(Photo by Constantin Panagopoulos on Unsplash)

(Photo by Constantin Panagopoulos on Unsplash)

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the sun is shining brighter. Summer is right around the corner, and before we know it, it’ll be time to lather on the SPF to soak up some sun. But as enjoyable as warm weather is, it’s important to protect the sensitive skin on our faces from harmful UV rays. Of course, it would be silly to suggest spending all summer hiding in the shade. Thankfully, the best women’s hats can bring the shade to you, keeping your face protected from a painful burn and allowing you to enjoy all the warmth has to offer.

If you’ve ever forgotten to pack sunscreen before heading outside, you’re not alone. Research shows that nearly a quarter of Americans would risk getting a sunburn if they left their sunscreen at home rather than going back and to get it. That’s according to a new survey of 2,000 adults. The poll finds that sunscreen is among the top items Americans accidentally leave at home at a concerning 21 percent.

Perhaps worse, another survey reveals that 57 percent of people never wear sunscreen while they are outside. A whopping 96 percent of people say they don’t wear sunscreen every day. And while there are plenty of benefits to getting some extra Vitamin D, doing so safely is essential to protecting against harmful, skin cancer-causing burns.

Before you retreat back into the air conditioning this summer, consider picking up a hat to stay covered and look great doing it. With so many stylish options to shield your eyes from the sun, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is narrowing down your choices. That’s why StudyFinds took to the internet to find expert reviews of the best women’s hats to keep you cool this summer. This list includes the five most recommended styles, but as always, if you have a favorite that we missed, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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The List: Best Women’s Hats, According to Experts


1. Lack of Color Wave Bucket Hat

If your summer wardrobe could use a pop of color, scoop up one (or many) of the 9 vibrant hues of the Wave bucket hat. Made of terry towel material, this hat is perfect for a day in the sun and by the water. “Swap out your cold-weather beanie for this bright and quirky terrycloth bucket hat from Lack of Color,” suggests Cosmopolitan. “This is a simple accessory that can easily be worked into any beach or warm-weather outfit.”

Lack of Color Wave Bucket Hat in tangerine
Lack of Color Wave Bucket Hat in tangerine

Thanks to the towel-like material, this hat can withstand all kinds of warm-weather activities. Whether you prefer the lake or the ocean, the pool or the hot tub, or just braving the sweltering temperatures of dry land, the Wave bucket hat is sure to keep up. Even better, it comes with UPF 50 to protect your skin while you have fun.

“We all love a bright and happy bucket hat, and this cotton-terry one has a welcomed summer camp feel to it. It is perfect for a beach day, paired with a cute swimsuit,” says Harper’s Bazaar. “It’s such a cute throwback style, and it adds a bit of color to your everyday look,” PopSugar adds.

2. Scala Cotton Hat

Another wallet-friendly pick, the Scala cotton hat is a versatile accessory that brings a youthful cheer to any outfit. As Cosmopolitan puts it, “a colorful canvas hat that not only will grab everyone’s attention but will block your face and shoulders from the UV rays all summer long. Lucky for you, this hat comes in 34 colors—one to match each of your swimsuits.”

If your head is larger or smaller than average, or if you simply prefer to control your fit, this hat goes beyond the typical “one size fits most” approach. “The design offers the sun protection you’re looking for, while the hidden inner drawstring allows for an adjustable fit,” says Oprah Daily.

Scala Cotton Hat
Scala Cotton Hat

“Cotton sun hats are a classic and, really, one of those items everyone should have in their closet as their packable nature makes them convenient to travel with, toss in a bag in case of emergency, or keep stored in a shed for gardening,” adds Byrdie. “We aren’t surprised this one comes recommended by over 3,000 Amazon customers as it’s made of 100 percent cotton, highly durable, has a medium-sized fold-over brim, and is available in a ton of fun colors.”

3. FURTALK UPF 50 Straw Hat

This stylish straw hat offers more than just a bit of shade, as it comes armed with UPF 50 to protect against harmful rays. But what it offers in coverage certainly doesn’t take away from its stylish look. Made to be flexible enough to fold up in your beach bag or suitcase and still return to its original shape, this pick is sure to become a summer staple. As Oprah Daily says, “with a full, bendable rim and high UPF sun protection, this is a great hat to fold up and pack in your beach bag or weekender.”

FURTALK UPF 50 Straw Hat
FURTALK UPF 50 Straw Hat

“Summer travel hat problems are not an issue with this one. It rolls up neatly for your tote bag or suitcase, and when you need it, it pops right back into shape,” says Cosmopolitan. “A classic straw hat with a wide brim, you can wear it with practically anything.”

The price tag of this hat is also worth a mention. At under $30, it’s a wallet-friendly pick. “A sun hat is exactly the kind of thing we have a tendency to lose—whether it’s leaving it on the beach, in a restaurant, or letting it fly off our heads on the back of a Vespa (a girl can dream). Which is why we need this budget sun hat that we can afford to misplace,” Luxe Digital explains.

4. San Diego Hat Co. Oversized Floppy Straw Hat

If you want plenty of shade wrapped in a bold statement piece, this hat is the one for you. With a dramatic wide brim to shield you from the sun and draw admiring glances, you’ll be reaching for this San Diego Hat Co. staple again and again. “This hat from San Diego Hat Company keeps things shady (in a good way) with a wide brim style, plus the added protection of UPF 50+,” says Byrdie.”

San Diego Hat Co. Oversized Floppy Straw Hat
San Diego Hat Co. Oversized Floppy Straw Hat

The drama of this style has the added benefit of allowing you to fly under the radar (or the brim) if you so choose. “If you’re simply not a ‘summer person’ and prefer to go incognito all season long, we’ve got the perfect hat style for you: the oversized, extra-wide brim sun hat,” suggests Refinery29. “A little ridiculous maybe? Sure. But, good luck to the sun — nothing’s getting past this statement hat.”

And if you love the wide brim but would prefer a different color, San Diego Hat Co. offers a similar but slightly different style in a variety of colors. Says NY Mag, “the hat is solidly made and came in a massive square hatbox, not rolled up and squished. Shown in a color called toast, it comes in nine others, including white, black, citron, and hot pink.” As an added bonus, this style is a bit cheaper.

5. J. Crew Wide-Brim Packable Straw Hat

Lovers of the classic sun hat will enjoy this preppy and portable style, perfect for backyard cocktails or sitting beachside. With a flexible, yet durable shape, this hat is sure to last you many seasons. And at just $60, it would be hard to beat the price tag.

J. Crew Wide-Brim Packable Straw Hat
J. Crew Wide-Brim Packable Straw Hat

“This cute yet unassuming raffia number (available in two other colors) goes with everything from your city outfits to seaside looks,” says Oprah Daily. “Even better: It folds up for convenience.”

You’ll thank yourself for this buy when you’re zipping up your suitcase without fear of crushing your favorite hat inside. “As much as fancy sun hats are great on vacation and at the beach, they can be difficult to pack,” warns Forbes. “This wide- brimmed option from J.Crew has a bendable yet structured material that allows you to roll up and stuff into your beach bag or suitcase without compromising the hat’s shape. And for $60, it’s also affordable.”

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