Best Romantic Comedies On Netflix: Top 5 Rom-Coms That Experts Love The Most

Netflix offers an array of heartwarming romantic comedies that are sure to brighten your day and warm your heart. From charming meet-cutes to hilarious mishaps, these top-notch films promise to take you on an unforgettable journey of love and laughter from the comfort of your couch. That’s why there are so many out there to choose from — especially for Netflix subscribers. That had us wondering: which are the best rom-coms available to watch on Netflix, according to experts?

Whether you’re watching with your partner, the girls (and wine), or by yourself with a box of chocolates (like a pivotal scene in fan-favorite rom-com Legally Blonde), romantic comedies can make you smile, cry a little, and laugh out loud.

When do you find yourself scrolling through these classic funny flicks? One recent survey reports that three in five adults prefer binging on romantic comedies when they’ve called out from work. And of course, if you’ve just recently experienced a breakup, watching a rom-com might be one way to give you hope that better things are ahead, according to another poll.

For this list, we searched for the best romantic comedies on Netflix, according to five expert sites, finding movies that lots of people loved. We also focused on movies that balanced the romantic with the comedy. Too much of either can get a little heavy sometimes, so we stuck to movies that made everyone laugh as much as they “awwwed.” If we missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comments!

The List: Best Rom-Coms On Netflix

1. Crazy Stupid Love (2011)

Starting off strong with a star-studded cast and some classic laughs, this movie comes from Dan Fogelman, the genius behind This is Us. Crazy Stupid Love boasts huge names like:

  • Ryan Gosling (the smooth-talking ladies’ man),
  • Steve Carrell (the bumbling man whose marriage collapsing prompts him to reinvent himself with Gosling’s help, making for the best Bromance ever),
  • Julianne Moore (the wife trying to reclaim her identity),
  • Emma Stone (the young woman trying to choose between rational choice and pure passion),
  • Kevin Bacon and Josh Groban as sneaky smaller parts that’ll have you shouting with laughter,
  • And other hilarious actors who don’t get enough credit.

Other than the fact that it has some of our favorite funny people, they work together to deliver laughs every moment. Entertainment Weekly goes so far as to say it’s the best romantic comedy ever made (recently), saying, “The ensemble cast’s star power and captivating chemistry makes for some fascinating, interconnected stories that highlight the ups and downs of love.”

Almost everyone we’ve asked about this movie has loved it, from its genuine, funny moments to genuinely heartfelt ones. Collider writes, “…this cast brings the laughs mixed with some genuinely profound moments about the connections made along the way. If you need extra incentive to give this rom-com a watch, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling recreate the infamous Dirty Dancing lift to perfection!”

2. Holidate (2020)

Who doesn’t love a good crossover movie? Holidate follows the incomparable Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as they navigate a whole year’s worth of holidays and try to have a date for all of them. This movie uses one of the great romantic comedy tropes. As MovieWeb puts it, “Spoiler alert: Holidate is one of those fake-couple-becomes-real-couple movies.”

Two things stand out about this movie: it’s a great holiday movie for all holidays, from Halloween to St. Patrick’s Day, and the big Christmas season. Good Housekeeping likes it for that reason: “For something with a festive spin, Holidate spans all the holidays of the year.”

It also is genuinely uproariously funny. There are very few moments when you won’t be wheezing with laughter. With seasoned comedic actors working alongside actors you might not expect to have funny chops, you’ve got a perfect storm for laughing until you cry.

3. Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Speaking of gut-bustlingly funny, Ali Wong and Randall Park created a masterpiece of laughing so hard you can’t breathe. The famous comedians partnered up to create a truly hilarious story of young friends who came apart after an impulsive moment in the back of a car before coming back together as adults. This is one of those rare flicks that has everything going for it.

As Paste Magazine says, “Director Nahnatchka Khan keeps the stylish film moving at a pleasant comedic clip throughout, and there’s a killer cameo appearance you will not want spoiled before you see the movie. Seriously, you should watch it right now.” And we agree. Honestly possibly the funniest cameo ever.

Not only do Wong and Park star, using their signature delivery to slay the comedy, but they also co-wrote the film, and people agree that this was the perfect pairing for hilarity. Entertainment Weekly says it best, “The co-stars Wong and Park are also co-writers for the film, and given the hilarity of Wong’s Netflix stand-up specials, it’s no wonder Always Be My Maybe was an instant hit.”

4. Set It Up (2018)

A classic and delicious trope is the “people who set their friends up and fall in love in the process,” and who’s better to do it than Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell? As MovieWeb puts it, “Indie darling Zoey Deutch is infinitely charming opposite Glen Powell in the clever romantic comedy Set It Up.“

In this trope, the people getting set up are exquisitely acted by powerhouses Lucy Lou and Taye Diggs, bringing that much more star power to the movie. Paste Magazine describes it as a “…delightful, zippy, corny-and-loving it rom-com…” And it does a great job of balancing the light and fluffy happiness we love about romantic comedies with some hard-hitting laughter.

Punctuated by the sweet and simple love of friends who become more, this movie sets itself up as a great romantic comedy that will give us the warm and fuzzies for years.

5. A Perfect Pairing (2022)

Look no further if you’re looking for a fun and fluffy romantic comedy with some great eye candy. Starring Victoria Justice and Adam Demos (who’s notable for being in another great Netflix Rom-Com, Falling Inn Love with Christina Millian), this movie was said to have “basically the premise for every Hallmark holiday movie, only without the sweaters and plaid scarves…” by Good Housekeeping, making it a classic.

Following a young woman who stands up to her putrid boss and chases her dreams around the world, just to be put off by a hard-headed hot guy, A Perfect Pairing checks many fantasy boxes; accents, dream-following, and wine.

This movie sets itself apart by choosing a slightly different setting. Rather than the big city, this big love story is set in the Australian outback, giving way to sweeping cinematography and accents. It has everything you want in a good romantic comedy while being, according to Collider, “the perfect rom-com for any occasion, offering laughs, sweetness, and maybe even a few tears.”

Full of great classic romantic comedy moments that will get you giggling, and a wonderfully set gratuitous shirtless scene, this movie perfectly pairs with a comfy couch and a cuddly blanket.

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