Best Snow Blowers: Top 5 Winter Must-Haves Most Recommended By Experts

Those of you living in the northeast and upper midwest understand the joys and terrors associated with a big snowstorm. One thing is for sure, no one likes shoveling snow, and it pays to know what the best snow blowers are for combatting that next big winter storm.

True, some of the best memories you have likely involve playing in the snow with friends and family. On the flip side, some of the longest, most hardworking days you can experience involve a snowstorm, a driveway, and one of those big red snow shovels.

For those of you around Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, and other cities situated across the great lakes, you definitely understand what we’re talking about. Lake-effect snow is some of the nastiest winter weather you can experience. But, what exactly is lake-effect snow? 

Lake effect snow happens because of the differences between the amount of heat and moisture at the lake’s surface and in the air a few thousand feet above it. Other factors such as wind direction and, of course, the temperature in the air and on the ground all play a role in large snowfalls around lake-front cities. 

In those cases, even those people with a snow blower are left at the mercy of the storm. And all the salt in the world wasn’t going to make those roads safe or passable. Speaking of snow-covered roads, wouldn’t it be nice if the pavement melted the snow for you? 

Well, scientists at Drexel University developed a road material capable of melting snow and ice without the use of salt and other harmful chemicals to keep the roads drivable. Using paraffin wax as the secret ingredient, researchers were able to create snow-melting concrete that harnesses the wax’s ‘phase-changing’ capabilities. 

But, enough of the research and scientific breakthroughs, you came here looking for the best snow blowers and that’s precisely what we have for you. Study Finds did the research, consulting 10 ‘expert’ websites in an effort to track down the best snow blowers, according to expert reviews. As always, feel free to share your choice of the best snow blowers in the comments section below! 

The List: Best Snow Blowers for 2023, According to Expert Reviews

1. EGO Power+ Snow Blowers

The EGO Power+ models are some of the best snow blowers you can find. These are electric snow blowers that perform like gas models without any of the fumes or hassles associated with gas-powered machinery. EGO offers the Power+ in several sizes, so you’ll want to choose the one that’s right for you and your snow removal needs. One thing is for sure, this brand appeared the most often across expert sites for the best snow blowers. 

“Whether the snow piles up on the sidewalk, patio, or even a gravel driveway, this two-stage snow blower can push through. Despite being a battery-powered model, this snow blower has a two-stage system to scoop and throw snow up to 50 feet, as well as self-propelled wheels for easy pushing,” writes Bob Vila

EGO Power+ SNT2114 Peak Power 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower
EGO Power+ SNT2114 Peak Power 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower

50 feet? That’s definitely far enough to clear any size walkway or driveway during a big snowstorm. “We got one of the very first production models of Ego’s cordless, 24-inch, two-stage snowblowers. The steel-framed Power+ is very much like gas-powered units of its size, except for the electric motor and two 56-volt, 7.5-Ah batteries. Those two things give the Power+ some distinct advantages in the noise and weight departments, being both quieter and lighter than its fuel-sucking counterparts,” adds Popular Mechanics

Not having to fool around with gas cans, cold starts, and loud gas-powered machinery makes this snow blower a favorite among homeowners. “While you may be concerned about the construction quality of an electric snowblower, you shouldn’t have any issues here,” writes Lawnstarter

“Several users said they were impressed with the build quality and that it was better than they expected,” adds Lawnstarter. 

2. Troy-Bilt Storm Snow Blowers

The next item to most frequently appear on the lists of best snow blowers is the Troy-Bilt Storm. Like most snow blowers, Troy-Bilt offers the Storm in various sizes, but one this is for sure, this is a top choice for anyone looking to easily and quickly dig themselves out of the snow. 

