Best Light Beers: Top 5 Golden, Refreshing Brews Most Recommended By Experts

Light beer — simply put, it’s the best thing since regular beer. They tend to pair well with tailgates and sporting events, barbecues, holiday parties, walks on the beach — really, just about anything, areweright? And though they might not have the complexity of a delicious IPA, beer drinkers alike tend to have their favorites. So we wanted to know what the experts viewed as the consensus best light beers, so we can rightfully applaud or pan their choices.

According to, “Light beer is a category thats defined as having a lower ABV (typically around 5 percent) and a lower amount of calories — or both — and its a category that includes a lot of pale, crisp lagers.” USA Today reports that the Top 2 best-selling beers of any kind in America are light beers Bud Light and Coors Light.

Beer drinkers may love to know that researchers at NOVA University in Lisbon, Portugal, report that beer boosts healthy bacteria that fend off diseases and infections, thanks to polyphenols (plant compounds found in hops, barley and yeast). And another study found that consuming a beer a day may help lower the risk of stroke and heart disease.

But, beer drinking should also come with a word of caution because studies about booze conflict. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania say drinking alcohol can cause harmful changes to the size and structure of the brain! This conclusion comes from a study involving more than 36,000 participants, and even one extra drink a day showed significantly faster brain aging.

That said, if you still want to know which light beers are the best, then you’ll want to read on. We searched for this very answer, checking out 10 websites for the five most-recommended light brews, which certainly may surprise you. Don’t forget to also check out our list of Best Craft Beers, According To Experts.

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The List: Top 5 Best Light Beers, According To Experts

1. Coors Light

Party approved, this popular brew is the first pick by the experts. 

“When you crack open a can of light beer, you expect a golden hue, some bubbles and a sippable flavor that might make you want to come back for another. That beer is Coors Light. Because this beer is well-balanced and light (each can has 102 calories and 5 grams of carbohydrates), you can bet that it’ll hit the spot with any guests you have at your patio party,” Taste of Home writes.

It’s edge above the rest? Flavor.

According to UPROXX, “In a world of flavorless light beers, Coors Light stands above the rest if only barely. It’s crisp, thirst-quenching, and slightly more balanced and complex than the other watery, light beers on this list. And that’s just enough to edge out all the competition in this blind tasting.” 

2. Night Shift Brewery Nite Lite Craft Light Lager

Heres a light beer you may not have heard of, and it’s a craft beer! recommends this one, saying, “Within the past decade, craft brewers around the country have hopped on the light lager bandwagon. While many of these beers came and went … Massachusetts’ Night Shift Brewing’s take on the trend is here to stay. At 4.3% ABV, Nite Lite is an effortlessly drinkable lager, with plenty of flavor and only 120 calories.”

Secret ingredient: real corn. 

“This beer uses barley and real corn to replicate the taste of a big brand lite beer, but even more delicious. The corn makes it super light and crisp, with a hint of sweetness,” Town & Country writes. 

3. Kona Light Blonde Ale 

So, a blonde walks into a bar… or in this case, fills your glass. But is it the right blonde? For Kona Brewing Company lovers, it just might be.

“Kona Light Blonde Ale epitomizes everything that light beer should be. Each 12-ounce can has 99 calories, 4 carbs, and an ABV of 4.2%. As for the taste, it’s like sipping on sunshine itself. Kona Light Blonde Ale is crisp and refreshing. The brewery adds a bit of mango to the mix, giving it a subtle tropical vibe. It’s one of those beers you can’t go wrong having in your fridge at all times,” according to Mashed.

Sipping sunshine? Makes sense it’s from Hawaii! 

Eat This, Not That! put it to the test: “This Hawaiian-born beer won our blind light beer taste test. Kona Light was the darkest in appearance of all brews sampled and it tasted like a lighter IPA — maybe a bit too much as it put off fans of a true light beer. With only 99 calories, this is a beer that has few rivals.” 

4. Miller Lite 

This well-recognized light beer can stand up to some competition. Wide Open Eats says, “It’s perfectly complex, and while the flavor profile isn’t as strong as IPAs out there, it certainly holds its own. Factor in that it’s a lite beer and that statement matters even more. It has a simple and familiar flavor profile.”

“There are times when you have to stay true to a tested and trusted beer. When it comes to Orthodox light beer, Miller Lite is it. Despite solid competition in the light beer industry, Miller Lite remains king. It remains one of the finest beers around,” Restaurant Clicks writes.

Despite competition, it’s king?! Get the crown for No. 4 on the list, please.

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5. Heineken Light

Rounding out the list of the top expert-recommended beers is Heineken Light. 

“Heineken Light maintains the flavors we’ve come to know in the original — clean, fruity and slightly sweet — with a lighter feel and fewer calories. It has just the right amount of earthiness that adds a layer of sophistication without adding heaviness. Our testers loved the subtle malt flavor and light bitterness,” Good Housekeeping writes.

Brew Zen Master also recommends it as a solid choice: “With a refreshingly crisp finish and solid carbonation, Heineken is one of the more solid choices on this list. As an import, however, it’s price can be a little more expensive than some of the other domestic choices.” 

What’s your favorite light beer? Let us know in the comments below.

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