Best Of The Best Hair Brushes For 2023: Top 5 Products Most Recommended By Style Experts

Keeping your hair looking luxurious and healthy takes some time and effort. A key component of any hair styling routine is your hair brush. You’ll use it daily to smooth and detangle those locks. There are, of course, a tremendous number of products available whether at the salon, supermarket, or browsing online. StudyFinds set out to find which are the consensus best hair brushes to tame your hair, according to style experts.

Interestingly, a recent study shows that the average number of hairstyles you may have in your lifetime could depend on when you were born. While the average Gen Xer has only tried six different hairstyles over the years, the average millennial has already tried eight new looks.

Remember those gravity-defying crimped, teased, and hair sprayed looks of years past? Another study concludes that the 1980s were the most iconic decade for women’s hair. The survey of 2,000 Americans reports that the average woman has experienced four completely botched hairstyles over the years, six different haircut styles and four dye jobs. Half of the women in the survey also claimed they were in the middle of a hair “rut” and simply didn’t know how to proceed.

All the more reason to head to your stylist and come up with a new ‘do — and a new brush! StudyFinds compiled a list of the five best hair brushes across 10 expert websites, using the most recommended products across the reviews as our guide. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

The List: Best Hair Brushes, Top 5 According to Expert Reviews


1. Conair Velvet Touch Cushion Brush

This brush is widely available, won’t break the bank, and is great for all hair types.  

“This drugstore option from Conair costs less than $6 and detangles knots without snagging or damaging your hair, thanks to a flexible cushion base and ball-tipped bristles,” notes Cosmopolitan.

Byrdie adds, “it gets knots out without unnecessary tugging,” giving it ‘best budget’ accolades on their list of ‘The 20 Best Hair Brushes for Every Hair Type and Length’.

2. Mason Pearson Pocket Boar-Bristle Hair Brush

This high quality brush is pricey, but it’s built to last, so consider it an investment.

“It’s beloved as much for its natural boar bristles as it is for its smoothing abilities; the boar bristles disperse hair’s natural oils down the length of the hair, minimizing flyaways and frizz,” according to Glamour. 

The smaller size still packs a punch, giving regular sized hair brushes a run for their money. “The rubber cushion pad stimulates and massages the scalp, promoting growth, while the boar bristles evenly distribute sebum to create shine and prevent breakage,” adds New York Magazine.

3. Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush

If you have trouble brushing wet, tangled hair, then check out this affordable brush.

“The nylon bristles are designed to be super flexible, which means they move through snarls without snagging. Still, they’re long enough to get deep enough into the knot and loosen it without causing any discomfort,” notes Reviewed.

I can attest, this brush works great on kids’ hair too! Especially when used right out of the shower or a swimming pool. As a parent, any time you can avoid a hair detangling fight, it’s a win.

“No matter what hair type you have, the Wet Brush will glide right through it all. And despite the name, you can also use the Wet Brush on dry hair, too,” points out Real Simple.

4. Osensia Thermic Round Brush

If you are looking for a round brush to try and replicate that salon quality blowout, this super lightweight brush could be a great fit. 

It’s also a time saver. According to Elle, “Say goodbye to hours-long styling sessions. This barrel evenly distributes heat from a blow dryer, which means your hair will dry quicker and more evenly than before.”

“The built-in section pin at the bottom of the brush also works extremely well in drawing across your scalp to section off a part of your hair,” points out Us Weekly.

You can find it at most retailers for under $30.

5. Baasha Hair Brush

This 11-row tunnel vented hair brush is light and easy to use for all hair types.

“Its ball tip bristles deliver a soothing scalp massage effect which can stimulate scalp circulation, promote hair growth, and help keep your scalp and hair healthy,” notes Stylecraze.

“It’s ideal for styling your hair while blow drying. BestReviews points out the tunnel design “adds to its effectiveness when simultaneously blow drying and styling.” This brush will also help to keep static at bay. 

However, some reviewers note the balls occasionally fall off the bristle tips. Priced under $15, it’s worth trying out.


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