Best Wine Fridges For 2023: Top 5 Bottle Refrigerators Most Recommended by Experts

While you were out searching for nice legs, we were finding nice wine fridges. The best wine fridges, to be sure. After all, you need somewhere to store those bottled beauties. We wanted to find out which refrigerators were the consensus top picks by wine experts on the web.

Of course, if you are a wine drinker who checks to see if wine has shapely “legs,” you may be disappointed to learn that those tears do not have anything to do with wine’s quality. But dry your eyes and worry not because this article has everything to do with quality wine fridges!

Study Finds pored over eight top websites, thumbing through reviews to bring you five of the best wine fridges that appeared most often across experts’ lists. These functional and stylish pieces of artwork are sure to appeal to your taste while also providing a safe home for your favorite vintage.

Pour yourself a glass of Rioja or Barbera, and let’s get to the list. Of course, we want to know which wine fridge you fancy, so comment below to let us know!

The List: Best Wine Fridges, According to Expert Reviews

1. Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Wine Cooler

Though this wine fridge is not Energy Star Certified do not worry, the experts say it is energy efficient. Also quiet. But “most importantly, this model performs brilliantly,” writes Food & Wine.  They also note that it maintains temperature well and runs smoothly with “minimal vibration.”

If your tastes in wine turn with the seasons, you’ll be happy to know that this fridge does have dual temperature zones. Your reds and whites can be chilled to their ideal temperatures respectively.

On the topic of design, Forbes writes that this is a “freestanding fridge.” So, if you’re looking for a built-in, this is not the model for you. Also note that this fridge has chrome shelves as opposed to wooden; it’s more of an “industrial aesthetic,” writes Domino.

Lastly, some sites mentioned being able to fit more than the advertised 32-bottle storage capacity while other sites note being able to fit less. It’ll depend on whether your bottles are of standard size.

2. EuroCave Premier S

If you’re looking for more bottle storage, this fridge holds up to 74 standard-sized wine bottles. And though it does not have dual temperature zones, it is of professional grade. This is a “restaurant-quality wine fridge,” according to People. They also share that there is an option for a glass or solid door. The latter being a good option of you want to protect your grapes from outside light sources.

Though this is EuroCave’s base-model, it is not to be looked down upon. The New York Times writes that “this fridge has the standout, signature EuroCave features.” They note that you can adjust and remove shelves which is helpful for irregularly shaped bottles.

If you’re looking for a high-quality wine fridge that’s used in commercial settings and built to last, this may be a good option for you to consider.

3. Kalamera 18-Bottle Single Zone

According to, this wine fridge does have shelves that adjust, a door that locks, and an “advanced cooling system,” though they also mention that it is not energy efficient.

You will want to keep in mind the single-zone temperature setting if you plan to keep on hand a mix of reds, whites, and sparkling.

This is a free-standing unit that holds up to 30 bottles; and a bonus with this fridge is that you are less limited in where you can keep it. “You may not know this, but you can’t store just any refrigerator in the garage, particularly in areas where the climate fluctuates to warm or cold extremes,” writes the Spruce. They do relay that this wine fridge is built to withstand changing environments.

4. Ivation 28-Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge

Good Housekeeping lists this fridge as their ‘best value.’ They note its “dark tinted glass design” along with removable shelves. Also important, they write of its “generous interior sizing.”

And some good news for those of you that want to store reds with whites: Ivation does offer this model in single or dual zone, with the dual zone being approximately $60 more.

A concern with less expensive refrigerators is noise. Some compressors can be irritatingly loud. They must work too hard too often to maintain temperature. But not to worry with this fridge as Food & Wine writes that it has “a fairly quiet motor.”

If you’re looking for a value wine fridge that can hold a small collection of your favorite bottles, this model from Ivation may be worth a look.

5. Smith & Hanks 32-Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Looking for a slim design that still holds a decent number of bottles? This model from Smith & Hanks may pique your interest. Domino lists this as their pick for “Best Compact” wine fridge.

Domino also notes that this stainless-steel model has a glass door and wooden shelves, and, unlike the others, it can be used freestanding or integrated into your kitchen as a built-in unit.

A nice feature on this wine fridge, as noted by Food & Wine, is the reversable hinges. A nice option if you’re worried about which direction the door swings. Also noteworthy, they relay that it’s ready to use as is when you get it. You only need to plug it in and wait for the temperature to rise.


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