Best Men’s Hairstyles In 2023: Top 5 Looks Most Recommended By Experts

Every man wants to look smart and composed while dressing up for an occasion. Many elements go into getting that perfect look. A hairstyle is a significant element that adds charm to your entire appearance. Choosing the best men’s hairstyle for you can be problematic depending on your personal style.

The hair on your head can be a determining factor in your confidence. If you’re someone who likes to sport facial hair, this may be something that defines you, too. A recent study of 2,000 Americans reveals 75 percent of male respondents say they feel much more confident with some facial hair. Both beards and hairstyles can be designed to suit your face shape and personal flare.

Hairstyles also come and go with time. Were you among those who claimed “business in the front and party in the back?” In a recent study of 2,000 men, 20 percent said that if they could bring one popular hairstyle from a bygone decade back into fashion, it would be the classic ’80s mullet. I’m sure many are cringing, but hey, to each their own.

Whether you want to revive the ghosts of hairdo’s past or try out something new, we’ve got you covered. StudyFinds has put together a list of the top five best men’s hairstyles after reviewing 10 expert opinions. Let us know in the comments what hairstyle you have your eye on!

The List: Best Men’s Hairstyles, According to Experts

1. The Pompadour

Pouted says this do has longevity: “The Pompadour is a hairstyle that took the next trend by storm and will stay on the scene. The pompadour has declared itself as the popular haircut that suits every profession and all generations, despite slight differences. The roots of the popular haircut are traced back to France as it is named after Madame de Pompadour, who was King Louis XV mistress, as the first to have the haircut. A typical pompadour is marked with short sides, with the top hair drifted upwards and backward. Anyways, as the years pass, the look has been in and out, but with slight differences that make it more multi-faceted as there will always be a pompadour that one can keep while taking their face shape and skin tone into account.”

“The classic pompadour hairstyle is all about volume and features longer hair in the front of the head, which is brushed upwards for a swept-back appearance. The sides and back are kept short and sleek, creating an interesting contrast between this and the top of the hair,” writes The Trend Spotter. “The cut is neat and structured but still plays up proportions. This is a timeless and classic hairstyle that has been popular since the 50s, but these days it can be adapted and can benefit from modern styling. For example, you could include a high fade or keep the pompadour shorter and less dramatic.”

“Consider it the formal quiff with plenty of retro underpinnings. Although your barber needs to cut your hair in advance, the styling’s up to you. These days, it’s one way to style long hair without going the modern Grunge rocker route, and offers a more office-appropriate solution if you’re looking to experiment with length,” adds Dapper Confidential

“The famous pompadour look, you probably recognized on Elvis Presley, is when the hair is styled into a high mound front. Also, known as textured hair, this cut requires a swept up voluminous look and is very similar to the fade and undercut style,” writes Premier Barber Institute

man in black suit jacket
The Pompadour (Photo by Bojan Dubov)

2. Caeser Cut

The Trend Spotter thinks this cut is classic and suitable for all ages. “It is defined by being relatively the same length throughout, including the top, back and sides. The style also features a short fringe, which can create a slight contrast. That said, it can be adapted to suit your hair texture, and you can experiment with various lengths and fringes. For a low-maintenance option, it would be to cut it short. If you are a man who wants a modern twist on a classic cut, add a taper fade or undercut.”

The Adult Man notes that Drake and George Clooney have been known to sport this style. “It’s also easy to care for, so if you’re not big on intensive grooming, this is a good option. The Caesar cut is named after Julius Caesar, and it lives up to its namesake: It’s a powerful cut that evokes a sense of dominance even as it projects a carefree attitude–both highly attractive traits. Most barbers will be very familiar with the Caesar. It’s preferred by many men precisely because it’s such a great look with very little maintenance. Unlike some of the other trending men’s hairstyles, it’s easy to style with little need for touch-ups.”

“Let’s take a trip back to 1999 – but don’t frost those tips just yet. A Caesar’s keeps things simple in the styling and maintenance departments. And, as the 90s and early aughts fashion trends are back in full swing, it seems like the right time to bring back this quintessentially late-90s do,” states Dapper Confidential. 

