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While you might consider socks to be something that doesn’t require much thought, they are a staple in your everyday wardrobe. The comfort and fit of socks change the comfort and fit of your shoes. It might be time to throw away the holey socks that have been in your top drawer for over a decade. Some of the best men’s socks provide support, warmth, and breathability.

Socks do more than just cover your feet. They can actually affect your exercise routine. In fact, a recent study shows that compression socks might be hurting your performance. New research suggests there is a lack of scientific evidence that supports claims that these socks help people run better. Instead, authors found that the tight fabric reduced the oxygen a runner’s lower leg muscles receive.

The reason you may have 10 or more pairs of ripped, loose, and unmatched socks in your dresser could be from how you do your laundry. Researchers from the University of Leeds say using a colder and shorter wash cycle to clean your clothes will keep the colors from running and also stop their fibers from breaking apart. The study adds that hundreds of thousands of tiny microfibers break off your clothes every time they’re washed. Those fibers end up in the waste water, which gets flushed, and can find their way to local beaches and oceans. That being said, using a cold cycle will save your socks from breaking apart and help the environment.

Laundry methods aside, the comfort of good socks is important for all of us, especially enthusiasts who love to walk, jog, travel, or run. But finding a perfect pair that fits most appropriately is tiresome, so we’ve made the job easier for you. StudyFinds has out together a list of the five best men’s socks after going through 13 expert websites and reviews. Let us know which pair of socks you are eyeing!

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The List: Best Men’s Socks, According to Experts


1. Uniqlo Color Socks

The Strategist notes that these socks come in 40 different colors and “can easily be worn with any type of footwear, and at $4 a pair, are super-inexpensive. They feel good — snug but not too tight — and last for years. But if that’s not convincing enough, they were also recommended by eight of our panelists.”

Uniqlo Color Socks
Uniqlo Color Socks

“Tired of darker dress socks? Uniqlo has an array of ribbed socks that can spice up a dressy outfit with simple solid colors. They’re made from a warm blend of cotton and acrylic, which mimics the feeling of wool,” says Reviewed. “Each sock comes in one size that fits men’s shoe sizes 6 to 12. These socks have a cult following from Uniqlo fans, who praise them for their selection of colors and comfort.”

“Want to experiment a little with your socks? Start with Uniqlo. Their dress socks are shockingly high quality (tightly woven, comfortably padded, super-saturated in color) for a low, low price. Plus, they come in nearly every hue you can imagine. Get teal! And eggplant! Neon pink? They’ll look good against gray or navy pants! If a color isn’t working, you’re only out a few bucks,” writes GQ

2. Bombas Merino Wool Calf Socks

Real Simple says these provide all-day comfort with their cushioned footbed. “Plus, the brand donates one pair of socks to those in need for every pair purchased—which means you can give back while shopping for your next pair of wool socks. These come in six colors that are versatile enough for everyday use, and the calf-length style keeps your feet and ankles warm (but not overheated).”

Bombas Merino Wool Calf Socks
Bombas Merino Wool Calf Socks

“If you’re interested in the soft, cozy world of winter socks—but not ready to invest in a full-blown pair of Brunellos—these activewear-inflected socks from Bombas are a great place to start,” says Robb Report. “They’re made mostly from merino wool, but have a touch of spandex woven in, so your feet won’t feel constricted.”

“Bombas makes some of the best dress socks in the sock game. Their merino wool version is especially a standout all thanks to its moisture-wicking properties that keep your feet warm in the winter and cool and breezy in the summer, as well as its padded sole and signature honeycomb arch support,” adds Town and Country Magazine

3. Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned Training Crew Socks

The Strategist likes these for on-the-go wear: “Frequent travelers might be interested to know that these are the socks that the Points Guy (a.k.a. Brian Kelley) wears on his longest hauls. They also have cushioning under the heels and the front part of your foot and a band around the arch that feels snug and helps the socks hold their shape even after multiple washes. Musician Jimmie Allen told us they’re the only socks he buys.”

Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned Training Crew Socks
Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned Training Crew Socks

“Whether you’ve seen these at the gym, at someone’s home, or out and about neighboring someone’s pair of Air Maxes, the point is that you have most definitely come across these ubiquitous Nike socks, and for good reason,” says Hiconsumption. “The Swoosh’s standard-fitting Everyday Plus socks are as great for performance as they are for keeping things simple. Everyone could use a touch of sportsmanship, and what better brand to reel it in with than Nike?”

“Nike is known for making some of the coolest top-quality workout clothes in the game and these socks are no different. These everyday pairs come with a substantial cushion that provides the wearer with some much-needed support when digging those feet into the ground while deadlifting. When it comes to an intense workout and looking great, these are some of the best athletic socks out there,” adds Men’s Health

4. CDLP Mid-Length Socks

Fashion Beans salutes whoever brought bamboo to the sock design game: “The innovation is nothing short of genius, as bamboo fibers are ultra-breathable, and moisture-wicking to keep those little piggies fresh all day long. For any guy looking for unmatched comfort and a hefty dose of luxury, CDLP has a set of the best men’s socks. Completed with a comfortable rib and reinforced toe, these odor-masking socks are impossible to top.” 

“If you’re a fan of that Scandi, minimalist aesthetic, why let the look down with subpar socks? Instead, take a look at the eco-friendly options and get yourself a pair that do the rest of your outfit justice,” says Ask To Gentleman. “Each style is consciously crafted in Italy, which says all you need to know about the quality, and features subtle initial branding to the cuff.”

“One pair of rocking socks not a good enough gift for you? Try Swedish essentials brand CDLP’s premium 5-pack, instead. Woven from a bamboo-polyamide blend (and let’s not forget the touch of elastic for that much-need snap), these stockings feel cool to the touch thanks to natural anti-bacterial properties,” adds Inside Hook

5. Cozy Earth The Plush Lounge Socks

Men’s Health say these work year-round: “Built to last a lifetime, they’re piling-resistant and provide warmth without dragging your feet down. Better yet, they always stay up—one less thing to worry about when you’re loafing about the house or enjoying your downtime at home. They’re also not itchy to boot.”

“The Cozy Earth Lounge Socks are made from 100 percent viscose bamboo, so they’re soft, cozy, and temperature-regulating, ensuring that your feet will stay warm without overheating,” writes Travel + Leisure. “They come in a variety of colors, including neutrals like camel, gray, and cream, as well as bolder options like bright red and pine green. No matter your preference, you should be able to find a pack that fits your loungewear style. The unisex socks come in two size ranges: 5 to 7 and 7.5 to 10.”

“When I asked my friends for their favorite fuzzy socks, several of them recommended this set of three tube socks from Cozy Earth. Available in two sizes (XS/S and M/L), this set is great if you’re looking for an all-around wearable fuzzy sock to wear this season and beyond,” adds Marie Claire

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