Best Skin Care Face Masks: Top 5 Revitalizing Products Per Glowing Expert Reviews

Sometimes our skin needs that extra boost. Especially during the colder months, when we spend more time indoors and heated air leaves our skin dry, a little TLC can go far. Finding the right skin care products isn’t always easy with so many options and so many unfulfilled promises they make. That’s why we wanted to know which are the consensus best face masks for a healthy glow, according to skin care experts.

It doesn’t take severe weather for our skin to react unfavorably: Everyday stressors such as UV light, chemicals, or smoke already have a negative impact on our skin’s health. In addition, most of us make at least one skincare mistake when washing our face, making a nice, pampering face mask even more necessary to look – and feel! –good.

How our skin looks impacts our confidence and half of us would rather cover up than expose our insecurities. About the same percentage of Americans say that scars and acne even impact their mental health! To feel better, a survey shows that a “fresh change,” like a facial, seems to do the trick.

So please go ahead and pamper your face a little. To keep your skin happy and healthy, Study Finds took a look at “facial treats” frequently recommended by experts to find the best face mask for your self-care routine. If you have any products to add, please let us know in the comment section.

The List: The Top 5 Face Masks For Glowing Skin, Recommended By Most Experts

1. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Most consulted experts recommended the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. People describes it as “rich, creamy, and — spotlight please — fragrance-free” and recommends it mostly for “dehydrated or sensitized skin,” for instance “after a long, moisture-sucking flight.”

According to InStyle, the Insta-famous mask is great for dry skin as it “contains shea butter and glycerin, is super nourishing, smoothing, and leaves skin feeling really soft.” And good news for animal lovers: Per Healthline, this face mask is also vegan! 

2. Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial

Our runner-up also received lots of recognition from the experts (but is a bit more pricey at ~$70). Byrdie recommends its top pick especially “if you’re dealing with discoloration, uneven texture, clogged pores, loss of elasticity, or a dull complexion.” 

For InStyle, too, this face mask “stands out from the rest” and its testers claim that this “mask is the closest thing you can get to an at-home facial.”

Allure explains that the “25-percent alpha hydroxy acid formula packs a serious punch” in this mask that “quickly won over skin-care fanatics with its gentle yet effective approach to at-home exfoliation.”

3. Cetaphil Purifying Clay Mask

As a gentle, fragrance-free, and affordable drugstore staple, this mask made our number three.  “For babes on a budget, we recommend this clarifying mask,” writes Byrdie. According to Healthline, the creamy mask “attracts oil and toxins when it washes off to reveal skin that’s smooth and fully cleansed” without overdrying. 

Elle‘s testers voted it “best for sensitive oily skin” because “​​unlike some products geared towards oily skin which can use harsh chemical exfoliants or extremely drying ingredients, this mask purifies and detoxes without causing damage to the skin.”

4. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

This mask is another budget-friendly pick. Cosmopolitan UK rates it 9 out of 10 because “the clay does not contain any additives or fragrance [making] it pure, natural, and safe for the skin. It is considered the world’s powerful facial formula to heal acne and blemishes.” 

Testers at Byrdie are “big fans” of the mask and Harper’s Bazaar writes, “if your pores need a serious detox, consider this budget buy.” 

5. Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow AHA Night Treatment

A favorite of Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, we had to include this yummy-looking mask on our list! “If your skincare goals involve going to sleep and waking up with glowing skin, this is the product for you,” Elle claims. 

Glow Recipe’s night treatment also landed on People’s “best with AHA” list. Harper’s Bazaar notes that it “has gentle 2.5 percent AHA technology to gently exfoliate without irritation, niacinamide and quinoa peptides to brighten and smooth skin, plus hyaluronic acid and (of course) watermelon to lend serious hydration.”


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