Best Mattresses For 2023: Top 4 Recommended By Expert Websites

Sleep might just be the most important part of the day for humans. After all, we spend approximately a third of our lives doing it, and many health professionals consider sleep one of the fundamental building blocks of our overall health. It’s certainly why millions of people have turned to Google to search for the best mattress when buying a new bed.

Research indicates that sleep is more than just getting some shut-eye after the sun goes down. It’s vital to several aspects of our well-being, including decreased risk of dementia, heart disease, obesity and mental health problems. And yes, having the best mattress for your sleep needs can certainly help keep you health.

One recent study finds that an astonishing 90 percent of people aren’t getting the quality of sleep they need, raising the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. Equally as important, sleep affects our mental health and physical fitness. Researchers from UC Berkeley discovered that even an hour of sleep deprivation causes people to withdraw from helping others, making us less empathetic. Another study from the University of Chicago Medicine indicates that getting more rest may even lower a person’s appetite by up to 500 calories a day, decreasing the risk of obesity, one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. 

However, getting a good night’s sleep is no easy feat. As much as the majority of people would love to sleep better, it takes time, commitment, and the right conditions. While we don’t always have control over when we sleep, we do have a say in how we sleep, which is why shopping for the best mattress that helps aid sleep seems non-negotiable.

StudyFinds hopes to make this process easier for consumers by pointing to the best mattresses on the market, as rated by the experts. We visited eight leading mattress-testing websites to see which products were rated the highest. Our list is ranked based on the most-recommended mattresses across these sites.

The List: Best Mattresses, According To Experts

1. The Casper ($625 – $1700)

Experts agree that the Casper Mattress fits the bill for many people’s top sleep needs, including memory foam, breathability, and pressure relief. The mattress allows for easy movement and position changes, making it ideal for those who don’t always sleep in the same position. 

“This mattress could be a good fit for folks who are struggling with back pain as it strikes a satisfying balance between pressure relief and support,” an expert from Sleepopolis notes. 

The Casper may also be a good fit for those who are looking to beat the heat during those restless summer nights, or for those who live in a warmer climate. “The top foam layer of this mattress also has perforations– small holes that add to its breathability,” U.S. News says. “These two cooling features make this mattress a good option for hot sleepers.”

“Overall, the Casper is a comfortable, supportive, and durable online mattress that deserves its spot at the top of the bed in a box market,” Mattress Clarity concludes.

Casper Queen Bed ($625)
Casper Hybrid King Bed ($1,700)

2. Helix ($899 – $1,100)

The Helix line of mattresses is a great option for those looking for customization, with the company offering six models based on weight and sleep position preferences. Each model is also available in a “luxe” version, adding a zoned lumbar support to enhance better spinal alignment.

“Helix’s large menu is built on the idea that sleep position alone doesn’t dictate your firmness choices—personal preference counts, too,” a New York Times review reads.

Pressure relief is another key selling point for the Helix mattresses. “The foam allows sleepers to sink in for deep cradling, which helps take some of the pressure off key areas like the shoulders and hips,” a review from The Sleep Foundation notes.

“Across the board, there wasn’t an area that the Helix performed poorly in, which is pretty impressive if you ask us,” Mattress Advisor says. “Plus, it’s one of the best bed-in-box mattresses that we’ve tested.” 

Helix Queen Mattress ($899)

3. Saatva ($1,770)

Unlike many hybrid mattresses, the Saatva is a highly-reviewed innerspring mattress. The model is available in three firmness levels, and between the pocketed coils and dreamy soft mattress topper, it’s a fan-favorite.

“The Saatva’s edges are reinforced with high-density foam, so you will feel comfortable no matter where you lie on the mattress,” a review from Mattress Nerd notes. “These edges are sturdy enough to sit on when reading a book or tying your shoes.”

The Saatva is also rated highly in ease of movement. “While these materials conform to the sleeper’s body, they tend to regain their shape more quickly than memory foam,” The Sleep Foundation review explains. “This reduces the likelihood of the sleeper experiencing the ‘trapped in the bed’ feeling sometimes associated with memory foam comfort layers.”

The New York Times even took the bed for a test run, and it got their seal of approval: “As for the home test, I looked forward to sleeping in this bed every night,” their reviewer wrote.”I don’t like an overly billowy bed, so I appreciated that the Classic’s Euro top offered what felt to me like just the right amount of cuddle.” 

4. DreamCloud ($1,600)

If you’re all about comfort, look no further than the DreamCloud mattress. This mattress is known for its medium-firm balance of support, and its lush breathable cashmere-blend cover. It’s reviewed as one of the best models for those looking for the perfect balance between support and softness. 

Even though this hybrid mattress contains memory foam, it doesn’t feel like other traditional memory-foam mattresses that I’ve tested,” a review from CNET reads. 

“Though standard memory foam is known for trapping body heat, the DreamCloud is a good pick for hot sleepers because it uses gel-infused foam to counter this problem,” U.S. News reports. “Plus, the mattress’s coils promote airflow to keep sleepers cool.”

The DreamCloud is also well-reviewed for having a true hybrid feel. “The further you sink into the mattress, the more you notice the support of the coil layer. We feel more ‘on top’ of this mattress than hugged by it,” Mattress Nerds notes.

DreamCloud Queen Mattress ($899)

YouTube video

*All prices are a rough market estimate, based on a queen size mattress.


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