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Is your workout routine becoming too predictable? How about adding a jump rope into the mix. Whether you’re a beginner or you exercise regularly, jumping rope can help to build muscle strength. Plus, it’s a great form of cardio, which is beneficial for heart health. Some of the best jump ropes make for an addition to your workout that’s fun and effective.

Exercise in general is amazing for your health. A study from University College London Medical School says any kind of physical activity at any age leads to better brain function later in life. Researchers examined the strength of links between a series of cognitive tests at age 69 and that person’s reported leisure time activity at different times in their lives. Overall, study authors find that being physically active at all five time points leads to higher cognitive performance, verbal memory, and processing speed at the age of 69.

Jumping rope is the perfect way to implement some cardio into your workout. It’s also a fun way to work on high intensity interval training (HIIT). That being said, a study reveals that just 15 minutes of high-intensity exercise improves heart function. Even more reason to start jumping!

One more benefit of jumping rope? You can do it just about anywhere. No bulky equipment is necessary. So, which ones should you add to your fitness routine? StudyFinds compiled a list of the five best jump ropes to use, from ten expert websites and fitness reviews. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

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The List: Best Jump Ropes, According to Fitness Experts


1. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

For $17.99, if you feel the need for speed, check out this option from WOD. “That price point makes this rope an exceptional value before you even account for the fact that your purchase comes with two interchangeable cables and a carrying case,” writes Garage Gym Reviews.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope
WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

“This steel cable rope is only good for use indoors, as rough surfaces will wear it out. As such, it’s the perfect CrossFit rope, particularly because it’s designed using a patented, four-bearing system to spin fast enough for double- and even triple-unders,” according to Women’s Health.

Tech Gear Lab mentions that it “comes with an extra rope just in case you wear through one, or so you can keep two different lengths on hand. If style is your thing, WOD Nation will meet your needs — this one is available in nine different colors.”

One drawback? Some reviewers did note the handles can become slippery when sweating

2. Degol Ball Bearing Skipping Rope

How about an adjustable jump rope that isn’t expensive and reviewers love? Meet the Degol Ball Bearing Skipping Rope. 

Degol Ball Bearing Skipping Rope
Degol Ball Bearing Skipping Rope

“Featuring a braided steel wire rope coated in PVC (thermoplastic) with a ball-bearing system, this impressive rope offers smooth rotation and an exceedingly durable design that won’t crack or break under heavy use. Not only that, but you can quickly and easily adjust the length from 108 to 118 inches,” according to Byrdie.

“It has 6-inch long handles with memory foam grips, so you’re basically getting the best of speed and comfort for a palatable $9 price point,” adds Garage Gym Reviews.

According to Tech Gear Lab, “Also, we weren’t thrilled with the performance of the bearings on this model. During our spin timing test, the handles on the DEgoL barely spun for one second. Despite these flaws, we recommend the DEgoL for those shopping for a jump rope on a budget.”

3. Crossrope Get Lean Jump Rope Set

If a weighted jump rope is what you are looking for, here’s a solid option. However it’s pricey, starting at $119. “Crossrope reimagines the tried-and-true jump rope by offering multiple weighted rope options, an easy-to-use handle clipping system, and a companion app with workouts and insight,” according to Insider.

Crossrope Get Lean Jump Rope Set
Crossrope Get Lean Jump Rope Set

Sports Illustrated notes it features “a quarter-pound rope that is light and durable and a half-pound rope for extra intensity.” The set works with a companion app that connects via Bluetooth. Just note premium app access will cost an additional monthly fee.

“If you prefer a more slender plastic handle, it’s hard to top the Crossrope Get Lean performance,” writes Tech Gear Lab. ” The Crossrope sets itself apart from the rest with its quick-release interchangeable ¼ lb and ½ lb braided steel PVC coated ropes. The ¼ lb is excellent for cranking up your skipping speed, while the ½ lb is ideal for adding resistance to your workout routine.”

4. Tangram SmartRope Rookie

This smart rope can help to track your fitness goals and progress. The cost? $40. It comes in a few different colors too!

Tangram SmartRope Rookie
Tangram SmartRope Rookie

“The best part about the Tangram Rookie is the SmartRope app, available for iOS and Android. The app keeps track of the total revolutions you’ve completed, calories you’ve burned, and time you’ve jumped. Additionally, there are several interval programs to follow based on your experience level, which is helpful for anyone needing guidance or structure,” according to Tom’s Guide.

“Built-in LED lights display your number of jumps creating the illusion that the digits are floating in mid-air. It’s just the right amount of distraction to make you forget how much pain you’re in,” adds Men’s Health.

According to Garage Gym Reviews, “Aside from the smart features, the Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie is a pretty solid rope. It’s adjustable, but doesn’t require any cutting like most adjustable ropes. You simply thread it to your desired length through the handles. Anthony O’Reilly, a Garage Gym Reviews writer who tested this rope, said it worked for people of multiple heights and skill levels.”

Some reviewers note it’s a bit of a chore to set up the rope’s batteries. You’ll have to disassemble the handles to install them.

5. XYLsports Jump Rope

New to jumping rope for exercise? This option from XYLsports is a solid choice for beginners. Plus at $8.99, it also won’t hurt your wallet. “The rope is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and the handles are padded with foam. The length of the rope is 9 ft 8 inches (in), but a person can cut it to shorten it, should they wish to,” according to Medical News Today.

XYLsports Jump Rope
XYLsports Jump Rope

The New York Times adds the rope, “also proved the most durable on pavement during our testing, yet its slightly spongy texture promises not to sting shins too much if lashed by a missed jump.”

To put it simply, “the verdict pretty much came down to this: Nothing special, nothing bad. It’s just a jump rope. And it only costs about $10, so it’s a great pick for anyone who wants to try their hand(s) at jumping rope but isn’t sure they’ll stick to it,” writes Garage Gym Reviews.

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