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Wearing that perfect pair of sweatpants is one of the best feelings in the world. You’re comfy, warm, cozy, and ready to lounge around all day. Is your child looking for new sweatpants to rock for colder weather? Let StudyFinds do the legwork for you to search for the best sweatpants for children.

The best sweatpants for kids are those that prioritize both comfort and durability. These pants should be crafted from soft, breathable materials that keep children cozy during playtime or relaxation. Elastic waistbands with adjustable drawstrings offer a secure fit that can adapt to a growing child’s needs. Reinforced stitching is a key feature, ensuring that the sweatpants withstand the wear and tear of active kids.

A versatile design is important, allowing kids to wear them casually at home or for outdoor activities. Pockets can be a practical addition, providing space for storing small treasures or keeping hands warm. The best sweatpants for kids are those that strike a perfect balance between comfort, functionality, and resilience, enabling children to enjoy their daily activities with ease and confidence.

Looking for a new cozy pair to keep your child warm and comfy? StudyFinds has found the top five best sweatpants for kids to try out this year. Did we miss a brand? Let us know in the comments below!

A boy playing soccer in sweatpants
A boy playing soccer in sweatpants (Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels)

The List: Best Sweatpants for Kids, According to Experts


1. Amazon Essentials

Parents should hit up Amazon if they’re looking for the top sweatpants for their kids. Amazon Essentials was the best pair of sweatpants that experts recommended. “When you are looking for a relaxing outfit for your kids, these sweatpants appear the best choice. They are very comfortable to wear for kids with elastic waist stretches,” writes Sweatpants and Joggers. “The lightweight cotton-polyester mix with 60-40% respectively ensures amazing warmth in winters. There are two large side pockets, and functional zippers are another good addition for kids.”

Amazon Essentials Boy/Toddler Sweatpants
Amazon Essentials Boy/Toddler Sweatpants

“Soft and comfy mid-weight cotton-polyester blend brushed back fleece for staying cozy and keeping warm,” notes Best Products Reviews.

Best Products Reviews adds that Amazon Essentials also comes in children’s favorite Disney and Marvel characters. “Amazon Essentials offers one-of-a-kind products featuring your favorite characters to add wonder to your wardrobe!”

2. Hanes EcoSmart

Hanes EcoSmart sweatpants are very popular due to their affordable price. “You can’t go wrong with Hanes sweats,” notes Teen Vogue. “Plus, they are available on Amazon!”

Hanes EcoSmart Girls' Jogger Sweatpants
Hanes EcoSmart Girls’ Jogger Sweatpants (

Best Reviews says the Hanes EcoSmart sweatpants are the best bang for the buck. “Open-bottom leg hem for easy on and off. Elastic waistband for a flexible fit. High-stitch density, so it last longer, without pilling.”

Best Reviews adds “this item runs large” for maximum comfiness.

3. Champion Sweatpants

Champion sweatpants are all the rage for social media influencers. “So, you downloaded TikTok but haven’t invested in a pair of Champion sweatpants?” writes Teen Vogue. “Act fast because this sportswear brand is favored by the biggest TikTokers — and Hailey Bieber herself.”

Champion Boys' Sweatpants
Champion Boys’ Sweatpants

Another popular Champion model is the Girls’ French Sweatpants. “French Terry, cotton polyester blend gives the sweatpants a soft, comfortable handfeel which is a lighter weight alternative to our fleece sweatpants,” notes Best Reviews.

Best Reviews adds that the “pants include two hem side pockets and features 1×1 rib on the cuffs and waistband of the pant for a jogger fit.”

4. Binpaw

Coming in fourth on the list for best children’s sweatpants is Binpaw. “The cotton-polyester blend of these sweatpants is thick enough for cold weather and light enough for warm weather or activewear,” writes Best Reviews. “The drawstring waistband and elastic closure add a layer of comfort to these pants. It also has front and back pockets that, aside from being functional, add a layer of depth to the design and edgy style.”

Binpaw Boys' Quick Dry Sweatpants
Binpaw Boys’ Quick Dry Sweatpants

“These stylish pants are designed using 95% cotton and 5% polyester material,” notes Sweatpants and Joggers. “The fuller cut and elastic cuffs ensure complete comfort for the wearer. They are breathable, soft and warm for winters.”

Best Products Reviews rates the Binpaw sweatpants as excellent. “We choose the breathable, fine quality and soft cotton fabric.”

5. Coney Island Sweatpants

Coney Island isn’t just a popular New York City destination, it’s also a very comfortable pair of sweats. “The soft sweatpants feature elastic waistbands and ribbed cuffs to prevent the pants from getting tangled under her feet,” writes Best Reviews. “They will keep her comfy and stay in place during a workout session.”

Coney Island Kids' Sweatpants
Coney Island Kids’ Sweatpants

“Get your son the Coney Island Active Fleece Jogger Pants and ensure his comfort and style for fall and winter adventures. These athletic sweatpants are designed for sports and outdoor fun, but are also perfect for everyday wear,” notes Find This Best. “With an elastic waistband, they provide a snug and perfect fit. Made of super comfortable and breathable fleece fabric, these jogger pants will keep your son comfortable whether he’s playing basketball, biking, jogging, or just spending the day indoors. The multipack value includes four pairs of joggers, making it a perfect gift idea for sons, brothers, nephews, and grandsons. Plus, they are easy to care for with machine wash and tumble dry. Please refer to the product description for more details.”

Best Products Reviews calls Coney Island sweatpants “great for sports and other outdoor fun.” “Active joggers topped with an elastic waistband to provide a snug and perfect fit. These jogger pants are made of super comfortable and breathable fleece fabric.”

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