“Convenience begins with its corded electric start, and continues with the wide mitten grips. Directing the 200-degree-possible snow discharge takes just two and a half turns of the crank on its center-mounted chute,” writes The Spruce

Troy-Bilt Storm 2625
Troy-Bilt Storm 2625

These powerful snow blowers are beloved by homeowners with large areas that need snow removal. “The Arctic Storm models are designed for folks with a lot of ground to cover—or uncover, as the case may be. The wide intake housing and auger are capable of clearing a 30-inch path in one pass. With Touch ’n Turn steering triggers, it will be agile and able to make sharp, quick turns. At that width, though, it may be too big for narrow walkways or awkward in tight space,” explains Popular Mechanics

“When you need a big, tough machine for heavy-duty performance in deep or wet, heavy snow, the Arctic Storm 30 has the size, power, and user-friendly features for the job,” adds Gardener’s Path

3. Snow Joe Corded Electric Snow Blowers

When you don’t need a big machine for clearing long and wide driveways or large patios, you’ll probably want to consider the Snow Joe Corded Electric Snow Blowers. These small but mighty snow blowers are consistently voted some of the best snow blowers available on the market today. 

“For smaller jobs like maintaining a walkway or patio, this Snow Joe is your buy. We almost named it the best budget snow blower and consider it the best budget electric snow blower. More than 15,000 Amazon shoppers agree and say this model is perfect for clearing decks, walkways and more,” writes HGTV.

Snow Joe SJ627E 22-Inch 15-Amp Electric Snow Thrower
Snow Joe SJ627E 22-Inch 15-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

The Snow Joe’s are affordable and effective snow blowers that are still capable of clearing a decent amount of snow, and they come with a battery charger. “Powered with a rechargeable 100-volt, 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, this electric snow blower can clear a path that’s 21 inches wide and 12 inches high. This model comes with a battery and charger, but you can add an additional battery (sold separately) if thirty minutes of run time isn’t enough,” adds Popular Science

Although you get a decent amount of run time on a single battery charge, you might want to consider adding the extra battery. “With the power of this 100-volt machine, you’ll be able to hurl snow clear of wider areas. But you may want to invest in a second battery to extend the run time,” explains Popular Mechanics

4. Husqvarna ST Snow Blowers

The next item on the list of best snow blowers comes from a popular name brand in outdoor equipment. The Husqvarna ST Snow Blowers are some of the best snow blowers on the market for several reasons, mostly because they’re trusted by the pros.

“The Husqvarna Snow Blower has you covered here. It’s built from the ground up for uneven, gravely, and rocky terrain, including steep hills and inclines. It’s a rugged gas-powered two-stage model built with durability in mind. You can give this thing a beating year after year and it will stand up to the abuse,” writes Life in Minnesota

The ability to remove snow from rugged terrain is a big deal for anyone living in a rural area. But, although these machines are large gas-powered snow blowers, they offer an easy electric start. 

Husqvarna Outdoor Power Equipment Husqvarna St 324 Residential Snow Blower
Husqvarna Outdoor Power Equipment Husqvarna St 324 Residential Snow Blower

“The snowblower has an electric start, with a battery on board eliminating the need to plug into an outlet. And since it has electronic fuel injection, there’s no choke to set,” adds Popular Mechanics

With a Husqvarna snow blower, you know you’re getting a durable machine capable of lasting for winters to come. “With features like a two-stage system, friction disc drive, power steering, high-capacity belt, and extra-large tires to make your job even easier. The heavy-duty components are designed with durability in mind—the cast iron auger gear box and cast iron impeller are built to last,” writes Popular Science

5. Toro Power Clear Snow Blowers

The last item that we most frequently found across lists of the best snow blowers is the Toro Power Clear Snow Blower. Toro is another brand name in outdoor equipment, and they’ve been producing some of the best equipment in this space for decades. 

“For reliable performance in light duty conditions, the Toro Power Clear provides easy handling and efficient clearing in a single stage model,” writes Gardener’s Path

But, the Toro Power Clear Snow Blowers are also reliable machines that won’t slip and slide around on you as you’re clearing snow. “The heavy-duty rubber tires are 4 inches wide, allowing you to use this blower on relatively steep slopes, and it will maintain traction without sliding and slipping around. If you know you’ll be tackling large amounts of snow and want to be prepared to move it safely and effectively, we’re confident that this model is a great choice,” adds Insider

TORO Power Clear 518 ZE Snow Blow
TORO Power Clear 518 ZE Snow Blow

Perhaps the best part of these gas-fueled snow blowers is you won’t have to worry about mixing gas and oil ratios. “We also appreciate its electric starter, which avoids pulling a cord perhaps several times to fire it up. Unlike many gas-powered snow blowers, you do not mix oil with gas to fuel this machine,” explains The Spruce


Note: This article was not paid for nor sponsored. StudyFinds is not connected to nor partnered with any of the brands mentioned and receives no compensation for its recommendations


  1. Hopefully, the author was paid to exclude Ariens from this list. I live in the Maine Highlands where we get serious snow. Other than the Husqvarna, the other machines in this article are for if you live south of New Jersey.

