet cover seemed very well-made. The button closure was very secure, and the corner ties prevented the comforter from shifting and bunching. Post-wash, there were no signs of wear; other than some slight shrinkage, the duvet cover seemed good as new.”

There are different sizes available as well to make sure that you can get the right size for your bed. According to Good Housekeeping, “This luxury down duvet insert is available in four different sizes and three levels of warmth, so you can choose the perfect combination for your bed. If you’re a hot sleeper, opt for ‘light warmth,’ and if you’re looking for a cozy duvet for colder nights, try ‘extra warmth.’ During testing, our Textiles experts were impressed by the high-quality construction, which has earned this duvet insert the Good Housekeeping Seal. Its down is RDS-certified — meaning it’s ethically sourced — and is thoroughly cleaned. Plus, the cotton sateen shell is combed for an extra-soft feel.”

Adding perceived value with recycled materials, this duvet is a favored choice by several of our sources. Homes & Gardens writes, “This excellent duvet brings down without the ethical worries, recycling old feathers for the comfort of down with none of the guilt. Jaclyn found the soft sateen cover, a combination of cotton and TENCEL, to be incredibly soft and breathable, as both materials are temperature-regulating, naturally hypoallergenic, and dust-mite resistant. Once placed on the bed, the duvet is quite lofty and the baffle box construction manages to hold the fill in place to avoid clumping.”

2. Boll & Branch Duvet

Boll & Branch is one of the more costly items on our list but can be viewed as quality long-lasting investment for great sleep. Better Homes & Gardens says: “If you take comfort in knowing your bedding is free of harmful chemicals, the Boll & Branch is the best duvet insert to splurge on. The 100% organic cotton shell meets Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, which means it was tested and found to be free of over 100 harmful substances that are dangerous to humans and the environment. The down filling is ethically sourced and triple-washed, exceeding the U.S. government standard. While this insert has four corner loops, our tester observed that it slid around a bit within our duvet cover. The shell fabric also made a little noise when moving it around the bed and didn’t feel as soft as other options tested, but it cleaned up well with a wet cloth and a stain pen.”

Boll & Branch Cotton Duvet Set
Boll & Branch Cotton Duvet Set

One additional drawback is size limitation. Homes & gardens explains, “The Boll & Branch duvet insert marries indulgence with ethical credentials for a duvet that does good and feels good. Filled with down that meets the responsible down standard and sourced from American farms, it’s also washed with eco-friendly, Bluesign certified detergent, making the down two times cleaner than the government standard. The baffle box construction keeps the fill in place while corner ties securely attach to a duvet cover of your choice. It’s available in three densities, each with a 650 fill power, depending on your warmth preferences of lightweight, midweight, and ultra-weight.”

Boll & Branch is also praised for ethical business practices. “The duvet insert made a great first impression. With attachable corner loops, the insert was easy to situate within my Blu Dot duvet cover, and the baffle box construction keeps the down evenly distributed throughout the cover. Now, I’m about a month into sleeping under the duvet, and I’m even happier with it. It’s simultaneously breathable and snug and allows for a great night’s sleep. The bottom line: Not only is it made with better-for-you materials, but the various weight options mean you can better personalize it to your sleep preferences. Highly recommend!” writes Architectural Digest.

 3. Brooklinen

Some people can’t be bothered to change comforters as the seasons change. For them Brooklinen could be a great choice. Forbes states that, “If you’re shopping for a down insert to tie inside your favorite duvet cover, this comforter from Brooklinen is an unbeatable value. It’s filled with sustainably sourced down clusters that have been finished with an antimicrobial treatment, plus it has a luxurious cotton sateen shell. There are loops on each corner to tie on a duvet cover, and the blanket comes in three different weights to suit your insulation needs. All that being said, this is one attractive (and soft) blanket, so you might not even want to hide it inside a duvet cover.”

Brooklinen Down Duvet Comforter Insert
Brooklinen Down Duvet Comforter Insert

As a dry-clean only duvet, it is up to the consumer to decide as to whether this is a drawback or not. Real Simple states, “Our testers were thoroughly pleased with the super soft and breathable feel of Brooklinen’s genuine down comforter. Made with a baffle-box construction, this pick keeps its fluffy down fill in place, yet allows plenty of room for it to expand and help with thermoregulation. During our testing, we found it to maintain its cool-to-the-touch sensation: The surface temperature of the breathable, 100-percent cotton shell only rose about 2 degrees Fahrenheit after we laid under it for five minutes. Even though it is marketed as a ‘comforter,’ it comes with loops on every corner to attach it to a duvet cover. We tested the all-season version—which has a fill power of 700—and found it to be just right.”

