Best Of The Best Tool Boxes For 2023: Top 5 Storage Cases Most Recommended By Experts

If you are doing projects around your home, or you are a professional heading out to a job site, you need to have your tools handy. Choosing the right tool box to keep everything organized is important. Plenty of us have experienced that frustrating moment where you pick up your tool box and it opens up entirely, spilling nails, bits and everything else onto the floor. That’s why we surveyed the leading expert reviews to find the consensus best tool boxes in the business.

Many of us certainly will want to invest in one these days. As inflation drives up costs across the board, one recent study found more of us are tackling those “do it yourself” tasks. The survey of 2,000 Americans reports that the average respondent will give up on a DIY project and call a professional after two attempts – capping their DIY efforts at about six hours.

Home remodeling can be very fun and rewarding, of course — but also quite costly. According to another study, the average budget respondents would set aside for remodeling their home is just under $136,000, with the kitchen (25%) and living room (27%) being the most expensive rooms to renovate — since many homeowners think these rooms need the most work (18%). While 44 percent of homeowners have never renovated their homes before, 31 percent of those who have revamped their homes did it entirely themselves and another 28 percent had a professional’s help.

So that got us wondering, what are some of the best tool boxes for getting the job done? StudyFinds compiled a list of the top five most recommended tool boxes from ten expert websites, for all your DIY projects and any other home-care needs. Have you own suggestions? As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

The List: Best Tool Boxes, Top 5 According to Expert Reviews

1. DeWalt TSTAK Deep Tool Box

black and yellow toolbox
DeWalt TSTAK Deep Tool Box

If you want a budget-friendly box that can hold some of those larger hand tools, check this one out. Coming in at under $50, it’s “a great box for holding the tool collection of a handy DIYer who wants a tool box that’s big, but not too big,” according to The Spruce.

This TSTAK model “features a segmented upper compartment for small fasteners, bits, and parts, as well as a larger open bottom section for hand tools (or a drill and battery combo). It also has a hole for slipping a padlock through,” adds to Bob Vila.

It “weighs just eight pounds, which lightens the load when carrying one or more bulky power tools,” notes Popular Science

2. Milwaukee Packout Modular Tool Storage System

red and black 3 piece stacked rolling tool storage system
Milwaukee Packout Modular Tool Storage System

This rolling toolbox has gotten great reviews for being spacious and sturdy. Weighing in at 46 pounds, it “features 6,885 cubic inches of storage space and has a 250-pound weight capacity, so don’t worry about loading ‘er up,” points out CNET

Pro Tool Reviews adds, “this system really seems like the best solution for tradesmen. Whether you want to store tools, accessories, or even toss a modular worktop on your stack of Packout boxes, this system has you covered.”

The 3-piece starter kit costs around $300.  

3. Husky 46-Inch Mobile Workbench

black metal and wood work table with drawers
Husky 46-Inch Mobile Workbench

If you have a dedicated workspace and want to stay organized, this Husky tool chest is worth looking into. “Roll one of these into your garage to get nine drawers combining for more than eight cubic feet of storage.” according to Task & Purpose.

It features a steel body, deep drawers, and a wooden worktop. “Because of its large size and heavy-duty, steel construction, it can hold up to 1,100 pounds of tools inside,” points out This Old House.

Priced between $500-$800, the Husky also includes a four-outlet power strip. 

4. The CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Multi-Compartment Tool Bag 

black and brown tool bag
The CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Multi-Compartment Tool Bag

If you prefer to tote around a tool bag, instead of a traditional tool box, here’s a nice option. It has plenty of pockets and a padded adjustable strap.

“The center compartment is large enough to hold power tools and the side panels are designed with vertical pockets and zippers to prevent tools from falling out in transit,” notes Ask Men.

At less than $100, TechnoBuffalo points out, this bag is “truly the end-all-be-all if you have a boat-load of tools to carry. With 50 different pockets and vertical pockets for quick access, you can load this bag up to the brim with everything you’ll need.”

5. Big Red Torin 19-Inch Hip Roof Style Portable Steel Tool Box

red metal tool box
Big Red Torin 19-Inch Hip Roof Style Portable Steel Tool Box

For under $30, it’s the cheapest tool box on our list, but it isn’t short on quality. It’s made of heavy gauge steel with a classic look. BestReviews calls Big Red, “An iconic red tool box that is great for the average DIYer.”

The box’s red powder coat is also corrosion-resistant, which makes it great to keep in your car. It “has a curved ‘roof’ that gives more storage space inside for bulkier tools, such as power drills and drivers. It includes a plastic lift-out tray for organizing smaller tools and necessities,” according to The Spruce. 


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