Best Menorahs To Light Up Your Hanukkah In 2022: Top 5 Most Recommended By Experts

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes some time-honored traditions. Hanukkah is the Jewish celebration known as “the festival of lights” The word Hanukkah, also spelled Chanukah means “dedication” in Hebrew. It’s one of the happiest holidays celebrated by the Jewish people, and signifies the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Of course, many children won’t hesitate to tell you that it’s also the very best holiday of all — thanks to the traditional eight nights of gifts following the lighting of the menorah.

The menorah is the centerpiece of the holiday, and means “lamp” in Hebrew.  Families gather nightly over an eight-day period to light menorah candles, say prayers, play dreidel games, give gifts, and eat. 

Many still use traditional menorahs to celebrate, but new types have also gained popularity over time. If you’re looking for a menorah that matches your personal style and decor, there are many modern varieties that will do just that.

So that got us thinking, what are some of the best menorahs on the market? StudyFinds compiled a list of the five most recommended menorahs from ten expert websites, to find the best menorahs. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

The List: The Best Menorahs, Top 5 According to Expert Reviews

1. Areaware Cast Iron Menorah

If you are looking for a bold, dramatic style, check out the Areaware Cast Iron Menorah.

House Beautiful calls it “the kind of menorah that works double-duty as a religious symbol and an eye-catching sculpture. After all, it is made of heavy-duty cast iron and commands a room with its matte black coloring.”

“Unlike other menorahs, this style features a built-in tray at the unit’s base. The tray, paired with the model’s heavy material, makes for a sturdy menorah. Plus, The tray can serve as a holder for used matches and will catch dripping wax, so it won’t get on your countertop,” adds Better Homes & Gardens.

It also made Design Milk’s list of ‘30 Modern Menorahs To Light Up Your Hanukkah’.

2. Laura Cowan “Building Bridges” Menorah

This one is as unique as it is eye-catching. “The magnetic menorah allows you to rearrange the candle holders, so it’s like having a new style each year,” according to Better Homes & Gardens.

Judaica webstore notes, “Another unique, interactive piece from Israeli artist Laura Cowan is this beautiful, polished metal menorah. Titled “Building Bridges,” it symbolizes the bridging of beliefs and understanding to create tolerance and connection – a beautiful message for the holiday season!” 

3. Ascalon Menorah

Designed by Brad Ascalon, it made House Beautiful’s ‘most splurge-worthy’ list, adding, “This menorah may be on the expensive side of the price scale, but that’s because it’s made of solid Carrera marble. Not to mention, it’s part of the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History’s permanent collection.”

According to Architectural Digest, “Its diagonal plane isn’t just chic—it’s also symbolic, intentionally angled at 18 degrees, a holy number in Judaism that represents chai, which means “life” in Hebrew.”

4.  Trace Chanukiah by Via Maris

If you are looking to walk the line between modern and traditional, this design could strike just the right balance.  It comes in six different colors too.

Voted ‘Best Overall’ by MyDomaine, which notes, “Via Maris was founded with the intention of bringing modern Jewish objects to the market, and the brand’s Trace Chanukiah is proof of just that. The minimal style is the ideal balance of ancient tradition and modern design, and is sure to shine bright in any home.”

While Architectural Digest points out, “A distinct departure from the classic gold-plated or brass menorah, the Via Maris Trace menorah is made with powder-coated steel. The brand aims to redesign Judaica for the 21st century using a pared-down approach and largely industrial materials.”

5.  The Dreidel Company Tree Of Life Menorah

If you are leaning more towards a classic look, The Dreidel Company Tree Of Life Menorah made Best Reviews ‘Best Menorahs’ list, calling it a “traditional option with 9 branches for premium quality.”

PopSugar adds, “If you’re on the hunt for a unique menorah, The Dreidel Company Menorah Tree of Life ($50) is something you should consider if you’re into that antique look. It has stunning branches and leaves to bring a natural element to the design.”

Honorable Mention: Aviv Judaica Brushed Stainless Steel Electric Menorah

If you don’t want the candle wax cleanup, an electric menorah is a solid option. 

 “This architecturally impressive menorah features candle tapers that seem to pierce through the arch at its base. Each bulb has an individual switch at the back, which lets it flicker vibrantly for each night of the Festival of Lights,” according to Country Living

While Best Products notes, “The tapered flames are a fun shape that isn’t seen in many electric menorahs, and that really sets it apart.”

Happy Hanukkah!


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