Best Gaming Chairs: Top 7 Thrones For Gamers Most Recommended By Experts

Gaming enthusiasts unanimously sing praises for these throne-like marvels. The best gaming chairs aren’t just furniture; they’re allies in the digital battlefield, ensuring you’re at the top of your game, literally and metaphorically. Gaming experts have come a long way from simply grabbing an old wooden chair from the kitchen table to plop down at an old, rickety desk. Gaming setups have now morphed into stylish command centers, complete with neon lights that would make any gamer’s heart skip a beat.

When you’re ready to level up your favorite gameplay, snug in your gaming chair heaven, you’ll want the best gaming chair to complete the experience. With a sleek design and customizable features, the lumbar support of a great gaming chair is a boost for your gaming performance, ensuring you’re locked in for hours of uninterrupted gameplay.

Today, gaming goes much further than just beating a high score. A recent study shows that over half of streamers make money from live gaming. Who knows? Investing in a killer setup might pay off in the future!

Ever wondered what propels gaming to the next level? The answer might just be in your seat. StudyFinds has created a comprehensive list of the best gaming chairs, recommended by experts. Did we miss one? Leave a comment and connect with other game lovers!

A gaming setup
A gaming setup (Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash)

The List: Best Gaming Chairs, According to Experts


1. Secretlab Titan Evo

Number one on the list for the best gaming chairs is Secretlab Titan Evo. “As the improved version of the 2020 model, the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is an impeccable gaming chair. It’s stylish, sturdy, and oh-so-comfortable, with a few nifty features to make it worth the money. Its premium-grade materials and impressive build quality leave very little to be desired as far as gaming chairs go. And Secretlab hasn’t gone over the top with the design either, skirting the line with a nicely refined racer style that’s easier to vacuum than previous designs. And now with a rehashed built-in lumbar support system, the Titan Evo 2022 works for more body shapes. Not only that but in true Secretlab fashion, there are so many colorways and officially licensed designs to choose from – this cosmetic selection simply has no rival in the market,” says Games Radar.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022
Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

Dive into the gaming chair selection that caters to both your gaming needs and your aesthetic desires, “The Secretlab Titan is the benchmark by which we judge all other gaming chairs. To earn that role, it ticked all the boxes you could ask of gaming furniture: it’s comfy, supportive, and importantly looks great too. None of that has changed with the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, either, which is the latest chair out of the Secretlab lot (ignore its dated name in 2023). Rather than tread old ground, let’s get right into the good stuff. Secretlab is posing the Titan Evo to a wide audience, with three available sizes: small, regular, and extra-large. The benefit of this being you’ll no longer need to look to a different model of chair to find the right fit—the Titan Evo should cover most bases,” shares PC Gamer.

Wondering which gaming chair is the secret ingredient for a gaming space that stands out? “The titan evo walked (or rolled) away with top honours in our round-up last year and now there is the opportunity to enjoy all the perks of that chair, with its four-way lumbar support, impressive build quality, user-friendly customisation and very handy small, regular and XL sizing options, wrapped up in a very tactile, almost luxurious covering. The difference between Secretlab’s softweave coverings and the softweave plus isn’t immediately discernible, although the manufacturer states the new fabric is 3.5 times more durable,” writes Independent.

2. Herman Miller Embody

Number two on the list for the best gaming chairs is Herman Miller Embody. “Herman Miller is known for its excellent office chairs, and the Embody is meant for long-haul sessions at a desk. It’s a bit understated compared to the other products on this list, but it’s by far the most feature loaded. The most noticeable feature of the Embody is the backrest. Herman Miller calls this unique design the Pixelated Support system. It consists of a large ‘spine’ with many small ‘ribs’ connected to it, which flex to conform to your body. With some adjustment, practically everyone should be able to find a perfect fit,” says Mashable.

HermanMiller x Logitech Embody (
HermanMiller x Logitech Embody (

Discover gaming thrones that not only support your back but also add a splash of style to your space. “Perhaps you’ve heard of the Herman Miller Embody. It occupied a top position in our best office chair roundup for a long time, but that has come to an end. Not for lack of comfort or acclaim, simply because the famed chair manufacturer has partnered up with Logitech to create something tailor-made to our gaming rumps. For the most part, the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody actually isn’t a complete departure from the Embody of old. A tried, tested, and widely recognized design, the gaming Embody comes in a new black and blue colorway, with plain black also available if you’re going for a more sober/edgelord look,” writes PC Gamer.

Curious to know which gaming chair effortlessly blends functionality and aesthetic appeal? “Herman Miller teamed up with Logitech and 30 physicians to develop the ultimate ergonomic chair, designed to address the needs of gamers. They succeeded with flying colors: For starters, the Embody gaming chair utilizes an advanced backrest that automatically molds to match your position and the curvature of your spine, to provide the most natural and comfortable seating position possible. Its many other ergonomic features come together to promote healthy blood flow, evenly distribute pressure on your body, and provide a consistently cozy place to sit and play for a long time,” shares Time.

