Best Oculus Quest VR Games For 2023: Top 5 Titles Most Recommended By Experts

The Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and now Meta Quest have become synonymous with virtual reality and the metaverse. Any fan will tell you the best Oculus virtual reality games must be playable for more than an hour, truly showcase the unique, immersive experience of VR, and make you feel like you are really in another world. The futuristic form of video games grows bigger by the day, leaving us wondering which are the consensus best Oculus Quest VR games, according to experts.

As mentioned, the key premise and draw of virtual reality is the idea of complete immersion in what users experience. Some scientists are even trying to figure out how they can work smell into VR! Other scientists are looking at how they can even get a better look and understanding of the human body with this technology. 

Science and VR are wonderful, but sometimes VR can just be used as a great form of escapism that everyone needs every once and a while and something beneficial to your mental health. Whether you’re looking to listen to some music in a sensory overload way or you’re walking into an action movie, you won’t be “standing in your living room” for long. The growth of the VR scene in gaming is expanding as more devices hit the market. From PSVR to the Valve Index, to the most important device of this article — the Oculus (or Meta) Quest 1 and 2. 

Whether you’re just now unboxing your Oculus or looking for the next great game to play, StudyFinds set out to do the research for you, visiting 10 “expert” websites. We put together this list of the best Oculus VR games out at the time of this article. If you’ve got your own suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

The Best Oculus Quest VR Games Out Now: According To Experts

1. Resident Evil 4: VR 

Arguably the best survival horror game of all time has found its home on the Oculus Quest 2 and just when you thought it was safe to go back to Bingo Night (If you know, you know) – the horror returns in VR fashion. 

Despite its age, the gameplay holds up well. “Sure, some elements of this version of the game don’t hold up well, like virtual cutscene screens. But when you’re facing a horde of enemies with your back literally against the wall, it’s hard to care. This is a wonderful way to revisit a classic,” says UpLoadVR.

“Resident Evil 4 VR turns one of the best Resident Evil games into one of the best games for Oculus Quest 2 and VR in general,” said TechRadar

The game feels right at home on the VR hardware. “This survival horror game translates exceptionally well to the Quest 2, putting players right into the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy. Blast your way through infested humans, take on gigantic monsters, and rescue the President’s daughter in this all-time classic recreated from the ground up for VR,” said PCGamesN

2. Half-Life Alyx 

Okay, this game isn’t available directly on the Oculus store, but we couldn’t have this game excluded from this list due to how it’s raved about by experts. Just follow a simple guide online and you’ll be deep into the shoes of this masterpiece in no time. 

It’s a showstopper when it comes to VR. “If ever there was a game you wanted to use to show off what experiences virtual reality can really provide, then half-Life: Alyx is the game you will want to go to,” said the experts at TomsGuide

The game hits all of the major points of an exceptional experience. “The storytelling, combat, and visuals are all top-notch, making Alyx a must-own VR game for anyone itching for Half-Life action,” raved PCMag

“Furthermore, this is one of the most immersive VR games. For example, in Alyx, players can interact with and manipulate most objects. The environments and animations look superb as well. However, such a game requires a powerful PC, which is the only thing that limits its user base, ” said Udonis

3. Pistol Whip

Very similar to a game further down on this list is Pistol Whip. A musical action game that has you leaning, ducking, and shooting your way through each level. 

This is right up your alley if you’re into following the beat. “The game rewards you for shooting enemies in sync with the accompanying backing track, so I’m not joking when I say that it forces you into a rhythm,” said VG247

It has great music and progression. “With increasingly difficult phases as you progress and an awesome soundtrack to boot, Pistol Whip will make you feel like an up-and-coming action star in a dazzling, neon world,” remarked WhatIfGaming

“Pistol Whip aims to teach you gun-fu with style, elegantly fusing the rhythmic and cinematic together into a pulsating, vibrant monster of its own,” said UpLoadVR.

4. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Another action horror game that’s about taking out hoards of monsters and zombies, while feeling cool doing it. Based on the hit graphic novel and TV show, this one packs a punch. 

“Saints & Sinners was already an acclaimed PC VR game, and the transition to the Quest keeps its polish and RPG-like feel. It’s freaky, but it’s also deep. There’s a lot more going on than simple shooting,” said CNET.

The immersion is palpable in this title. “During the game, you should always be on the alert for possible zombie attacks, but also, you can relax while you are crafting in your backyard or embracing the freedom with your other survivor pals. If you want to enjoy a post-apocalyptic environment without literally living in it,” said the people at WalkOvr.

If you like affecting the story of the games you play, this one is for you. “You have to sneak around, try and complete quests, and use the satisfying combat to survive another day. There are even choices to be made too, which is great for replayability,” said PCGamesN.

5. Beat Saber 

Okay, okay, okay. You can’t have a list of VR games without calling out the king of VR sales. Beat Saber is like the next evolution of Dance, Dance, Revolution from the arcade games. You’ll dance, you’ll swing your arms and you’ll squat to the music in this title. 

You get a lot of bang for your bunk. “An extensive single-player career mode will challenge you for hours with increasingly specific requirements needed to beat the campaign. Free play lets you pick any song to jam out to with togglable modifiers to support or challenge you,” said TomsGuide.

You might be able to even skip the gym while playing this one. “Even though this game is very simple compared to others on our list of best VR games, Beat Saber is incredibly addictive. Plus, it’s a great workout. The Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise likens it to playing tennis,” said Udonis.

“If Star Wars and Guitar Hero were to somehow have a baby, it would probably turn out looking a lot like Beat Saber. The rhythmic VR title is perhaps one of the most popular VR titles out there, and has players wielding glowing lightsabers to the beat of their chosen song,” said VG247.

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  1. Bruh moment, these are some decent VR games but they are not even close to the best ones out there. I can tell you guys did your research on this one

  2. So then give us your lists ‘not even close’ crew. Easy to snipe but a lot harder to put yourself up on the firing line

  3. doesn’t bode well that the best/most popular games for the system are ones that have been out since nearly the beginning. Why aren’t people making new, better games?

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