Best Mattresses: Top 5 Brands Most Recommended By Sleep Experts

As much as the majority of people would love to sleep better, it takes time, commitment, and the right conditions. While we don’t always have control over when we sleep, we do have a say in how we sleep, which is why shopping for the best mattresses to help aid sleep seems non-negotiable. There are plenty of benefits to achieving a top-notch rest, so why not set yourself up for success?

A good night’s sleep is the foundation for a great day, a sharp mind, and a healthy body. As researchers says, it’s also restorative and rejuvenating, and the perfect time for reorganization. A new study finds that each night as we rest, our brains strengthen the neural connections that store important information, while weakening the ones that store unimportant information. Researchers used mice to investigate the mechanisms the brain uses to order and store memory during the slow wave sleep phase — the third phase of sleep that is generally the deepest and most restful, without rapid-eye movement. The team stimulated the neuron connections of the mice given a type of anesthesia that brings their brains to a state similar to slow wave sleep in humans. They found that the largest neuronal connections are maintained by the brain, while the smaller ones are left to die. The brain also allows for the storage of different types of information on a day-to-day basis without losing previously stored data. The result is stronger, more consolidated memories.

Sleep, it turns out, plays a major role in the effective storage of our memories. But it doesn’t end there. A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of São Paulo in Brazil found that a lack of sleep can affect our gait (or walking style). During an experiment with student volunteers, the team found that overall, the less sleep the students got, the less control they had when walking during a treadmill test. Researchers from Uppsala University highlight a similar problem, suggesting that heart problems while working out could also be a sign your body needs more sleep. Regular exercise can reduce your overall risk of developing heart disease, but not sleeping for the recommended seven to nine hours could counteract these effects in the long run.

There’s no shortage of reasons to prioritize a good night of sleep. But if you don’t have a comfortable and supportive mattress to get some shuteye on, it can dramatically impact your overall wellness. If you’ve ever gone to a hotel with an uncomfortable mattress, you know exactly how important it can be to choose your bed wisely. Still, it can be hard to wade through the countless options to find the mattress that’s a great fit for you. That’s why StudyFinds scoured expert reviews to find the best mattresses for all kinds of sleepers. This list includes the most frequently recommended mattresses, but if you have a favorite we need to hear about, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Bare mattress
Mattress (Photo by Kathyryn Tripp on Unsplash)

The List: Best Mattresses, According to Experts

1. Saatva Classic

If you sleep with the air conditioner set to low and the fan on high, you’ll love the cool slumber the Saatva Classic offers. Unlike 100% memory foam options, this mattress is built to keep you comfortable and cool all night long. “The hybrid design of the flagship Saatva Classic allows for more airflow than all-foam models to keep night sweats at bay,” explains Forbes. “The combination of springs and foam will also offer plenty of body-contouring support, especially with a Lumbar Zone that keeps your body aligned and provides extra pressure relief in the middle of your back.”

white mattress by the ocean
Saatva Classic (

“Over 100 reviewers on our panel gave it top ratings for comfort, support and overall sleep quality. It also received rave reviews for its customer service, from the ease of ordering and in-home set up to quickly resolving any issues that came up during the process,” adds Good Housekeeping. “Users told us it sleeps cooler, feels firmer and offers more edge support than memory foam mattresses. One described it as ‘firm, but not hard’ while another said it’s ‘comfortable and just the right amount of plush.’ Some praised it for being ‘the best mattress ever,’ and said it led to ‘the best sleep I’ve ever had.'”

For a mattress that truly offers the best of both worlds, the Saatva Classic delivers. “The Saatva Classic blends the superior support of traditional innersprings with the enhanced comfort and sophisticated features of modern hybrid mattresses. The result is a luxurious Euro-top design that alleviated pressure points during testing without sacrificing sturdiness or temperature regulation,” says Sleep Foundation

2. Nectar Memory-Foam Mattress

Any mattress shopper in the past few years has definitely come across the Nectar. As a plush and affordable memory foam model that can be delivered straight to your front door in a box, it’s no shock that the brand has skyrocketed in popularity. “The Nectar is a stellar example of a high-quality mattress that won’t break the bank,” says Sleep Foundation. “Nectar Sleep also offers other perks if you’re shopping on a budget, such as a generous sleep trial and hassle-free warranty coverage for as long as you own the mattress.”

grey and white bed in decorated tan bedroom
Nectar Memory Foam Queen Mattress

“At the top of the Nectar you’ll find a three-inch layer of memory foam, which gives this mattress that classic memory foam ‘hug’ feel,” explains Tom’s Guide. “You sink gently into it and the mattress contours to your body as you sleep, providing tailored pressure relief around your shoulders, hips and back, and helping align your spine. The slow-moving sleep surface absorbs movements impressively well, which many find ultra-soothing.”

