Comments on “Best Ways To Quit Smoking: How To Resist Cravings, According To Experts”

  1. PJ London says:
    06/09/2023 at 4:12 AM

    “What’s the world’s leading cause of preventable death? Smoking.” Absolute, total and complete Bovine Excrement, believe that and there is a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you.
    Smoking tobacco increases a person’s cognitive ability. This is not debatable but a clearly proven fact. Ingestion of fluoride decreases your IQ by about 15 points. Not debatable but proven fact (it also makes you docile which is why it’s first social usage was in prisons)
    Now ask your self why governments have told endless lies and spent billions of dollars to promote and force fluoride and to stop tobacco.
    Why have they not shown the statistics proving how lung cancer has dropped 80% now that smoking has dropped 80%?
    Because it is all lies.

  2. Nicholas B Taylor says:
    06/09/2023 at 5:12 AM

    I quit over 40 years ago, so my experience may be a bit passe, but I managed it using nicotine chewing gum that I gradually cut down in dose. However, it is obvious that smoking and/or vaping, aka nicotine addiction, is ‘sticky’. e-cigarettes may be ‘safer’ but they are primarily a way for the industry to maintain business as usual, and there is concern that they are making it easy for children to become nicotine-addicted. They also, like cigarette butts, constitute an environmental poison (plastic, batteries). Finally they place a financial and health burden on society and especially on poorer communities, and now the tobacco companies are extracting scarce value from the ‘third world’ too. In the end, the only way may be to ban use of all these things except by mail order in private spaces.


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