Best Frozen Pizzas, According To The Pros: Top 6 Pies Most Recommended By Experts — And Fans!

We’ve all had those long days of work where we’d just rather forgo cooking dinner and end our nights reaching for something quick out of the freezer to make for dinner. Of course, there may be no safer option than going with frozen pizza for the entire family. These days though, there are so many options to choose from at the grocery store, so it certainly pays to know what the best frozen pizzas are, according to the pros. 

You might be surprised to learn that the latest trends in frozen pizza have this childhood favorite rivaling some of the biggest take-out pizza chains in the world. That’s right big pizza, your frozen sibling is coming for you.

According to a study by Brisan Group, nearly 60% of consumers report eating frozen pizza at least once a week or 2-3 times per month. Wow, that’s an astonishing amount of frozen pizza! According to their study, the majority of respondents report eating frozen pizza because of the price and convenience. It’s true, the oven does all the work. 

However, with hearty holiday meals already taking their toll on the health of Americans, you’d think that overindulging in pizza would be bad for you. But, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Bath, some people can actually eat more than their fair share of pizza without causing any immediate health problems. We certainly don’t recommend going out and eating as much frozen pizza as possible just because you can, but let’s face it, you have worse options. 

But, enough of the health chit-chat. You came here looking for the best frozen pizzas and that’s exactly what we’re giving you. Study Finds did the research, visiting 10 “expert” websites in an effort to find answers to the age-old question – which is the very best frozen pizza? To be fair, all of these options cost around $10 or less, or in some cases much less. As always, feel free to drop your favorite frozen pizza recommendations in the comments below!

Update: We have added a sixth pie to the list, dubbed the StudyFinds Fan Favorite. After our post first published, we received many, many comments from readers who argued there was one brand shockingly left off the list. We heard your cries and wanted to make it right, as you’ll see below. 

The List: Best Frozen Pizzas for 2023, According to the Experts

1. DiGiorno

You’ve heard the name before, but DiGiorno was most frequently voted as one of the best frozen pizzas according to the expert websites we visited. Now, there are several different DiGiorno options to choose from, but they all have a spot on the list of the best frozen pizzas. 

“While sampling this brand, we were all rendered speechless,” writes The Takeout. “ DiGiorno is the quintessential grocery store frozen pizza, and when you eat it hot out of the oven, it really is better than a typical delivery option,” adds The Takeout. 

Better than delivery might seem like a stretch, but DiGiorno just might be a better option than most delivery chains. Why? Because they’ve mastered the recipe and it’s a consistently great-tasting frozen pizza. “ DiGiorno has a sweet tomato sauce, a pillowy dough that is a treat to bite into, and a tonne of gooey cheese that will welcome you back for more and more bites,” explains Restaurant Clicks

This wasn’t the only expert site to rave about DiGiorno’s crust. “Calling all crust lovers: DiGiorno’s has fantastic dough,” exclaims Good Housekeeping. “The crust also wasn’t soggy in the slightest, which is surprising given how many toppings come on each slice,” adds Good Housekeeping.

2. Newman’s Own Pizza

You may be familiar with Newman’s Own brand of pasta sauces, but this goodhearted brand also pumps out one of the best frozen pizzas available in grocery stores around the country. 

“The pizza is delicious and better than your average variety. Its claim to fame is that uncured thin crust and the pepperoni is great [too],” writes Guilty Eats

It’s the thin crust that has Newman’s Own on the list of the best frozen pizzas, but these pizzas are really well-rounded frozen options. “[The] toppings taste super fresh for a frozen pizza and the pie has a little spicy somethin’-somethin’ for those craving an extra kick,” adds Delish

Finding a flavorful frozen pizza can be a challenge, but Newman’s Own is changing the game in terms of flavor and quality ingredients. “The pepperoni is also made from real beef and pork with no added nitrites (plus, there’s a generous portion on each slice),” explains Food Network

“And, to top it all off, Newman’s Own is a brand that everyone can get behind, as 100% of net profits are donated to charities and nonprofits,” adds Food Network. That’s right if you didn’t know, Newman’s Own’s profits are donated. What’s not to love about eating pizza for a good cause?