  2. I would not trade my tracked Yamaha snowblower for any of those on your list. We get real snow here in Québec.

  3. what is the best snow blower with nonmetal augur?? For those of us w/ concrete drives this is a critical qquestion no one addresses.

  4. You are clueless when it comes to snowblowers,if your list doesn’t include Honda. Fact nothing moves more snow per hour than a Honda. Yes the are expensive, but if you want the best it’s Honda!!

    1. Could not agree more about not having Honda at the top of the list. Honda 1332 is a beast, throwing snow 60’.

    2. I just spit a Honda snowblower out of my Arean’s. It ground it up and through over a 100ft through my neighbors house. He needs a new snowblower and I recommended Areans. USA brand

  5. Your list is a total joke, these machines listed are for amateurs. Anybody living in snow country would agree!

  6. I don’t have time to chip away at snow rolls much less spend time taking it easy moving large quantities of snow away from tight quarters areas. Breakdowns are not an option. Ariens has been the best equipment for me by far. Can’t say enough good about my choice of equipment. Have tried various other blowers in past, I’m home with Ariens.

    1. Was gonna say these are trash . Everyone one of them are abosolute garbage . Ariens all the way . 1400 plus driveways with the 24 deluxe model . Not one issue . NOT ONE . Haven’t had a belt go , haven’t any linkage issues, haven’t made any adjustments short of buying new shoes and a scraper blade. This studies is a joke to say the least .

  7. I have never owned any snow blower except an Ariens. Live in Central New York and feel as though Ariens could handle anything the winter has to throw at us!

  8. Snow is snow it’s all white . I live in Colorado and I do believe I get snow here just like you do as well being at 8000 feet.
    I do own a 3 stage troy built and it does work very well.

  9. Upgraded my Ariens to a Platinum 24 SHO last year. After doing my research it had the most features for the money. Lots of power and torque to clear the heavy stuff at the end of the driveway from plows. Engine chugs right through it without stalling. Don’t mock me for having heated handgrips. The thing is a beast.
    Honda makes a great machine and is expensive. Husqvarna and Toro make decent machines in the same price point of many Ariens. Do your homework.
    Don’t buy more machine than you need or can afford. Scoop width should not exceed 2x impeller diameter. If you get heavy wet snow go with a bigger engine. ALWAYS turn off fuel and run engine until it stalls when finished. Consider a used unit also. A few hundred dollars at a good repair shop is a viable alternative to buying new.

    1. The best snowblowers on the market, based on QUALITY and RELIABILITY, are the Ariens and Honda. Head and shoulders above the brands featured here. None of the blowers written up here can compare to either those two brands. It’s like someone got paid to feature these brands.

  10. How did Honda or Yamaha not make the list ? Those little blowers are good for places where they see some snow not where places see slot of snow

  11. I live in west michigan. Lake effect snow is a problem. I bought a 2 stage troy built for my 50x 25 drive and do other drives for neighborhood. Bought new in 2015. Electric start. No problems.

  12. This list is for those who measure snow storms in inches.

    If you live where you measure it in feet, (like here in Lake Tahoe)
    Then you have ONE brand and thee #1 snowblower, HONDA.
    You just get the size Honda for where you are using it. The 724 is great for decks. The 1132 is great for driveways!
    When I first moved here 20 years ago, I got sold an Ariens, it didn’t make it back up the driveway!!!
    Junk!!! If it has wheels and not a trak, it’s for those who need to look macho blowing 3 inches of snow off their driveway……
    Bob Vila aka “expert”…..ya right!
    Come on out to Alpine meadows Bob!! We’ll show what snow removal is all about!!!

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