Best Oils For Hair Growth: Top 5 Products Most Recommended By Experts

Your hair says a lot about you. After all, it’s the “mane” attraction. And since healthy-looking hair is always in style, we decided to find the best-rated oils for hair growth. Many products use a combination of conditioning oils, such as coconut, argan, olive, jojoba and castor. These have a variety of benefits, from hydration to breakage prevention, so it can be hard to choose which hair oil is the best of the best.    

Regardless of what products you use, your hair can reveal your economic and obesity status based on what you eat. That’s because as food breaks down, isotopes like carbon and nitrogen travel throughout your body and into your hair. Researchers analyzed 700 hair samples from 65 cities and 29 ZIP codes in Utah to see what they revealed. When they added in driver’s license data to find trends in body mass index for certain ZIP codes, the results showed a link between the hair isotopes and obesity rates. This data, locked in your hair’s locks, can help communities address local health and dieting issues.

Another hair issue many face is the lack of hair. Since going bald can harm mental health for both men and women, scientists have long sought a solution. Countless people turn to hair loss treatments and supplements for help. Interestingly, a cure for baldness could be on the horizon after scientists generated hair follicles in a lab. A team from Yokohama National University even grew fully mature follicles with long shafts. 

Whether you’re looking to care for the hair you have now or the hair you may have in the future, you should know which products to choose. That’s where we come in! We searched leading websites for the five best oils for hair growth, based on what 13 experts most recommend. If you’ve used any of these on the list below, let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

The List: Top 5 Oils For Hair Growth, According To Experts

1. Wild Growth Hair Oil

People are wild about this hair oil! Who What Wear says, “This budget-friendly hair-growth oil reached cult status once Amazon reviewers started raving about how effective the formula was in promoting hair growth. It contains a powerhouse blend of strength-promoting oils like coconut, olive, jojoba, rose hip, sesame seed, lavender, and peppermint. As a bonus, it also detangles, softens, and conditions dry hair.” 

“With over 13,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, you know this oil does what it says. Not only does it make styling a breeze, but it encourages your hair to grow as long as possible,” according to Elle.

Shape also recommends it to shape up your hair: “The Wild Growth Hair Oil works to promote hair growth thanks to two research-backed ingredients: rice bran and pomegranate, which stimulate hair follicle growth. There are also olive and coconut oils present to coat the surface of the hair, which makes it resilient to split ends, breakage, and dry spots, and also to help to relieve dry scalp itch. Safe for sensitive skin, the oil doubles as a hair detangler and even reduces blow-drying time. It’s also formulated with antioxidant-rich ingredients that help to reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy scalp, which is necessary for hair growth. Studies have found that scalp conditions such as dandruff are associated with higher rates of premature hair loss.”

2. Hair Oil by Blu Atlas

This product is news-worthy, with three experts choosing it as a top choice.

“We scoured the hair-care industry for the best hair oil, and … the best hair growth oil on the market today is this Hair Oil by Blu Atlas. This oil is a luxurious and effective blend of argan oil, saw palmetto oil and sweet almond oil. Together, this trio will provide a deep dose of nourishment and hydration for the hair and scalp. It will eliminate all frizz, add shine and invigorate the scalp to grow beautiful and healthy hair,” The Dallas Morning News reports.

The Salt Lake Tribune says, “If you’re looking to grow out your hair, the first product we recommend you try is the Hair & Body Oil by Blu Atlas. This oil offers a blend of highly effective ingredients like saw palmetto, rosemary, argan, and sweet almond oil. These ingredients, particularly the saw palmetto and rosemary, are known for their wonderful ability to fight hormonal hair loss. It will inhibit the destructive action of those hormones. Your hair will be fortified, softened, conditioned, and transformed with this selection of clean and vegan ingredients.” 

And finally, Orlando Magazine picks this oil treatment as a multi-tasker, capable of taking on hair nourishment, growth and strength: “If a clean formula that offers incredible results is what you’re after, it doesn’t get better than the Hair & Body Oil from premium grooming company Blu Atlas. This multitasking formula was made to be used on both skin and hair, and works to deeply hydrate and soothe while nourishing, … fighting hair thinning and boosting growth. It also contains rosemary and lavender oils, both of which improve circulation at the scalp. This brings much-needed nutrients to the hair follicles, ultimately encouraging faster growth and healthier, stronger hair.” 

3. Viva Naturals Coconut Oil

Us Weekly recommends this product for your hair and body, writing, “The Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil for Hair provides the best value for money because it can be used for various purposes. While it can help resolve hair and scalp issues, it can also be used for cooking and baking. This pick is made through the cold press process for 100% pure, unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil. It not only moisturizes your hair but also stimulates collagen production in your skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Whether you use it on your hair or in cooking, it can help improve your appearance from the inside out.”

And ranks this product as their top choice, saying, “We have Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil from the house of Viva Naturals at the 1st position in our list of best Coconut Oil For Hair Growth in USA.” They ranked it a 9.2 out of 10 because of its quality and value for the money. 

Insider talks about what makes coconut oil, in general, such an effective product: “A small 2020 study found coconut oil, unlike many other oils, can penetrate hair strands and form a protective layer to help prevent damage from heat, coloring, and other factors. Another 2021 study shows coconut oil can help promote scalp health by reducing the presence of ‘bad’ bacteria associated with fungal infections while increasing the presence of ‘good’ bacteria associated with a healthy scalp. What’s more, coconut oil absorbs much better into the scalp than many other types of oils.” 

4. Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment

According to Cosmopolitan, this oil is gentle and softening: “Vitamin E-rich argan oil and linseed extract are combined in this gentle hair oil from Moroccanoil. Rake a very small amount (a little goes a long way with this one) through clean, towel-dried hair, and then air- or blow-dry — you’ll be left with sleek, flyaway-free hair that’s incredibly soft.” 

And it’s especially helpful if you have a dry scalp. Harper’s BAZAAR writes, “This dry scalp treatment works to gently clarify your scalp while also soothing itchy, flaky skin. Plus, we’re obsessed with the scent.” 

5. The Mane Choice, The Alpha Multi-Vitamin Scalp Growth Oil

Good Housekeeping recommends this hair oil for its positive reviews: “Made with almost 100% powerhouse plant oils and extracts like castor, jojoba and rosemary, this hair growth oil encourages longer locks. ‘I typically keep my hair silk pressed and I’ve noticed since using this oil my hair holds the press much longer and humidity isn’t as much of a hassle as it was before I used this oil,’ one reviewer notes. ‘I also noticed that I have much denser new growth than I did before.’” 

Oprah knows a thing or two about product recommendations … Oprah Daily says, “A healthy scalp is the (literal) foundation for a healthy head of hair — which is why this lightweight oil delivers a healthy dose of soybean, sweet almond, grape seed, jojoba, and coconut oils, as well as biotin and botanical extracts (like rosemary and sunflower) to help nourish, soothe, and stimulate the scalp.” 

Interested in oils like these as an easy way to practice self-care? We hope the choices above give you many good hair days ahead! 


Note: This article was not paid for nor sponsored. Study Finds is not connected to nor partnered with any of the brands mentioned and receives no compensation for its recommendations. This post may contain affiliate links. 


  1. None of these products have been proven to be nearly as effective as minoxidil (Rogaine) in any peer reviewed double blind clinical trial.

    “Better” snake oil is still snake oil.

    1. Every picture and video on every news network website is an advertisement, or begins with a commercial ad. Even the list of products here were cherry picked from other news sources, as A.I. most likely generated this entire story automatically. . . That’s the only way to “keep Up With The Kardashians” I guess.

      1. This why I keep saying “God damn I’m going bald?!🙄. Stop thumping here… this thread is about baldness NOT bibleness 😐😐🤦‍♀️

  2. I never tried it but like to try and I’ll know if it works I should know in one week and if my hair grows an inch then this will a good thing

  3. Why do people think that oils can penetrate several layers of the dermis to reach to follicle??? All fake stuff. You will have to use a pin roller with a specific needle size to create depressions for any topical to penetrate…..Same for shampoos! All will probably reach one layer through pores but not the follicle which is a highly vascularized area! I am working on research for hairloss since the 90!

    1. I can swear by Wild Growth Hair Oil. I have used it over a period of time.
      My hair has grown longer
      It’s thicker and stronger.
      Softer and looks healthier.
      Noticeably beautiful at my age of 52

    2. Ok what you just said, makes a lot of sense. The oil will just run off and onto the hair. I went to a Dr and he stock needles in my scalp with medicine for going boil. It got worse so I stop going. Like you I am still looking for help!!! ❤️

      1. Please try Hollywood Hair Bar; it works wonders. My hair had become brittle due to medications. I was skeptical at first; but then decided to give it a try. Yes, it works. My hair is fuller and the bald spots are covered. They guarantee your hair will start growing within 1-2 weeks.

    3. Well, I have been using Hollywood Hair Bar since it opened 3 years now; and it states your hair will start growing in 1 to 2 weeks and it has. My hair was brittle due to medicine. I buy 2 to 4 bottles every month. Please look at the reviews! It’s for all cultures. It’s incredible. I did my research before purchasing

  4. I appreciate good information,and all of this sounds good. You can’t go wrong with using oils on people of color hair.

  5. Hello
    Please help I need a product that will stop my hair breaking up and make it grow nd also helps with the hairline as my hairline is bad .

    1. I use Hollywood Hair Bar; I was skeptical at first. But what beats a try. I gave been using for 3 years; since my hair was brittle from medications. They promise growth within 1-2 weeks and true to their words, my hairs has grown longer and the bald spots are filled

      1. Can you help me , as I’m going through the same I’ve got some bald spots some bigger than others .
        Again the name of the oil you use and where can I order it from .
        Desperately seeking help I can afford

    1. Can somebody tell me where I can get this product of mixture at so I can start with my hair please thank you.

  6. I make an amazing Hair grow oil. I use rosemary, clove, lavender, vanilla, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and more… After I cut my hair, it started growing and is so thick now!

  7. p J. is the most right. Eat, the oils they give. You are what you eat. Don’t let anyone poke holes in your head or anywhere as in microneedling. You can end up infected with the outside word that you are trying to keep out! Eat well; feed your body and your soul for the most healthy results.

  8. Guys you try original coconut oil or oil from coconut applied it for 10 minutes before shower. It’s really effective. Happy New Year everyone

  9. Very helpful, good to know the different oils. I have tried so many without success for my hair loss. I suppose there is no harm in trying some of these recommended ones that I never used before.

  10. Not an oil but absolutely fantastic product i use for hair growth is Georgiemane (Google them) an Australian company.. thank me later 😉

  11. I appreciate your studies over the hair growth… Please does any of this hair oil works perfectly to growing of Beards as I have a project I am running and needs to grow my beard in the shortest time frame.

    Pls your kind response Team …

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