Best Of The Best Smart Locks In 2023: Top 5 Devices Most Recommended By Experts

In this day and age, you can find a smart version of almost anything, bringing more convenience into your life. Smart locks can especially make your life easier, helping you bypass fumbling around to get your key out of the bottom of your bag just to get in the house. As with any smart product, there’s so many out there on the market, making it difficult to narrow down the best smart locks to invest in.

If you find you’re always extra cautious about keeping your doors locked, you’re not alone. A recent poll of 2,000 people found that home security at nighttime is a top priority for Americans. In fact, it turns out that over half of Americans (53%) get out of bed to scope out unusual sounds. Even more (66%) check to ensure their front door is locked even before laying down to make them feel safer.

Interestingly, the same poll reported a relationship between security habits and TV preferences. Those who regularly watch true crime were the most likely to take their home security seriously. Almost half of the poll respondents said that their TV watching habits make them so scared that they have to clear their head with something happy or funny to feel safer about their home security.

Regardless of if you’re a true crime junkie or not, installing a smart lock can help keep you and yours as safe as possible. StudyFinds compiled a list of the five best smart locks, from ten expert websites, to find the top products! As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

The List: Best Smart Locks, According to Expert Reviews

1. Yale Assure Lock 2

This sleekly designed lock is designed to work with everything, thanks to its incredible versatility across devices and services.

“It works with Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit and SmartThings, and will also support Matter in 2023. That means you can control it from your smartphone, whether you have one of the best iPhones or best Android phones, or a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo, Google Nest Mini or Google Nest Hub Max. However, you need to swap out an internal module if you want to switch from Bluetooth to, say Wi-Fi or Zigbee,” Tom’s Guide writes.

It even has a unique feature to help make you feel extra safe. “Yale Assure has an IFTTT channel. What is IFTTT? The abbreviation means ‘If This, Then That.’ If your Yale smart lock has action, it can trigger another home automation device. For instance, unlocking your front door can trigger a hallway light,” Security writes.

This lock definitely has brains. According to Forbes, “You can pre-program multiple entry codes and track who uses specific codes and when. You can also control the lock with a spoken command into your mobile device or smart speaker. The lock engages automatically whenever the door is closed—and it will open automatically when you approach with a recognized smartphone or Apple Watch.”

2. August Smart Lock

The original version of the August lock was a fan favorite, but it turns out that the company raised the bar even higher with their newest version, cleaning up the appearance and making installation easier.

“There wasn’t much to improve on August’s smart lock, but the company went ahead and tweaked its original to make it smaller and easier to use. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is 45 percent smaller than the original, so it looks less bulbous on your door, and now has Wi-Fi built in, so you don’t need to install the August Connect bridge to link your lock to your home network,” Tom’s Guide writes.

“Once installed, you can control it using your smartphone or a smart home hub. It also works using voice commands via Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri,” notes Forbes.

You also don’t have to feel pressured to own a home in order to use the lock!

“Their smart locks are practical for renters as well as homeowners, as they let you use your original house key as backup to keyless entry,” Security writes.

3. Wyze Lock

If you’re looking to take the extra step and buy a smart lock, but aren’t trying to foot the bill that comes with a lot of them, this lock is simple and effective.

“The Wyze Lock Bolt + Fingerprint Keypad keeps the costs down while still providing basic smart lock functions. For example, this two-piece lock only has integrated Bluetooth, so it doesn’t work with other smart home hubs. You can control the lock with an iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth within a radius of about 33 feet, but not remotely via a Wi-Fi network,” Forbes writes.

Bothered by too much change? According to USA Today, “It uses your existing deadbolt and keyhole, so your front door will look the same to outsiders, packing all the smarts in a simple panel attached to the inside of the door.”

A strong feature of this lock is that it helps sense if your door is open or not, and the app tracks entry and exit, providing you with ample detail for safety.

“The Wyze Lock offers some impressive features, such as a built-in door sensor that alerts you via a chime and a smartphone notification when you’ve left the door open or ajar,” NY Times writes.

4. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart

This versatile choice allows you to enter your home in several keyless ways. “In addition to using an iOS or Android smartphone to remotely control the lock, you can unlock it using an Apple Watch, numeric passcode or fingerprint scan. It responds to voice commands too via your mobile device or if you have a compatible smart speaker in your home. All connected features require a compatible Z-Wave hub or the $49 Ultraloq Bridge,” Forbes writes.

If you want to use a key, that works too! USA Today says you can unlock your door using “the numeric keypad, voice assistant, Apple Watch, mechanical key, and even fingerprint reader. If there’s a way to open a door, this thing has it.”

CNET names it the best for Airbnb’s and rentals: “Just give your guests a code that only works for the duration of their stay, and they’ll be able to get in and out without needing to use a key or download an app.”

5. Schlage Encode Plus

If you’re looking for an alarm that bites, this is the one for you. “If someone tries you tamper with your lock, a loud alarm is a good deterrent. The Schlage Encode is our pick for the best smart lock with an alarm, as it will blare out an earsplitting siren in the attempt of a break-in,” Tom’s Guide writes.

Also, since Schlage has been in the lock business for over a century, you can count on them to make things smooth for you from setup to use. “It stands out among many other smart locks by supporting one, er, key feature: Apple Home Key, which leverages iPhones and Apple Watches for proximity-based locking and unlocking. Just hold either device near the keypad, and presto: the deadbolt slides in or out of your door frame,” USA Today writes.

“On top of that, it’s a really nice-looking smart lock, with a classy touchpad for coded entry and a variety of elegant finishes,” mentions CNET.


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