It’s a great budget option, and also a safe choice for sleepers that need to feel it to believe it. “Shoppers looking for a good value might appreciate that the Nectar costs $1,000 for a queen size and comes with both a 365-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty. Nectar also typically includes a free accessories bundle with each mattress purchase,” adds US News

3. Helix Midnight

Another popular choice among online shoppers, the Helix Midnight is a great pick for sleepers who want support and comfort in one easy package. This hybrid mattress blends memory foam comfort with traditional coils for support. “Well-rounded performance, quality construction, and affordable pricing put the Helix Midnight at the top of our best mattress picks,” claims Sleep Foundation. “We attribute these qualities to the bed’s mid-range firmness, which hits the sweet spot between plush and firm, and a memory foam hybrid construction that earned above-average marks from our testers for pressure relief, motion isolation, breathability, and overall support.” 

person in jeans sleeping on white and wood bed
Helix Midnight (

“The Helix Midnight is a competitively priced hybrid mattress that delivers the comfort and support of a more expensive model. The USP here is that the Midnight has been specifically designed for side sleepers, and based on our tests, we’d agree that this is an excellent choice for those who prefer that position,” says Tom’s Guide. “When lying on your side, you need a mattress that’ll relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips. The Midnight includes soothing foams to hug your body and cushion your joints, alongside individual coils to provide extra support, and limit motion transfer.”

But if you’re not a side sleeper, fear not.”The Helix Midnight is recommended for side sleepers thanks to the pressure relief from its top layer, but should also provide enough support for back sleepers,” adds U.S. News. “The middle layer of polyfoam and the coils add responsiveness to the mattress, a quality that allows combination sleepers to switch positions easily.”

4. WinkBed

The WinkBed offers another hybrid option for sleepers that prefer the benefits of traditional and memory foam mattresses in one. And this specific model offers an extra dose of high-end comfort.”The WinkBeds Original mattress is a favorite among luxury hotels, and has a number of cutting-edge features designed to help you sleep comfortably,” boasts Tom’s Guide. “Based on our review, we recommend this hybrid mattress as an excellent option for anyone with back, hip or shoulder pain.”

WinkBed (

“The WinkBed starts with a quilted Euro top containing gel-infused foam to relieve pressure, disperse body heat, and reduce motion transfer,” explains U.S. News. “Depending on the firmness level you select, the mattress is topped with either three or two layers of foam. Beneath the foam layers are pocketed coils. They are zoned to lift and support your back while cradling other parts of your body.”

You won’t have to worry about this bed being too firm or too soft. As Goldilocks says, it’s just right. “A layer of base coils—including firm ones around the perimeter—gives the WinkBed some bounciness and robust edge support. And the thick polyfoam pillow top loosely cradles without feeling sticky or sinky,” adds NY Times

5. Avocado Green Mattress

For the eco-conscious shopper, there’s no better option than Avocado Green. This mattress is constructed with quality materials that’ll allow you to sleep soundly knowing they’re all earth-friendly and safe. “Latex is a popular alternative to memory foam since it sleeps cooler, is naturally hypoallergenic and is generally better for the environment when it comes to emissions,” explains Forbes. “The Avocado Green is a hybrid model featuring sustainably-sourced Dunlop latex, organic wool and organic cotton—all 100% GOTS certified.”

Avocado Green Mattress
Avocado Green Mattress (

“This mattress proves you don’t need to sacrifice performance for an organic mattress. Users told us they love sleeping on it and said it keeps their body weight evenly distributed,” says Good Housekeeping. “As one of our reviewers put it, ‘I like that it’s made of organic and natural materials, that it’s extremely comfortable, and that it’s held up even after years.”

Great for those who enjoy sleeping in various positions, the Avocado Green offers both comfort and support. “The combination of coils and latex gives the Avocado support and bounce, so you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on top of the mattress rather than in it. This also makes it a good fit for combination sleepers who switch positions throughout the night,” adds U.S. News

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