3. Screamin’ Sicilian

Perhaps a lesser-known brand of frozen pizza, Screamin’ Sicilian is packing some serious flavor and cheese into its boxes, earning its spot as one of the best frozen pizzas you can get. 

“The Bessie’s Revenge Cheese takes cheese pizza to another level. We’re talking massive amounts of shredded mozzarella and white cheddar on their signature crust and secret tomato sauce,” writes Tasting Table

Clearly, if it’s cheese you’re looking for, then Screamin’ Sicilian’s Bessie’s Revenge Pizza is the choice for you. “None of us could make the complaint, as we had with a couple other pizzas, that this pizza lacked cheese—this one had a “ridiculous amount of cheese,” just as the package stated,” raves The Takeout

It’s not just the cheese that’s stealing the show with this frozen pizza, either. “Bessie’s Revenge pizza has a robust, tangy tomato sauce that is topped with numerous cheeses such as Romano, cheddar, parmesan, and two different kinds of mozzarella,” adds Restaurant Clicks

4. Tony’s

The most affordable option to make the list of the best frozen pizzas is Tony’s. Tony’s surprised most of the reviewers, and its customers, by offering a consistently good and affordable frozen pizza option that has become a staple in the frozen pizza industry –  and across expert lists of the best frozen pizzas!

“If you’re looking for that dive-style pizza place with the checkered table cloths next to the local bar a few blocks away from the movie theater, this one nails that taste for sure,” writes Guilty Eats

Tony’s keeps it basic, and in the competitive world of frozen pizza, that’s a recipe for lasting success. “Let’s be real: Tony’s may not be your idea of a gourmet pizza, but there’s just something about it that won’t let you stop munching on it until there’s nothing left. Let’s not question it,” states Delish

Who can question with Tony’s brand frozen pizzas? They’re just so simple and tasty. “Tony’s pepperoni pizza variety has a crispy golden crust with tomatoes, cheese, and savory pepperonis. It’s so simple, yet incredibly delicious,” adds Tasting Table

5. Red Baron

Another unassuming, affordable, and simple frozen pizza option is Red Baron. Like Tony’s, Red Baron frozen pizzas are loved by many due to their simplicity combined with an overwhelming flavor. If you’re looking for the best frozen pizzas that most closely mimic a New York pizzeria, Red Baron just might be the choice for you. 

“And yes: I do think this pizza was the closest to New York-style of all of them with its ooey-gooey cheese, moderately-thin crust, and expertly seasoned sauce,” writes BuzzFeed

The expertly seasoned sauce doesn’t drown out the other flavors, either. “The sauce did not overpower the cheese, which tends to happen with frozen pizzas,” explains The Takeout.   

So, with Red Baron, you’re getting the closest thing to a New York-style pizza, full of flavorful sauce and cheese. And, again, it’s affordable. “Lastly, you can’t beat its price. At $3.99 per pizza (a big box, too!) you can’t beat the quality of Red Baron’s flavor,” The Takeout adds. 

Of course, you might not be able to get away with $3.99 per pizza much longer, but you can’t deny the value of Red Baron frozen pizzas. All that’s left to do is start stocking your freezer. “This pizza is one to remember and is an excellent freezer staple when you need something to eat asap. You’ll be glad the next time you decide to add this pizza to your grocery list,” Tasting Table furthers. 

StudyFinds Fan Favorite: Home Run Inn

We heard the outrage, shock, and disbelief. Many, many commenters were very passionate about making sure we knew that it was a borderline crime that Home Run Inn did not make the list of best frozen pizza. So, in response to our dear readers, we’ve added it to the list as the fan favorite.