3. Secretlab Omega

Number three on the list for the best gaming chairs is Secretlab Omega. “Secretlab’s Omega edition gaming chair is essentially a mini version of their bigger Titan series chair. The Omega has the same adjustment options as the Titan. It’s arm rests can be adjusted up and down, side-to-side, forwards and backwards, and at an angle. And, just like the Titan, the Omega can also recline back to a maximum of 165° as well as tilt at its base. The base can either be unlocked so that the chair can rock back and forth freely, or it can be locked in a zero angle, or at a tilted angle as well,” writes Tech Guided.

Secretlab Omega
Secretlab Omega (

This chair offers a game of luxury that redefines the meaning of comfort. “This 2020 offering from Secretlab was just narrowly edged out of the top spot by Razer’s newest entry. It packs most of the same premium features, long-lasting comfort and support, and also rests on Secretlab’s more established reputation in the space. The major differences are the inclusion of a lumbar support pillow versus Enki’s built-in arch, as well as the Omega sporting fabric rather than PU leather. Our main knock against the latter — based on personal experience — is that it attracts pet hair almost as well as it works as a cat scratcher. (A very expensive cat scratcher.) But even without that kitty caveat, the Enki’s stylish, comfy, dual-textured design still beats its closest competitor,” says CNN.

Wondering which gaming chair caters to your unique gaming personality and preferences? “As the Secretlab Titan Evo’s older sister, the fantastic Secretlab Omega will eventually be phased out in favour of the company’s newer lines. That means it’s found in the discount aisle more often. Just because it’s fading into obscurity, that doesn’t mean the Secretlab Omega isn’t in fashion; there are heaps of licensed designs to pick from, and arguably the Titan Evo wouldn’t be as popular if the 2020 model didn’t have such a strong reputation. Sadly it’s not the best fit for larger frames, since it’s recommended for people up to 180cm tall (5’11”), weighing no more than 110kg (240lbs). Still, it’s a damn sturdy gaming chair. The Secretlab Omega sports all the most important features of a gaming chair, and then some,” shares Games Radar.

4. Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

Number four on the list for the best gaming chairs is Razer Iskur gaming chair. “This gaming chair’s adjustable lumbar support system easily conforms to anyone’s back. With its green and black colors, the chair has been designed to match Razer’s mice, keyboards and headsets, meaning it will easily fit into an avid Razer fan’s setup. The chair has a built-in lower back support that curves outward from the chair. Combined with the high-density foam used throughout, the chair is firm and comfortable. In addition, Razer uses multi-layered PVC synthetic leather to combat the peeling you often must deal with when you’ve been using a chair for a couple of years. The chair also features 4D armrests (which means players can move them in any direction – up and down, left and right, forward and back – for optimal comfort) and an adjustable headrest. As a result, it is easily one of the best gaming chairs on the market,” writes Fortress of Solitude.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair
Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

Elevate your gaming experience with chairs that offer a perfect blend of form and function. “Razer is known for its not-so-ordinary approach to gaming products, which sets it apart from many competitors. In the case of gaming chairs, Razer implemented a unique feature: the lumbar support system. Most gaming chairs offer a lumbar cushion that is not always nicely fixed and can cause discomfort. Iskur’s lumbar cushion is well-adjustable and has a special lever. Still, it has a downside: there are few customization options, and this chair may not suit everyone (especially larger people). Therefore, we recommend testing this chair in a store before shopping if possible (however, this is generally a universal piece of advice that applies to other models as well),” shares CS Money.

Ready to meet chairs that turn your gaming corner into a center of attention? “If you’re lucky enough to not be price-conscious, you won’t regret investing in the Razer Iskur. While the lumbar support provided by detachable pillows on other gaming chairs is nice, Razer takes it to the next level by building in a lumbar pad with a pulley system. That lets you pop out the cushion up to 26 degrees without having to fiddle with any straps and worrying about them hiking up or sliding down. The chair is easy for one person to assemble, and Razer even set up a tutorial video if you have issues flipping through the manual. All materials are high quality, from the memory foam pillow with Razer embroidered on it to the 4D armrests, which can be adjusted to support your elbows or wrists based on your posture. This is the priciest chair on this guide, so it’s obviously not for everyone. It also only comes with a three-year warranty, which might be off-putting to some buyers giving the high cost. However, if you can afford to sit in such luxury, your body is sure to thank you,” says Android Central.

5. Corsair T3 Rush 

Why do experts recommend this brand? “Corsair was known more for its gaming peripherals than its gaming chairs but with each release its reputation for comfortable, high-quality perches is growing – and that’s certainly what you get with the T3 rush. The chair’s side bolsters hold the body in position really well but the wide seat base means you don’t feel constricted. The T3 moves with you for every micro movement you make while playing. After several weeks of use (and abuse) there were no discernible squeaks or mechanical issues and there is lumbar and neck support available in the form of a cushion. Although we liked the cushions, they weren’t such a big hit with our more youthful gamers, who claimed they got in the way of them finding a comfortable position,” says Independent.

