Best Menorahs For Hanukkah In 2023: Top 7 Most Recommended By Experts

If you observe the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, you likely have the annual tradition of retrieving a menorah from a cabinet and cleaning off the wax. However, today’s menorahs, or “Hanukkiot,” have evolved beyond seasonal use. The best Hannukah menorahs are so aesthetically pleasing that they can be showcased as decorative items on your shelves throughout the year, not just during the festival of lights. They also make great year-round gifts for weddings and bar or bat mitzvahs.

The eight-day holiday commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple and the miracle of the oil. It was only enough for one day, but lasted eight days. Jews celebrate the miracle by lighting the menorah, playing games, savoring fried potato latkes, and exchanging gifts. The Hanukkah menorah, the center of the celebration, is known for its nine branches, with one typically set apart from the others for the “shamash” (the helper or attendant candle), used to light the other eight candles.

As we embrace the holiday traditions, there is also the gift-giving aspect. If you’re struggling to buy Hanukkah presents for your kids this year, don’t spend too much time worrying about it. A recent study found most kids are happy to receive money instead of physical presents. While it may seem impersonal — children love cash, digital currency, or gift cards, so they can buy what they want.

While electric and battery-operated menorahs have become more popular recently, it’s not usual for families to light several traditional menorahs, especially if children want to light their own. Where can you find the most beautiful menorahs to display year-round? We did the research and have compiled a list of the top seven best Hanukkah menorahs that stand out for their design and elegance. Did you find one we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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The List: Best Hanukkah Menorahs, According to Experts


1. Via Maris Trace Menorah

The first menorah on our list offers an elegant take on tradition. CBS News writes, “This is not your bubbe’s menorah!” The news outlet reports, “It’s an elegant option with removable cups that are easy to clean.”

Via Maris Trace Menorah
Via Maris Trace Menorah (

Architectural Digest agrees, writing, “A distinct departure from the classic gold-plated or solid brass menorah, the Via Maris Trace menorah is made with powder-coated steel. The brand aims to redesign Judaica for the 21st century using a pared-down approach and largely industrial materials.” It also comes in several different colors.

Better Homes & Gardens adds, “The curbed base offers steady support to the unit, so you won’t have to worry about leaving it unattended while the candles are lit. Plus, it’s specifically designed in a way that makes it easy to hold and move candles throughout, so you can safely use it.”

2. Michael Aram Twist Menorah

You can get this menorah from Michael Aram in a gold or silver finish. Better Homes & Gardens says, “This Michael Aram menorah offers a traditional look with a twist—literally. The silver design features a twisted base that adds visual interest to an otherwise minimal design. The menorah is a bit of an investment in comparison to other styles. However, the nickel plate design has a timeless style you’ll want to hold onto for years to come.”

Michael Aram Twist Menorah
Michael Aram Twist Menorah (

According to Elle Decor, “Designer Michael Aram creates some of the prettiest menorahs around. We love the classic but modern styling of this version.”

“Michael Aram always makes stunning metal pieces inspired by nature and this menorah is no exception,” writes HGTV. “This menorah with a twisted base is modern but can truly fit into any home aesthetic for years to come.”

3. West Elm Glass Menorah

This is one of the most popular options out there. Better Homes & Gardens writes, “This West Elm Menorah is one of the best menorahs to consider thanks to its minimal design that’ll work in with just about any interior design style. The linear design is made of crystal glass and is totally transparent, so you’ll see the stems of each candle. It’s worth noting that the transparent design may show scratches and fingerprints more easily than some other styles.”

West Elm Glass Menorah
West Elm Glass Menorah (

“Sleek and minimalist, this handsome glass Hanukkah menorah from West Elm allows your candlesticks to do the talking,” says Architectural Digest. “Keep it simple with classic white ones, or bring in pops of color. The vessel’s block style is great for any contemporary home.”

CNN states, “West Elm’s elegant glass menorah will make your candles look almost like they’re floating in midair.”

4. MacKenzie-Childs

Experts like a few different designs from MacKenzie-Childs. Town & Country specifically raves about the Courtly Check Ceramic Menorah. Why? “A MacKenzie-Childs hand-painted menorah will add some whimsy to your festival of lights.”

Courtly Check Ceramic Menorah
MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Ceramic Menorah (

Another similar design is the Courtly Classic Menorah. “MacKenzie-Childs’ “tradition with a twist” designs are stunning and stately, but not stuffy,” writes Architectural Digest. “It’s accented with a gold border and candle cups. Outside of the holiday, it makes a beautiful piece of decor for a living room bookshelf.”

Elle Decor also loves the Courtly Classic design. “Hanukkah celebrations are always fun, so why not have a menorah with the same festive spirit? This harlequin-inspired model from MacKenzie-Childs will get the party started.”

5. Pretti.Cool Menorah

According to CBS News, “This modern-looking menorah was created by the Texas-based artist collective Pretti.Cool. It’s made with a lightweight concrete blend, and hand-cast from custom-made rubber molds. It’s available in three colors.”

Pretti.Cool Menorah
Pretti.Cool Menorah (

Elle Decor says, “This striking candelabra is hand-cast in terrazzo concrete in a vibrant shade of blue.”

You can also get them from West Elm. “West Elm is a surprisingly good spot for modern menorahs,” according to Hunker. “This model is designed and hand cast in Houston, Texas.”

6. Jonathan Adler

This menorah has gone to the dogs! Elle Design recommends the Jonathan Adler Daschund design. Why? “If there is a current king of menorah design, it has to be Jonathan Adler, the New York ceramist whose holiday versions of the candelabra include his adorable dachshund. Anyone is sure to light up the Festival of Lights!”

Jonathan Adler Daschund menorah
Jonathan Adler Daschund menorah

Better Homes & Gardens likes the elephant version of this menorah. “The menorah is fairly compact, so it won’t take up too much space on a countertop or in a cabinet when you have to store it. It’s only offered in white, so you can use multicolored candles to make it even more fun.”

“Jonathan Adler has managed to design animal menorahs that feel so minimalist and elegant that they already feel like a Hanukkah classic,” according to Kveller.

7. Apeloig Modern Lucite Menorah

If you want to skip the candles and go with real oil, this is the menorah to buy. Elle Decor says, “For the old-school Hanukkah experience, skip the messy wax spills and try an oil menorah, which works with pre-filled oil cup candles. This eye-catching acrylic model comes in a variety of translucent colors. And when the holiday is over, it works just as well as a flower holder—just fill the openings with water and insert blooms.”

Apeloig Modern Lucite Menorah
Apeloig Modern Lucite Multicolor Menorah (

“This Apeloig design is the best menorah to consider if you prefer a unique, versatile style,” according to Better Homes & Gardens. “The modern, acrylic menorah is offered in two colors and can even be used as decor beyond the holiday season. With this menorah, you’ll be able to choose between either a vibrant, multicolor option or a neutral, smokey style. Unlike some other styles, this pick uses oil cup candles, so you’ll need to make sure you have those on hand for the holiday.”

Town & Country writes, “A chic acrylic oil menorah for those who favor a more traditional hanukkiah.”

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