3. Undercut Hairstyle

Man Of Many describes it as shorter on top and longer on the sides: “That’s the essence of a classic undercut, which works with various styles of men’s hair (curly, wavy, straight, etc). You can sculpt the top hair as you see fit, slicking it back or spiking it up or anything in between. From a general perspective, there are two overarching types of men’s undercuts: disconnected and faded. If you’ve seen Cillian Murphy’s handsome hairstyle in ‘Peaky Blinders,’ then you know all about the disconnected undercut. It’s distinguished by a sharp contrast or clear divide between the shorter and longer hair.”

“This classic men’s haircut is achieved by using clippers to buzz the sides and the back. The art of the cut is not to take the shave too high, otherwise, you run the risk of ending up with a disconnected variation,” writes Boss Hunting. “The undercut can be a demanding cut to style depending on hair length. Whichever styling products you use, it’s essential to wash out the product at least once a week and give your hair – particularly top hair – a good nourishing treatment. The style suits a round face best as the clipped sides make the top hair a feature, elongating the face.”

“Undercuts may seem intimidating and a little risky on the surface. However, if the style is cut well, it’s a real head turn-on,” says The Vou

man standing against brown wall
The undercut (Photo by Jonas Svidras on Unsplash)

4. Ivy League

Boss Hunting describes this as a mix between the classic crew cut with a side part and side hair that gradually tapers from top to bottom. “The Ivy League is a popular style because it is also easy to vary. While some may think of it as the archetypal ‘boy next door’ cut, it’s still possible to find an edge and a sense of individuality with it. All it takes to get this look ready is a little product and 5 minutes of your time when your hair is damp. Pomade, gel and mousse all work for this cut. The Ivy League works well for those with defined facial features such as high cheekbones and a strong jawline. Round and oval faces can also sport this look. The look suits all age groups and most hair types including thinning, and receding hair.”

“If you are thinking, ‘All these hairstyles are great and all, but I just need something simple.’ Well, how about the Ivy League haircut? Simple, straightforward, and polished, the Ivy League – named after the Ivy League universities in the US, renowned for their preppiness,” adds Dmarge. “The Ivy League men’s haircut is incredibly simple to style, as it only requires a small amount of product applied to towel-dried hair and, as long as you have the length of the hair on top right, there’s really no right and wrong when it comes to the final look.”

“It creates a polished and traditionally masculine appearance and is a low-maintenance cut, easy to wear, and involves little styling time. The Ivy League can be worn with hair of all textures and adapted to suit your preference; this includes adding a fade, undercut, or side part,” mentions The Trend Spotter

5. The French Crop

Dmarge says this stylish cut is timeless: “Featuring a cropped fringe and being a prime candidate for pairing with a range of fade hairstyles, such as the taper fade or skin fade, this style offers an excellent option for guys who want to look elegant but don’t have the time to commit to hairstyling and maintenance. The French crop haircut has become such a popular haircut for men due to its versatility, as it can work for virtually everyone, regardless of face shape.”

“The white T-shirt of haircuts, the French crop is a style that suits most face shapes but is particularly ideal for men going thinner on top. Since you’re taking the hair forward slightly here, leaving length in the fringe can help to cover any receding patches,” says Fashion Beans. “It’s a style perfect for someone in and out of the gym or swimming pool, as you can wear it without any styling product, just letting it fall naturally into place. If, however, you do want to use product, try a little hairspray, as the French crop is one of those men’s haircuts that’s meant to be left natural. The upkeep with this cut isn’t in styling but in making a point of getting it trimmed every three or so weeks.”

“The French crop is a simple men’s haircut, but its defining feature is the fringe. Fringes are a fantastic addition to any hairstyle because they can make it interesting, transform your face, and highlight your features. The length on the top, back, and sides should all be relatively the same length, while the fringe is longer, which creates a contrast. It can be adapted to suit your style and face shape and various hair textures and types. It can also be styled differently; you can have fun with how you want your fringe to look. For example, a blunt cut instead of a choppy one,” notes The Trend Spotter

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