Home Run Inn frozen pizza
(Credit: Home Run Inn)

Now, just remember, we didn’t come up with this list folks. We visited the so-called “experts” and took their word for it, using the most frequent recommendations across expert lists to put together this list. In fact, the original author of this post, Matt Sherdan, who is actually from Chicago, admitted that Home Run Inn was his personal favorite when it comes to frozen pizza and understood the outcry. “I can definitely identify with their sentiment and I wanted it to make the lists so bad but it just wasn’t on the expert lists,” he says.

So, for the first time ever, we’re adding the StudyFinds Fan Favorite winner to our post. Congratulations to Home Run Inn, you have some very loyal customers. Here’s what some of our passionate commenters had to say:

  • According to Chuck: “Home Run Inn a Chicago pizza is the real deal. I grew up eating this pizza before frozen pizza was a thing. Right from the restaurant. The frozen version is about as close as you can get to eating at the restaurant. All natural ingredients. No junk. Available at Safeway and Sprouts. BTW, not deep dish. Most pizza in Chicago is not.”
  • Patricia Lynn Kelly agreed with his post: “Yes, Home Run Inn frozen pizza is the best I’ve ever tried. Beats [DiGiorno] pizza by 100% I use to buy [DiGiorno] then I found Home Run Inn. Yummy!”
  • Dave writes that Home Run Inn is “the gold standard for frozen pies.”
  • And finally, Lisa Love-Wins offers perhaps the most convincing comment of all: “I would challenge anyone, anywhere in the U. S. to actually find a better frozen pizza than Chicago’s Home Run Inn! With 8 different options for toppings, usually under $8 and available at most major grocers, it’s got the tastiest crispy, yeasty, buttery, perfect crust you ever tried, delicious uncured top quality meat, its all organic and you can’t even find a delivery chain pizza that tastes better than a Home Run Inn! I’m warning you, every person I’ve ever told about this pizza has thanked me and stopped buying anything else and as long as they have one in their freezer, they won’t call for a pizza delivery either! Thank me right here later!”

There were plenty of other great suggestions left in the comments section below. If you don’t see your favorite frozen pizza on the list, please tell us!

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Note: This article was not paid for nor sponsored. StudyFinds is not connected to nor partnered with any of the brands mentioned and receives no compensation for its recommendations.


  1. Gino’East of Chicago pizza is a lot like a restaurant style pizza. Great crust, deep dish. Pizza was featured on the Drew Barrymore show, Drew picked Gino’s pizza out of three.

  2. the 5 choices you posted show no one knows decent pizzas. Tony’s? Red Baron? You’ve got to be kidding. Home Run Inn absolutely has them all beat and Connies is as good or perhaps even better.

  3. A bit earlier, I seconded Lotzza Motzza as #1.
    I stand by it, but also wanted to clarify that the company is actually called “Brew Pub”.
    Lotzza Motzza is just more prominent on the packaging. Great frozen pies!

  4. You must try a peps Drafthouse pizza they dont scrimp on anything even has enuff sauce also they have like 8 or 10 varieties plenty of toppings this pizza has weight it is really a good frozen pizza may be hard to find but im telling you its worth it

  5. Home Run Inn is the worst frozen pizza I have ever had. Chicagonians could find flavor if it hit them in the face.

  6. The two biggest problems with frozen pizzas are that 1. My favorite brands/varieties never seem to be available in my area & 2. Any toppings that are supposed to be made exclusively from beef &/or pork (sausage, pepperoni, etc.) are always made, at least in part, from chicken. Don’t get me wrong–I love chicken & it makes a fine pizza topping as it is, but if I want a beef or pork-based meat, chicken has no place being incorporated into it & the same goes for other inappropriate meats & it especially goes for soy products, which need to be phased out of everyday, general groceries, anyhow, as these are very unhealthy, especially for males.

  7. How much did Digiorno pay you for this list? That “pizza” is absolute garbage. Don’t know a soul that eats this by choice.

  8. DiGiornos has definitely changed over the years or my taste buds have! Its a definite pass for me now. Screamin Sicilian gets my vote.

  9. If you can’t put real pepperoni on the pizza you are disqualified. Sorry DiGiorno’s. Not on my list of the best pies.

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