Best Women’s Hair Removal Cream: Top 5 Products Most Recommended By Experts

Finding a hair removal cream that works on every part of the body, including intimate areas, can be tricky. But the beauty industry has certainly come a long way! Certainly better than the first razors made from seashells in 3,000 B.C.E. Now, there are so many options available that it can be challenging to choose the right one. To help make the decision easier, we rounded up the five best women’s hair removal creams according to experts.

How you maintain your body hair varies from person to person. In fact, a poll finds women are more likely to embrace their body hair today, with one in five saying they’re actually content to let their leg, armpit, and bikini lines grow. Twenty-two percent of women now are “more likely” to leave body and facial hair unshaven when it suits them. Although an act of expression for some, the findings suggest many are keeping their body hair due to wider concerns around removal methods and painful past experiences. Half are worried they’ll get skin irritation or have an allergic reaction from hair removal products, while one in three fear they’ll get spots, and 31 percent worry the process will hurt. Luckily, hair removal creams are an easy and painless way to remove hair without irritating your skin.

On the antithesis of embracing your hair, some women would do anything to be fuzz-free. A new survey shows many would go to extreme lengths for the ability to have body hair disappear for a year. Forty-eight percent of the participants would give up their caffeine fix and not drink coffee for an entire month, while 44 percent said they’d go Netflix-free for a month. Another 39 percent would put their relationship on the line, giving up sex for a month for the ability to go hair-free for a year, and 38 percent would keep away from social media. 

With the advancement of personal care products, you don’t have to go to extremes for hair removal. The products on our list offer an easy and convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair without the hassle of shaving or waxing. Whether you have sensitive skin or simply want a quick and effective solution, the list below of the best women’s hair removal creams offers a range of options to help you achieve smooth, hair-free skin. If we missed any, let us know in the comments!

Woman rubbing body lotion on her legs
Woman applying cream to her legs (Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels)

The List: Best Women’s Hair Removal Cream, According to Experts 


1. Woo Woo Tame It! Vegan In-Shower Hair Removal  

While Woo Woo has that distinctive hair removal cream smell, its formula is created with softness in mind. “Tame It houses jojoba, and aloe vera for more of a moisturizing finish. Included is a small spatula for easy application, and the best thing about it is it can be used in the shower, cutting down the time you have to stand in that awkward wide-leg naked pose in the bathroom. Just be careful that the water isn’t too hot, so you don’t irritate the skin. And keep to the six-minute maximum, to ensure smooth skin doesn’t come with any unwanted consequences,” says Independent.

WooWoo – Natural Tame It! In-Shower Hair Removal Cream

How convenient to simply apply Woo Woo first to dry skin, then step into the shower to rinse it off, along with your unwanted body hair? Harpers Bazaar shares a review, “Applied for six minutes before heading to the shower. Was a couple of missed patches swiped with a razor after but no pain or rashes. Easy to apply and the smoothest she has been! No more stubble or razor rash for that smooth feeling.”

Some reviewers complain that it doesn’t work on darker hair, but it’s up to you to be the judge since it contains nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and jojoba oil. “You won’t experience irritation with this hair removal cream, but rather a softening and improvement of the skin. It’s vegan and cruelty-free and free of potentially harmful ingredients like parabens,” offers Well and Good.

2. Neomen Hair Removal Cream 

Neomen’s hair removal cream is a depilatory perfect for sensitive skin. “Neomen is made up of an aloe and vitamin E formula, so it keeps your sensitive skin safe while also getting rid of even the most coarse hair,” states PopSugar.

Neomen Hair Removal Cream
Neomen Hair Removal Cream

Thousands of Amazon reviewers agree that Neomen depilatory cream is one of the very best. “Not only is it infused with aloe vera and vitamin E to calm redness and irritation, but it takes only five minutes to remove hair from your legs, arms, and more,” shares Harpers Bazaar.

When using Neomen, it is advised to make sure that you wait five minutes before getting a warm washcloth to remove the hair. “I don’t have time to swipe a formula on and wait for 10 minutes, all to be left with a leg still covered in hair. But with this gentle cream, I truly only need one layer to get my legs silky smooth. Surprisingly, I find the formula petty gentle (shout out to aloe vera and allantoin, which both help soothe my skin),” offers Cosmopolitan. 

3. Bikini Zone Hair Removal Treatment Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to do the job effectively from the comfort of your home. “This two-step product contains green tea and vitamins A, C, and E, which have antioxidant properties, as well as soothing aloe and chamomile to prevent irritation,” says Well and Good.

Bikini Zone Hair Removal Treatment Kit

Bikini Zone just plain gets that you’re busy. “They created this travel-size hair removal treatment kit containing a formula that can gently remove your hair in four minutes and a hair growth inhibitor to reduce the growth rate of hair. Take my word that this works well. No horrible smell like others I’ve tried,” offers Elle.

Many reviewers opt for Bikini Zone to replace the pain that comes with a Brazilian bikini wax. “It’s filled with soothers like green tea, aloe, and chamomile, which help soothe my bikini line skin as I remove hair. I just follow the instructions (smooth a thin layer over your skin, wait four to 10 minutes, then wipe off with a warm, wet washcloth), and I have a silky, soft bikini line in usually less than five minutes,” explains Cosmopolitan.

4. Nair Bladeless Shave

Who isn’t into anything that involves whipped cream, even hair removal products? “This lovely creamy, foam hair remover is infused with lavender oil to bring you extra bliss. What’s easier than spreading some foam on your legs,” from Women’s Health.

Nair Hair Remover Bladeless Shave Whipped Crème

If you are new to hair removal cream? Opt for Nair’s Bladeless Shave. “This formula looks and feels just like shaving cream and gives the same results as shaving sans a razor. I have very sensitive skin. I applied lots of moisturizer after and I feel great. Wish I had tried this sooner,” boasts Elle.

Nair is filled with good-for-skin ingredients. “It has coconut oil so it’s moisturizing and won’t make your skin feel waxy after use,” he says. Plus, the formula is both dye and paraben-free,” explains Marie Claire.

5. Nads 3-in-1 Butter Body Hair Removal Cream

You can’t beat a hair-removal cream that works triple duty to gently break down hair while exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. “The lotion is made with cocoa and shea butter to keep your skin supple and smooth as it removes hair and exfoliates your skin,” shares PopSugar.

Nad’s 3-in-1 Hair Removal Butter, Gentle & Soothing Hair Removal Cream For Women

The key to a good hair removal cream is a solid ingredient list. This one from Nad’s makes the cut. “Melon extract, aloe vera, avocado oil, and honey all work to keep skin hydrated and calm during the hair removal process,” explains  Women’s Health.

This body butter/hair removal cream hybrid from Nads doubles to soothe your dry winter skin as you remove any unwanted hair. “The brand says that you can use it both in and out of the shower, and the hydrating formula is created to be hypoallergenic and includes both cocoa butter and shea butter to keep your skin feeling its best. If you’re using it in the shower, make sure to apply the butter a few minutes prior to getting wet for the best results,” says Marie Claire.

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