Best Exercise Bikes For 2023, According To Pros: Top Stationary Setups Most Recommended by Experts

Let’s be honest: it can sometimes be hard to get to the gym. Between work, kids, errands, you name it..we’re busy! But we all know that exercise is a key part of both our mental and physical health. If you’re looking to get in shape in the comfort of your own home, an exercise bike can be a great start. There is no shortage of products to choose from as more Americans are embracing home gyms, but which are the best exercise bikes according to the pros?

Of course, millions of Americans ditched their fitness club memberships during the pandemic and turned to at-home routines. According to one 2021 study, two-thirds of Americans would rather get their workout done at home rather than at the gym. In fact, another survey finds half of adults suffer from “gymtimidation” or the fear of working out in front of other people.

Either way, working out has major benefits for your mental health. One recent study reports that the key to sleeping well is exercising regularly. And there are simply no excuses as to why we can’t fit fitness into our busy schedules. Research shows that even two minutes of exercise each day can add years to your life. A study by the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases also linked consistent exercise to “positive impacts on cognitive function in addition to physical conditioning.”

When it comes to exercise bikes, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a popular program. There is much research pointing to the great benefits from trying this routine, which involves intervals of high-intensity followed by shorter intervals at much lower intensity, cyclically. A study by scientists at McMaster University shows that HIIT workouts work wonders on the brain. Other research finds that HIIT increases the amount of proteins in skeletal muscle. These proteins are absolutely essential when it comes to both muscle contraction and energy metabolism.

And if you’re still unsure as to whether to splurge on a bike, consider this: getting an exercise bike at home helps most people battle the biggest issue with working out, which is having the time to exercise. With all of our responsibilities, Americans are finding less time for themselves. A recent survey suggests that the average person has less than 5 hours of free time a week!

So, if you’re ready to go shopping, we’ve put together a guide listing the five best exercise bikes, according to professional reviews. StudyFinds visited 10 of the leading expert websites to see which products were recommended most frequently across these sites.

The List: Best Exercise Bikes, According to Experts

1. Peloton Bike

Topping the list of best exercise bikes, having been the most recommended by the experts, was the Peloton bike. The New York Times raved that the Peloton bike was perfect for those looking for “a strong combination of quality equipment and high-caliber content.”

The Bike+ (Peloton’s newest model) features plenty of reasons to purchase. Pelotons offer a sleek design, plenty of training options, and durability to last. The Peloton Bike+ is made with carbon steel and offers a heavy flywheel to ensure the bike rides smoothly. The Bike+ also features upgraded technology to match. This includes an “upgraded 23.8-inch swiveling HD touchscreen, better speakers, improved connectivity, Auto-Follow automatic resistance changes, and more,” according to Outdoor Gear Lab.

Peloton users can access daily live-streamed classes, a virtual studio, a broad range of coaches/instructors, and can take scenic trips all from their Peloton. The wide range of classes and video library was highly rated by the experts, with Men’s Health noting that “ Novices and expert cyclists alike can learn and grow their training and their fitness level by pushing themselves harder than they might be inclined to on their own.” Note – this content isn’t free and can run over $40 a month.

2. Bowflex Velocore

The Bowflex Velocore was another highly recommended exercise bike among the experts. Among all of the benefits Velocore offers, what might be the most unique is the “lean” feature. This feature offers a “locking mechanism (that) keeps it stationary, and when unlocked, the rider can lean the bike from side to side to simulate a more natural riding motion and follow along with the JRNY app’s lean classes,” commented Outdoor Gear Lab.

The JRNY app, as mentioned by Outdoor Gear Lab, allows users to receive “coaching, on-demand classes, and guided workouts,” as noted by Rolling Stone. The JRNY app also allows users to take studio classes or take scenic bike riddles and comes in at about half of the price of Peloton’s membership.

Technology was also a huge strength of the Velocor. The Velocor comes with a 16-inch touchscreen, is Bluetooth compatible, and WiFi capable. For those who are into consuming entertainment while you ride, Velocor offers the unique advantage of being able to stream Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max while you ride.

Finally, the Velocore was highly rated for its modularity. Not only for being modular with entertainment (allowing you to connect to streaming outlets), but also for the ability to “bring whatever shoes and seat and even weights and tablets along for the ride and the design supports it,” observed CNET.

3. Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike

The Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike was next up on our list. For those of us who may want to stay entertained while exercising, this bike might be the perfect fit for you. This bike is equipped with an “LCD monitor to help you track your progress, as well as an iPad holder for more way to amuse yourself as you exercise,” remarks NBC News.

The low price point (under $300) of the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike is a likely huge selling point of the bike. While the Yosuda may come in at a low price point, it does not sacrifice quality and options for riders. Constructed with a durable steel frame (Rolling Stone), this bike is easily customizable in terms of height and resistance, so anyone in the family can use it.

Comfort is also an essential element of the Yosuda, which offers an adjustable, cushioned seat. The seat “promotes proper form—it takes unwanted stress off weight-bearing joints like the knees,” notes Forbes, which also offered high praise for the bike.

The Yosuda has a small footprint, unlike some of its competition, so most apartments or homes should be able to easily fit the Yosuda.

4. NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

NordicTrack Commercial S22i “delivers a feature-rich cycling bike with incredible capabilities,” offers Good Housekeeping. The S22i was highly regarded for its quality build, large workout selection, and smooth ride.

The NordicTrack S22i was noted for offering a unique “AutoAdjust ” feature that changes the bike’s resistance and incline based on the terrain and trainer you’re following, allowing you to get completely immersed in the ride,” mentioned Outdoor Gear Lab.

No detail was too small on the S22i, which features a 22” touchscreen that rotates 360 degrees. The S22i also came with 3 lb. dumbbells, bottle holders, a heart rate armband, an adjustable fan, and a USB port to keep your electronics charged.

The S22i also came with a “massive library of on-demand spin classes but also a collection of global workouts that allows you to simulate rides almost anywhere around the world,” as noted by Healthline, so S22i riders have lots of choices to pick from! More advanced riders or workout enthusiasts could also take advantage of incline options offered on the S22i.

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Cycle Bike (SF-B1805)

Rounding out the list of exercise bikes most recommended by the experts was the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Bike.

Another lower price point option, the Sunny Health is a great option for those looking for an affordable option for their home.

This bike does not have a console, meaning there are no entertainment options or tracking capabilities built-in, but “you could add a cadence sensor to the bike, effectively enabling it to connect to cycling apps,” remarked The New York Times.

For those who may be limited in space, the Sunny Health bike might be a great solution. The bike has a smaller footprint and NBC remarks that the “bike is mounted on wheels to make it easier to transport it from room to room.”

The SF-B1805 might not blow you away with some of the features other bikes offer, but it is still a great bike for those looking to stay in shape.  Good Housekeeping agrees, stating that “Although it doesn’t have as many features as others on the list, it provides for a smooth, effective ride and has a sleek design too.” The Sunny Health & Fitness Cycle Bike is not without ANY features though. It comes with a 49-pound flywheel, a 4-way adjustable seat, adjustable handlebars, a bottle holder, and a resistance system built-in.


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