Corsair T3 Rush 
Corsair T3 Rush

Transform your gaming space into a haven of relaxation with the right chair at your command. “Thanks to its memory foam lumbar pillow and use of breathable and soft fabric, which replaced Corsair’s usual faux leather, the T3 Rush is an incredibly comfortable chair. However, while the breathable fabric retains less heat and allows gamers to spend more time gaming without dealing with the squeaky sounds of pleather, some are worried about potentially staining their chairs. It looks more like an office chair than a gaming chair thanks to its grey or black design and reclines to 180 degrees, meaning you can easily take a nap between gaming sessions if you feel so inclined. Unfortunately, the chair has been designed for gamers with a smaller frame, so those larger than 200 lbs or 91 kg mays have difficulty fitting into the chair. You may want to avoid this chair if you’re a messy eater or frequent drink spiller,” writes Fortress of Solitude.

Eager to discover the gaming chair that takes your gaming setup from blah to legendary? “If you’re looking for the best budget gaming chair, then the Corsair T3 Rush is a fantastic choice, proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a comfortable seat to game on. In fact, at first glance, you may struggle to tell it apart from more expensive gaming chairs. It’s not quite as large and plush as more premium models, but it’s still incredibly comfortable, and comes with a breathable soft fabric exterior, which keeps you from getting sweaty and clammy, and also features memory foam lumbar support as well,” shares Creative Bloq.

6. Homall Gaming Chair

Number six on the list of best gaming chairs is Homall Gaming Chair. “While certainly not perfect, it was comfortable, with many of the adjustability options offered by some of the higher-priced gaming chairs. The recline was deep and stable, with the added benefit of the tilt feature. The recline comes all the way up to 90 degrees, supporting users even when leaned forward with their back against the neck and lumbar supports. The lumbar and neck support pillows broke in over the course of about an hour and settled into a reasonably comfortable position,” says USA Today.

Homall Gaming Chair
Homall Gaming Chair

Unlock the potential of your gaming sessions with chairs that prioritize both comfort and style. “You’d be hard-pressed to find any significant differences between Homall’s and Devoko’s chairs. The former’s black-and-white design is slightly more reserved than the latter’s eye-popping red and white, and their respective logos — located on the headrests — are obviously different. But they’re otherwise identical. The features, build and unmistakable racer style are all the same,” writes CNN.

The brand’s S-Racer gaming chair cradles your back like it was meant to be a gaming guardian. “One of the more gaudy gaming chairs out there, it leans into the you’ll-go-faster-with-more-racing-stripes approach. As its namesake would suggest, it has that signature racer cut a lot of gaming chairs do, it’s just maybe not as streamlined as high-end options. So no, it might not be the most stylish, but hey, it can often be found with a footrest, and I don’t see Secretlab options with one of those,” shares Games Radar.

7. RESPAWN Gaming Chairs

Finally, our last recommendation is to shop with RESPAWN. Experts love two of their models: the 110 and the Spire. “A good chunk of gaming chairs feature PU leather or pleather for the haters, but if you’re gaming in shorts or a tank top, it doesn’t always feel great on the skin, especially when the inevitable sweat starts to happen. To avoid that sticky situation, you can snag a fabric option, like the Respawn 110, while still staying on budget. You’ll welcome this racing-style chair’s soft, breathable, and surprisingly durable material that’s ready for even your longest gaming sessions. Respawn didn’t skimp on features, starting with its large, inviting seat toting built-in lumbar support and headrest, while a sturdy frame and piston can hold 275 pounds, so bigger gamers need not shy away. If you want to kick back after each match, you get a deep 135-degree recline, and the tilt tension is adjustable for a bit of rocking action,” shares IGN.

RESPAWN Spire Gaming Chair
RESPAWN Spire Gaming Chair

Go beyond seating with this gaming chair, it will become a part of your gaming persona. “Respawn pushes forward an excellent budget pick, the Respawn 110 Ergonomic Gaming Chair. It is a low price chair with lumbar support and a wide seat; it is also quite sturdy and can take on a lot of usage without any issues. The chair has a footrest to lie down while watching or playing games comfortably. It makes it so you can even nap on it if you desire. If you want to save some money while getting a good-quality chair, this pick will surely see that you are cozy,” says The Gamer.

A killer gaming chair can make your victories even sweeter. “The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody might have the most advanced ergonomics on this list, but it also has the highest price. The Respawn Spire offers a similar look and feel for much less money. It combines a cooling, faux-leather seat with dense mesh on the back, and adds comfortable reclining and the unique ability to flip your armrests down when you don’t want them. We wish it didn’t have a big ‘R’ on it, though. This is for gamers who want a minimalist style and strong ergonomics, but don’t want to spend Herman Miller money. It falls somewhere in the middle of the price ranges here and offers a comfortable seat with handy flip-down armrests,” writes PC Mag.

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  1. I would also highly recommend LF Gaming. They are at about the same price point as the Herman Miller chair. But they are built individually one chair at a time in Canada with many different points of support adjustment and ergonomic design. You cam even upgrade to a custom design if you want a personalized chair. They have a cooling memory foam in the seat and arms as well as a buttery soft vegan leather cover. They have size options to fit everyone comfortably from 5 feet tall to 6 foot 5 and beyond. Their larger chairs are rated to over 400 pounds. Even after an all day gaming session you still feel comfortable and supported without any aches or sore spots.

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