Best Of The Best Ice Cream Brands: Top 5 Frozen Favorites, According To Experts

There are few things better than popping open a pint of your favorite ice cream. With an almost endless number of flavors, there’s a different flavor for everyone. Whether you stick to the basics with vanilla and chocolate, or you’re trying something new like sweet potato almond crunch – you’re going to be delighted with your choice. The quality of the ice cream also depends on finding the best ice cream brands to keep in your freezer. Next time you are in the frozen section, you may want to consider picking up some of the ice cream options listed below.

Ice cream has become a staple in American homes throughout the country. In fact, a recent survey shows its status as the most-loved dessert among respondents (82%) – so much so that 68 percent claimed to have ice cream in their freezer “at all times.” It’s easy to keep for a long period of time, it’s delicious and sometimes it’s the perfect treat after a long day.

As of 2020, a lot of people are turning to comfort food more than ever, and that isn’t without merit. A new survey finds three in four Americans are eating more comfort food than ever before while avoiding the coronavirus. It’s good to enjoy something small to feel better about the stresses of everyday life. Even if you want to eat it every night, with the rise of low-calorie ice cream it’s possible to indulge in without affecting your waistline. 

Get your spoons ready and ditch the bowl, the top five best ice cream brands are out there and StudyFinds set out to do the research for you, visiting 10 expert websites. We put together this list of the best ice cream brands. If you’ve got your own suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

The List: Best Ice Cream Brands, Most Recommended By Dessert Connoisseurs

1. Häagen-Dazs

Despite its Polish name, this American-based ice cream company in New York is a highlight among ice cream lovers out there. It’s top of the list due to its robust flavor. “Häagen-Dazs ice cream is luxury at its finest. The company now offers a truly wide range of flavors, including an entire line of dairy-free ice cream that is sublime,” said The Daily Meal

It’s not a surprise that their ingredients are top-notch. “This renowned company has been providing outstanding ice cream for over six decades, and its menu comprises numerous delectable options. Furthermore, the manufacturers use only fresh, premium ingredients to make their ice cream,” remarked Oak and Rowan

Chiming in with similar sentiments, “Häagen-Dazs is one of the top brands in the country for a reason, and even though they have unique flavors, it’s their luxurious texture that they’re most known for,” says Restaurant Clicks

2. Talenti 

While technically considered a gelato, you’ll still find these see-through pints in the same frozen aisle at the grocery store. Despite the slight differences, they’re solidly at number two on the list. 

The difference doesn’t matter to Mashed, “But the two are similar enough, and often sold from the same freezer. And Talenti is delicious enough that we thought it deserved a place on this list.”

It’s a brand that was some worldwide appeal. “Talenti is one of the best ice cream brands out there for a number of reasons. First, it’s unique and comes from a lesser-known country. It’s from Germany, and it’s a favorite among ice cream fans in Europe,” says Think With Niche

You’ll find variety in the types of flavors offered. “You can opt for their fruit flavors for something refreshing or go for sweeter flavors such as Caramel Cookie Crunch – all made with premium ingredients like the other ice cream brands on this list,” said Small Business Trends.

3. Tillamook

Tillamook knows its way around the dairy counter as they excel in making cheese as well as making ice cream. Being experts in the dairy department, they’re known for their flavor. “Not only do they use only the best ingredients but they add a little extra cream. This creates the most decadent and irresistible texture that people keep coming back for,” said FoodForNet

Simply put, “we have Tillamook, which makes a darn good ice cream. Whether you want traditional ice cream or a more egg yolk-forward frozen custard, Tillamook is there for you,” says The Daily Meal

“Over the years, all its flavors have been delightful, and the ice cream is fluffy and creamy, which is quite a feat,” says Oak and Rowan.

4. Ben & Jerry’s

One of the oldest ice cream brands on the market, B&J’s are quite at home on the list and in the hearts of ice cream lovers everywhere. Ben & Jerry’s pioneered so many favorites and original flavors, like chocolate chip cookie dough, Netflix & Chilll’d (my favorite), and non-dairy delights like Chocolate Fudge Brownie,” says Restaurant Clicks

They’re known for their fun flavors and names. “The real magic of Ben & Jerry’s is that the flavors aren’t all those same basic favorites (though they haven’t neglected the basic flavors, either), they’re fun flavors with unconventional names, like ‘Half Baked,’ ‘Americone Dream,’ ‘Chunky Monkey,’ and ‘Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!'” says Mashed.

Think With Niche agrees with them, “Their classic flavors have stood the test of time and are such crowd-pleasers that even non-ice cream fans love them. When it comes to unique flavors, no one holds a candle to Ben & Jerry’s.”

5. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Based out of Ohio, this artisan creamery focuses on delicious ingredients and interesting flavors like Brambleberry Crisp, Golden Nectar, Brown Butter Almond Brittle, and more! 

This brand hits all the right notes. “They’ve managed to perfect a roster of imaginative flavors, ensuring that every component of every recipe is absolutely first-rate. And with their buttercream base, the texture is smooth enough to melt on your tongue,” said Dandelion and Chandelier

Despite its smaller availability, you can order them online. “While Jeni’s is a bit harder to find when compared to the other brands on this list, you are able to order them online or join the subscription service Pint Club which gives you 4 flavors every month,” said Whimsy and Spice

Tasting Table said, “Jeni’s ice cream is arguably one of the best ice cream brands available. They have many local ice cream shops across the country offering local delivery, but, you guessed it, they also offer nationwide shipping.”


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  1. “Häagen-Dazs” is pseudo Danish, not Polish. “The name was coined by the creator of the brand, who intended it to seem Danish to honour Denmark for aiding Jews during the Holocaust, but to be unique. The words have no meaning and Danish does not actually use the letter ä or the digraph zs.”

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