Best Of The Best Women’s Bras: Top 5 Expert Recommendations For Ideal Support

Finding the perfect bra is probably much harder than finding a needle in a haystack because the “brastack” is much larger. There are countless styles, materials and sizes to choose from, and the prices can get steep. Also, when’s the last time you actually got a recommendation for one? People just generally don’t talk about their bras much. It’s not a taboo topic per se, but maybe more of a “taboobs” topic. See what we did there? All kidding aside, we went looking for the consensus best women’s bras, browsing reviews from top experts on the matter.

Of course, finding the perfect bra and the perfect fit, as many women can attest to, is very different. This is especially important for Americans, who are still waiting for their “Goldilocks” moment in the clothing section. An astonishing four in five say they’ve never found their perfect fit for certain items. According to a new poll of 1,000 people who weigh over 250 pounds, plus another 1,000 people under 250 pounds, 52 percent struggle to find clothing that fits their body types. The average respondent has crossed off about five brands or retailers because they don’t carry products that meet their physical needs. 

And for retailers, bras are big business. The Global Bra Market size was $28.55 USD billion in 2021. Since bras are a must-have clothing item, this figure is only expected to grow. The benefits of bras are distributing breast weight, preventing sagging, as well as helping maintain posture, preventing back discomfort and encouraging an at-ease feeling during physical activities. So, no wonder they’re a clothing staple.

But the secret to finding the perfect fit isn’t entering a Victoria’s Secret store. Surprisingly, none of their bras were among most recommended on the experts’ lists we used. That said, the secret might be finding the right size. It’s been a commonly known phrase in the undergarment world that 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. No one really knows the percentage for sure, but the underlying message is that bras are often ill-fitting.

So we’ll just trust the pros here and their suggestions for the best women’s bras on the market today. Our list is comprised of the products that appear most frequently across11 experts’ reviews — who recommend them for both fit and for comfort. If you have your own suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

The List: Best Of The Best Women’s Bras, According To Experts

1. Natori Pure Luxe Custom Coverage Bra

Good Housekeeping recommends this choice, saying, “This style earned the top spot in our tests and was rated the most comfortable bra by our panel, including those with both small and large cup sizes. On top of that, it proved to be durable because it washed well and kept its shape after we stretched it out in the Lab. In fact, it’s the bra our experts have preferred to wear for years, even after trying out dozens of styles on the market.” 

“This may be a T-shirt bra, but thanks to the super smooth material covering the cups and the lace detailing on the straps, it will still feel special when you’re wearing it. The cups are slightly contoured, meaning that the fabric closest to the underwire is a little more padded so that it provides more support and even helps to evenly shape out your chest. Basically, this bra is the perfect everyday option that still manages to look sexy while providing the support that you need,” InStyle writes.

Cosmopolitan chooses it as their No. 1, too, and here’s why: “Thanks to its super-soft fabric and comfy no-slip straps, this bra (which comes in nine color options) works well for a wide range of cup sizes. You’ll love how the lightweight demi pads provide tons of support, as well as how the full-coverage shape creates a seamless look under clothes without unwanted padding.” 

2. CUUP The Scoop Micro Bra

Forbes claims this is the most comfortable bra you can buy, writing, “​​CUUP specializes in fit-focused bras that pair comfortable fabrics with minimalist designs. All of their bras are unlined, offer shape-enhancing support and come in an inclusive size range. Their best-selling The Scoop gets our vote for the most comfortable bra, thanks to its smooth, sculpted silhouette, rounded neckline and molded cups that seamlessly create a silhouette that can be worn day in and day out.”

The New York Times says, “This bra is so lightweight that you’ll forget you’re wearing it, yet its underwire band and wide straps provide plenty of support. All of our testers, wearing various sizes, found something to like about it.

3. CUUP The Balconette

According to Insider, this bra style is eye candy: “CUUP’s signature mesh bras are eye candy, and the best part is they don’t just look good: they work wonders. Its full coverage bra is known to fit well across sizes, from the smallest to the largest cups. With mesh and no padding, it’s very comfortable and breathable. CUUP offers five bra shapes, and we recommend all of them.”

Oprah Daily writes, “Why It’s Great: The sheer, breathable mesh and flexible underwire enhance natural shape, rather than stuff your bust into pre-molded cups. This bra style also has a lovely vintage-inspired design and a rotating selection of seasonal shades. Who Should Buy It: It’s particularly great for teardrop-shaped, aka bottom-heavy boobs, and is a beautiful pick for someone who wants a little bit of sexiness without being over the top.”

4. True & Co. Lift Scoop Neck Bra at Amazon

TODAY claims, “True & Co. makes the perfect bra for all your comfort needs and support. Over 1,700 Amazon reviewers who gave this option a glowing five stars confirm that this wire-free scoop neck bra offers a buttery feel on top of the easy wear.”

“Not every day is the day for a pretty, slinky bra moment. Sometimes, you just want the comfort of full-coverage with absolutely minimal movement. The True & Co. Lift Scoop is suitable for those kinds of moods. This bra manages to cover up all cleavage with its high neckline and, thanks to the wide straps and nylon-elastane material, keep your breasts in place,” Real Simple says.

5. True & Co. Triangle Convertible Strap Bra 

Glamour recommends this bra, writing, “True & Co.’s convertible strap bra is all about putting comfort first. This nonrestrictive bra manages to offer full support while giving your bust a sculpted look. What customers say: ‘I feel like I have discovered the Holy Grail of bras! I have been looking and looking for YEARS for a bra this soft, comfortable, versatile and beautiful.’” 

And Lucie’s List raves, A bra that feels literally like second skin. It’s honestly the most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned. Plus, they have a wide range of sizes — for small-chested women (hiiiii!) to busty ladies (I recommended it to friends with bigger breasts, and they love it too!).” 

Are there any brands you think stand out above the rest? Drop us a comment with your recommendation.


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