However, for consumers who prefer genuine down, the Booklinen Duvet might be a great year-round solution. According to Wirecutter, “If you’re ready to invest in a high-quality down comforter, we really like the 700-fill-power Brooklinen All-Season Down Comforter. It’s a lovely comforter that’s remained consistently available through the shipping delays and supply chain problems of the past two years. At just under 6 pounds for a king size, it weighs less than the Riley and L.L.Bean comforters we’ve recommended in the past (and, according to our home scale, it is even an ounce less than the airy and pricier Feathered Friends we recommend). But it’s lofty and so warm to sleep under (without overheating), and it doesn’t slide off the bed like some of the heavier comforters we’ve tried. The smooth cotton sateen shell kept all the down in place during our shake tests, too. It comes with a one-year return policy and a two-year warranty. We’ve tested Brooklinen comforters before and found them to be limp and unimpressive. But the company completely redesigned them in 2020, and this brought strong improvements.”

 4. Parachute Down Duvet Insert

The Parachute Down Duvet is lauded as being highly breathable, meaning that overheating during sleep could be lessened or eliminated altogether. The Spruce claims that, “It’s not just the warmth and loft that makes the Parachute worthy of a dream sequence. The Parachute’s 100 percent cotton sateen says luxury and smooth softness, not crunchy inexpensive synthetics. I used the insert in a linen duvet cover because it protects the insert and is easier to clean. However, the shell is soft enough that you could sleep without a cover and still be completely comfortable. Thankfully, the Parachute’s corner ties kept the cover in place all night long. If you’ve ever tried to untangle a duvet insert from the cover, you know why duvet inserts without corner ties are the devil’s blankets. You can strangle yourself, trying to straighten out an insert without corner ties. There was no wrestling this duvet and cover. They stayed in place.”

This is certainly one of the lower cost duvets that were also very highly rated by our sources. HGTV ranked it as, “For the classic, luxurious feel of down, we recommend this Parachute comforter. Made in the U.S. using European Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified down, it features a 100-percent sateen cotton shell and baffle-box construction. RDS is an independent, global animal welfare standard that ensures down and feathers come from humanely treated ducks and geese. Available in lightweight and all-season, the fluffy comforter is finished with sturdy, double-stitched seams so that the down filling won’t end up flying around your bedroom. Parachute is the only brand we tried that includes machine washing — with cool water on a delicate cycle using mild detergent — in the recommended care instructions, along with the option to dry clean. While it’s still recommended to use a duvet cover and it comes with a five-year warranty, we consider the ability to machine wash it a huge perk, especially given the higher price tag.”

While Better Homes & Gardens claims, “The superfine hypoallergenic microfiber fill mimicked the fluffiness and insulating properties of down in our tests. There are corner loops for a duvet cover. It’s also available in two weights, depending on your sleep preference or climate—the all-season full/queen insert is 45 ounces, while the lightweight version is 32 ounces. All options are machine-washable in cold water on a delicate cycle or dry-cleanable. The soft-finish sateen cambric cotton shell is breathable and mimics the feel of silk; however, some may find its subtle sheen a little heavy. Our testers noted that this insert felt soft, light, and fluffy, but the fabric quality wasn’t as luxurious as others. At 90 x 94 inches, the full/queen size was a little smaller than other inserts at similar price points, too.”

5. Buffy Cloud Duvet Insert

For consumers that are focused on sustainability and greener products, Buffy Linen could be an excellent choice. The Spruce posits, “For those open to a down-alternative option, we recommend the Buffy Cloud Comforter. The TENCEL lyocell fill wicks away moisture1 while you sleep and won’t be weighed down excessively after washing compared to real down comforters. Our lab tester said this comforter had a high-quality, cool, and smooth fabric cover, but it did require re-fluffing after she laid on it for several minutes. Our at-home tester also gave it a score of 4.8 out of 5 for overall value, noting the supremely soft and breathable lyocell shell and lightweight yet cozy vegan fill. This comforter is slightly crinkly while adjusting it, but we’d consider its noise level comparable to real down comforters.”

Buffy Cloud Duvet Insert
Buffy Cloud Duvet Insert

As a very well-regarded entry to this list, Good Housekeeping adds, “This pick is a favorite of testers and Lab experts who use it year-round, praising the Buffy Cloud duvet insert for being both super fluffy and lightweight. One tester shared that it’s her ‘dream comforter’ and described it as being like sleeping in a cloud. It’s uniquely constructed with a web of individual fibers instead of clusters for fill, preventing cold spots and clumping. The outer fabric is made of silky Tencel lyocell, which is known for its soft, smooth feel and sustainable production practices. The inner fill is fluffy polyester that’s made from recycled water bottles, and it’s GRS-certified so you know it actually comes from recycled sources.”

As many consumers look to sustainable goods, brands like Buffy have grown in reach and popularity. Of this product Mashable states, “My interest was immediately piqued upon reading that the Buffy Cloud — the self-advertised ‘most comfortable comforter in the world’ — is stuffed with 100% recycled polyester spun from old water bottles. The sustainability factor alone had me on board, but I was skeptical. Would it feel like those crunchy plastic mattresses at summer camp? Nope. It’s glorious. I wouldn’t call it a down alternative, because it’s not as lumpy or dense. The first thing I noticed was how evenly-spread the stuffing was — a pleasant change from crappy comforters stuffed with balls of cotton. Rubbing the comforter between my thumb and finger, the fibers inside are clearly silky. Scrunching it up also makes for a pretty lofty pillow.”

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