Best Of The Best Home Gyms For 2023: These 5 Trainers Are Most Recommended By Fitness Pros

As a byproduct of 2020, home gyms have certainly increased in popularity. Many people now prefer to avoid crowds if possible. Especially sweaty ones. Though there have been home gym options for many years, the increased demand prompted fitness equipment manufacturers to create new products that are even better suited for home use. And to help you find the best fit for your space and budget, we scoured the web to find the consensus best home gyms, according to fitness pros. Before we get to our list, let’s discuss some factors to keep in mind when choosing a setup.

Not all home gym systems cater to all styles of exercise. For instance, those that prefer powerlifting, bodybuilding, or CrossFit will generally need more equipment. But beginners, those looking for general health benefits, and those doing bodyweight exercises can typically get away with less.

Price is of course a large factor to consider. Generally, more equipment equals more money, but some of the newer smart home gyms are also expensive even though there’s not much to them. But not to worry because on our list you’ll find home gym options for all budgets.

You may be limited in how much space you can dedicate to a home gym. Filling a room or garage with fitness equipment may not be a possibility. If that’s the case, we have an option below that takes up minimal room and can even travel with you. Though if you do have ample space, we also have some beefier setups as well.

Now that you’ve considered some important factors for purchasing a home gym, let’s get to that list. As always, we want to hear from you, so comment below to let us know which home gym keeps you in shape!

The List: Top 5 Home Gyms, According to Experts

1. NordicTrack Fusion CST

Though not the cheapest home gym, you will get a lot of bang for your buck. This machine will only take up a corner in your room and it’ll allow you to perform more than enough exercises. It also has on-demand classes that you can watch right on the touchscreen tablet that comes attached.

“With almost 50 years of experience, NordicTrack is putting their background as a manufacturer of high-quality fitness equipment behind their next-generation home gym, the Fusion CST Studio. The Fusion CST Studio home gym takes digital resistance to and refines it with 20 workout levels, auto-adjust technology, and innovative and personalized workouts with elite trainers through the iFit program,” writes Top Fitness Magazine.

And you won’t have to worry about swapping out weight plates on a barbell or having every set of dumbbells: “Instead of bulky weight plates or dumbbells, this machine uses a series of cables attached to a flywheel to provide different levels of silent, seamless resistance. The flywheel devices take advantage of inertia: the harder you pull, the more it resists. The more it resists, the harder you have to work to control the resistance at every stage of a rep,” writes Livestrong.

2. Tonal

Here is another space saver when it comes to home gyms. It mounts directly on a wall and, like the NordicTrack, does not require you to swap out any weights.

“Tonal is a sophisticated machine that is smaller than a flatscreen television, but provides one of the best full body workouts of any home gym thanks to its patented system. This home fitness machine offers up to 200 pounds of resistance that can be used with up to 200 moves,” writes Sports Illustrated.

And no need to worry about coming up with your own workout routines: “Sleek and high-tech, this modern version of a home gym will give you an effective, total-body workout. A particular feature we like is the large screen where you can watch expert-led programs that will guide you through multiple exercises,” writes Very Well Fit.

One thing to keep in mind as mentioned by Very Well Fit is that there are no live classes with Tonal. You will need to pay for a subscription with this home gym as is required of most smart home gym options.

3. Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer

If you’re looking for beef and bulk, here it is. This home gym is a squat rack, smith machine, and then some. It’s also not what you purchase if you’re looking to save on space or money.

“One thing this home gym is not short on is attachments — 29 come included, from pull-up bars to dual integrated 289-pound weight stacks. Force USA boasts that the G20 can replace 11 different machines, but that may be on the low side,” writes BarBend.

Garage Gym Reviews writes: “All in all, if you’re looking for a machine that can do multiple jobs and be used by up to three people at once, you won’t find much better than this.” And having a workout partner (or partners) is a great way to maintain accountability.

So, if you’re essentially looking for a full gym in a home gym package, this may be a good option to look into.

4. Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

Bowflex has become a trusted name for home gyms. Many of their products use patented Power Rods rather than cables and weight stacks. This set comes with 210lbs of resistance, and if that’s not enough you can upgrade it to 310lbs or even 410lbs.

The Home Gym notes that this Bowflex “provides access to over 70 strengthening exercises,” which is more than enough to get effective full body workouts. They also note that the power rods being similar to resistance bands make “it easy on the joints.” The joints can take a pounding with many types of resistance training, so if that’s a concern, then this may be worth considering.

If you’re worried that the Power Rods may not be as effective as other types of resistance, Gear Patrol can help alleviate that concern: “How do the Power Rods compare to real weights? Most agree they’re better and safer. The Rods deliver smooth resistance that increases during the lifting motion.” They too note that “this type of action can be easier on your joints than traditional free weights.”

5. TRX Pro4 Suspension Trainer

If you want versatility, it’ll be hard to beat a TRX. This may not be what you picture when you think of a home gym, but with this suspension system you can perform hundreds of exercises and stretches.

What’s better is that this takes up minimal space and you can travel with it. Most options come with a door anchor, which simply hooks over a door and then you close the door when using the trainer. They also sell anchor options that mount on walls, ceilings, or beams if a door doesn’t feel safe enough or allow enough space for certain exercises.

Of its versatility The Athletic Build writes, “you can set the PRO4 directly overhead or to a pole, tree trunk or beam and do hinges, rotations, planking, pulling and pushing in various difficulties.”

If you’re wondering if this can possibly cut it for workouts, Men’s Health writes, “there’s a reason half the gyms in America now stock some version of this suspension training system: It’s the ultimate body-weight workout. You’ll also save a ton of valuable floor space.” If most gyms are using them, you can bet it’s worth the small investment.

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