Best Football Gloves: Top 5 Pairs For Receivers, According To Experts

Football gloves have become one of the most popular and necessary safety items for playing football. Whether you’re just a fan of your city’s NFL team or your kids play organized youth football, it’s helpful to know more about the best football gloves. Who knows, maybe you’ll try a pair on and decide it’s time to go join that flag football league your friends have been begging you to join.   

Speaking of organized football, you might be surprised to learn that kids born in the first quarter of the year have a higher chance of making it to the pros. A recent study conducted by Dartmouth University found that kids born between January and March are more likely to participate and excel in organized sports, especially football. A lot of the success kids born in the first part of the year experience is credited to being older than their peers and having more opportunities to develop before participating. 

Even if your kid doesn’t become a top draft pick in the NFL, having the best equipment for them goes a long way toward keeping them safe. And that’s a good thing because another recent survey of college football players found that most of them don’t take concussions and other injury risks seriously. 

A recent study conducted by the University of Colorado School of Medicine surveyed over 250 college football players from the ‘Power 5’ conferences. The study found that between 43 and 91 percent of these athletes underestimate the risks associated with playing football, especially as it relates to concussions and CTE. Alarming, to say the least. Still, though, great strides are being made to keep players safe and educate them about the impacts of brain injuries.  

But, enough of the football studies, you came here looking for the best football gloves and that’s precisely what we have for you. Study Finds did the research, consulting 10 ‘expert’ websites to find the best football gloves available today. As always, feel free to give us your recommendations for the best football gloves in the comments below! 

The List: Best Football Gloves, According To Pros

1. Cutters Rev Pro Football Gloves

Finding experts who agree on the best football gloves can be a daunting task, at best, but the one pair of football gloves we came across the most during our research is the Cutters Rev Pro Football Gloves. Although Cutters aren’t a name brand in other sports apparel, they’ve perfected some of the best football gloves available in the market today. 

But, don’t just take our word for it. “Cutters continue their excellent workflow with the REV Pro Receiver Gloves. Just like the C-TACK Revolution Football Gloves, these gloves have become one of the best-selling football gloves today due to the presence of C TACK,” writes former NFL star linebacker Scott Fujita

Cutters can be wiped down and washed to refresh their sticky surface. “The Rev Pro features a perforated C-TACK palm for increased grip and breathability, which can be “recharged” by wiping with a wet cloth or by machine washing the gloves,” explains Lift Your Game

Cutters Rev Pro 4.0 Receiver Football Gloves
Cutters Rev Pro 4.0 Receiver Football Gloves

“This durable tackiness is reinforced by synthetic panels on the backhand for increased support, which are specifically engineered to be as flexible as possible when bent forward to help you grip the ball,” adds Lift Your Game. 

Support, durability, and flexibility are all paramount for almost any type of sports equipment. But, Cutters Rev Pro Football Gloves are proven to help you catch the football with ease. “This special feature not only increases the execution of plays but also makes players perform their best,” writes The Langley Rams

2. Seibertron 3.0 Football Gloves

The next pair up on the list of best football gloves goes to Seibertron 3.0 Football Gloves. Like Cutters, these gloves are produced by a lesser-known brand name, but that doesn’t mean they’re short on quality. Seibertron appeared across several of the expert sites we consulted, making them an undeniable option for the best football gloves. 

“These gloves offer ultra grip and come in a range of sizes, from teens to adults. Like most receiver style gloves, they have sticky palms for maximum grip in harsh, wet weather,” explains Sports Illustrated.

Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports Receiver Football Gloves
Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports Receiver Football Gloves

Performance in wintry weather is something football players are looking for in most parts of the country this time of year. “The Seibertron gloves are one of the tackiest gloves on this list, making them an excellent buy for anyone who is just starting their football career and wants to improve their skills catching the football,” writes The Champ Lair.  

And these gloves did come up as the best option for beginners across several of the expert sites we visited. Another reason the Seibertron gloves are ideal for beginners is that they’re extremely affordable. “This Seibertron 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports glove has a budget-friendly price for both children and adults to use,” adds The Langley Rams.

