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There’s no shame in valuing your comfort. Sweatpants are a wardrobe staple for many, whether for workouts or lounging. If you’re looking for the very best in comfort and performance, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the consensus best sweatpants for men according to 15 expert sources. Read on for all the cozy deets!

In the near future, your clothes may be able to do a whole lot more than hang in the closet collecting mothballs. Your sweatpants could monitor your health and athletic performance, among other things. Tufts University engineers ‘ recent discoveries in thread-based sensory developments Recent discoveries in thread-based sensory developments by Tufts University have led to “smart clothing” designs that could monitor driver fatigue, help with physical therapy, and even enhance virtual reality games. Who knows where this technology—and our clothes—may take us someday?

Obviously, sweatpants are perfect for lounging on the couch. One recent survey of 2,000 people finds that the average American spends two hours a day sitting on their couch. In addition, 61 percent use their couch as a workstation when they are working from home. After work hours, the couch serves as a place to watch TV, read a book, enjoy takeout, and play games. With so many activities centered around the sofa, finding a truly great pair of sweatpants to pair it with would be the cherry on top!

Working from home? Working out? Wrangling kids? Settling in with a comfy blanket and a good book, or your favorite Netflix show? Whatever the activity, a good pair of sweatpants can make all the difference. Are you ready to find your second-best friend? Below are the top five best men’s sweatpants thar were most recommended by the 15 expert reviews we consulted. Have a favorite pair of amazing sweats you want to recommend? Share it in the comments below!

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The List: Best Men’s Sweatpants, According to Stylists


1. Reigning Champ Midweight Terry Relaxed Sweatpants

You’d be hard-pressed to find a top list of sweatpants that doesn’t feature this popular brand. They are on the expensive side but so comfortable it’s hard to resist. GearMoose enthuses, “When we want athletic gear that combines modern flair with old-school construction and modern innovation, we turn toward Reigning Champ, making its gear in Canada using time-honored methods that result in nothing but the best men’s sweatpants (and sweatshirts, and crewneck) on the market. Crafted from soft loopback cotton, these sweatpants are no different when it comes to blending the old and the new in an absolutely perfect way.”

Reigning Champ Midweight Terry Relaxed Sweatpants
Reigning Champ Midweight Terry Relaxed Sweatpants (

The Manual touts their versatility: “Reigning Champ excels at crafting laid-back sweats you can wear at home, yet the brand’s gear also works fine if you’re looking for a top workout clothing brand to help you tackle an early morning session.”

TIMEStamped Shopping says they are well designed and long wearing. “Handcrafted in Vancouver, the Reigning Champ sweatpants feature a straight leg, jersey lined pockets, and flat-locked seams, all working together to give them a refined and stylish silhouette. They have a relaxed fit while not being overly baggy, though they are cut slimmer than the average sweatpants. The brand is also known for manufacturing durable and long lasting garments, making these worth the higher price tag,” they write in their review.

2. Lululemon ABC Jogger

Another commonly known brand, Lululemon is the only one we know of that features the ABC— but we’ll let our expert sources explain that one. “ABC stands for ​‘Anti Ball Crush.’ Seriously. This acronym is the headline feature of their pants which is essentially a huge, flexible gusset across the crotch to make it easy to sit, stretch and run. There’s eyelets on both the interior and exterior of the waistband so you can expose or hide the drawstring to make the pants more or less formal,” notes Typical Contents.

Lululemon ABC Jogger
Lululemon ABC Jogger (

Forbes rates them the most comfortable, touting all the pocket space: “They’re made from a flexible material with four-way stretch, so they’ll keep up with you when you’re running around town, and with extra deep pockets, you’ll be able to store all of your essentials on the go. A zippered back pocket also protects your wallet.”

GQ says they’re the best ones for gym rats and couch potatoes alike. “Lululemon’s sweats ain’t no slouch (though, they’re clearly great for getting nothing done other than watching Netflix and consuming calories).”

3. Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Pants

Simple, straightforward sweats with plenty of colors to choose from, with Nike fleece pants you can’t go wrong. HiConsumption praises, “These timeless sweats provide a slim-fit look that deviates from the cumbersome nature of the genre’s vintage variants, providing wearers with an elevated style piece that can be utilized for a night on the town, an evening at the gym, or a morning at home.”

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Pants
Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Pants (

Plus, there is a matching sweatshirt to sport with it. “If you want to go for the full Tony Soprano, you can always scoop up the Tech Fleece Hoodie to match (which, like the jogger pant, is offered in a wide variety of colorways),” suggests Vice.

Luxe Digital rates these the best athletic choice (go figure), writing, “Now we’re in performance-town. What makes Nike’s sweatpants best for sport? They’re made from fleece, so they’re perfect for cooler days. They have tapered tailoring, which starts roomy in the thighs then narrows down at the knees, reducing chafing up top but keeping them from flapping around down below. And if you look up ‘best sweatpants reddit,’ the popular forum mentions men’s desire for deep pockets for electronics, which these sweatpants have at the hip.”

4. Southpole Men’s Basic Active Fleece Jogger Pant

These polyester sweats offer warmth and comfort, plus they look pretty good on the models if we do say so ourselves. Considering the low price, maybe spring for a couple different colors and wear them more often. The Adult Man notes, “These are the top-rated joggers on Amazon. They’re inexpensive and perfect for working out, plus Southpole offers a huge range of colors.”

Southpole Men's Basic Active Fleece Jogger Pant
Southpole Men’s Basic Active Fleece Jogger Pant

Just look at the rave reviews these have received: “More than 53,000 shoppers have awarded these Southpole sweatpants with a four-star-or-higher rating, so it’s safe to assume they’ll deliver the comfort, fit, and style you seek. Not only are these stylish in their fit, avoiding the extremes of being too tight or too loose, but they also embrace you with a fleece warmth. Perfect for lounging and relaxing at home, they’re a straightforward, no-frills style with big pockets, durable fabric that stays soft over time, a relaxed fit, and some weight,” writes Men’s Health.

According to AskMen, “The combination of soft fabric throughout with ribbed ankle closure and elastic waist closure with cord gives these pants more structure than regular sweatpants.”

5. Todd Snyder x Champion Midweight Slim Jogger Sweatpant

Todd Snyder makes a quality product you can feel good about wearing inside and outside of the house. The Strategist writes, “‘I can’t not mention the phenomenal sweatpants at Todd Snyder,’ says Bruno, who owns several pairs. He loves that the brand offers ‘a type of sweatpants for every purpose and occasion,’ from a pair with cargo pockets he says go well with a suit jacket to luxurious ones made of recycled cashmere. He recommends this garment-dyed slim-fit jogger style made in collaboration with Champion. They are sewn from 100 percent cotton with a tapered leg, jogger cuffs, and both side and back pockets, and they come in six expertly faded-looking colors.”

Todd Snyder x Champion Midweight Slim Jogger Sweatpant
Todd Snyder x Champion Midweight Slim Jogger Sweatpant (

Plus, you won’t overheat in these. Fashion Beans adds, “They’re medium weight, which means they’ll keep you warm in the winter yet cool in the summer, and have all of the details necessary in a favorite pair of sweats.”

These can stand the test of time. “It’s not about catching the latest trends, it’s about creating a product that will stand the test of time and will keep people coming back for more season after season,” raves Gear Patrol.

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