3. Nike Vapor Jet Football Gloves

Nike has been producing the top sports gear and accessories for decades, so it’s no surprise that the Nike Vapor Jet Football Gloves have a place on the list of best football gloves. These gloves are used by some of the best wide receivers in professional football, and for good reason, too. 

“Unlike other receiver gloves that feel thin but lack protection, Nike has managed to combine durable padding in the pinky with a lightweight skin tight feel. This glove will have you holding the ball with 100% grasp while looking good at all times,” explains NXTRND

Comfort in the pinky area is a big deal for anyone trying to catch a rocket pass on a cold day and it’s one feature that makes these gloves a top choice amongst the pros.

Nike Men's Vapor Jet 6.0 Football Receiver Gloves
Nike Men’s Vapor Jet 6.0 Football Receiver Gloves

“Nike’s Vapor football gloves are one of the most popular gloves on the market; turn on a college or pro game and we guarantee you’ll see someone wearing a pair! These gloves are ideal for skill positions or mobile quarterbacks with a lightweight, good breathability, and sticky surface,” writes Sports Illustrated

Whether you’re playing tackle football or flag, the Nike Vapor Jet Football Gloves are one of the best football gloves you can buy. 

“Most flag football leagues take place in warm outdoor climates or humid indoor arenas, which can make it more it likely to drop passes because of the combination of sweaty palms and a slick football. These gloves help alleviate that problem and the Nike MagniGrip CL technology on the palm is a sticky, durable substance that helps grip to the surface of the pigskin no matter the condition,” adds Got Flag Football.

4. Adidas Adizero Football Gloves

Another big name in sports apparel, the Adidas Adizero Football Gloves simply appeared on too many expert lists to ignore them as a top choice for the best football gloves. Like most pairs of football gloves on this list, Adidas offers several versions of the Adizero gloves such as the 4.0 and 9.0 models.

“With climacool technology to help eliminate perspiration and an even more durable design, these comfortable collection gloves give you peace of mind and focus on the game field,” explains Scott Fujita

These gloves are also designed for comfort and flexibility, making them a true dual threat on the list of best football gloves. “The seamless GripTack palm material offers exceptional tackiness even in wet or snowy conditions. Combined with the compression fabric/neoprene material mixture, these gloves fit close to the palm, giving a nice feel for the ball when catching,” writes Lift Your Game

adidas Adizero 12 Football Receiver Gloves
adidas Adizero 12 Football Receiver Gloves

It’s hard to believe that football glove technology has come this far, but it has, and now, it’s actually fun to catch a bullet pass in near-freezing temperatures. 

“Made with synthetic fabric, these are among the most comfortable receiver gloved in the market right now. With the perfect build and excellent brand value, Adidas ADizero 9.0 is great for users who are after comfort and value,” furthers iSports Web.

5. Under Armour F7 Football Gloves

Rounding out the list of best football gloves are the Under Armour F7 Football Gloves. Although Under Armour is a newcomer compared to brands like Adidas and Nike, their F7 football gloves are one of the most widely used pairs of gloves across all four levels of football – youth, high school, college, and pros. 

“Under Armour’s gloves are made of high-quality, ultra-durable material that offers breathability to your fingers. Available in a number of sizes and colors, these gloves are ideal for any receiver that wants enhanced grip of the ball. Plus, they have the best style,” writes Sports Illustrated.

Under Armour also makes cleats, pads, and other football apparel, so they know a thing or two about style on the football field. But, it’s not just about style, Under Armour is committed to making high-quality products that are also very safe. 

“These gloves sport an extra durable TurfGear material on the backs of the hands. When you dive for a pass and tuck it before you land, your hands are going to be taking the brunt of the slide with your full bodyweight laying on top of them, so this extra armor (hey, like the brand name!) goes a long way in adding durability to both the gloves and your hands,” explains Gear Hungry.     

Under Armour F7 Football Gloves
Under Armour F7 Football Gloves

The protection on the back of the hands is just one great feature of these gloves. You’re looking for durability in sports equipment, which is exactly what these football gloves offer. 

“I know players who have bought a pair of these gloves three seasons ago and still use them today to train with the grip that are that long-lasting. Made from Under Armour’s GrabTack technology, the palm of these grips will tack on to footballs coming at a high velocity, meaning all you’ll have to do to catch the ball is literally hold up your hands,” adds The Champ Lair


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