A Shar-Pei puppy

A Shar-Pei puppy (Photo by Sandy Schulze on Shutterstock)

There’s something undeniably charming about the soulful eyes and expressive wrinkles of certain dog breeds. These adorable folds, far from being imperfections, contribute to a unique and endearing appearance that wins over many hearts. The breeds on our list of the top seven most wrinkly dogs all have a distinctly unique look that some people find irresistible. Get ready to be charmed by the wrinkly wonders of the canine world.

And who wouldn’t melt at the sight of a mushy face? From the playful goofiness of the Pug to the gentle loyalty of the Bloodhound, each wrinkle-faced breed has its unique charm and temperament. We scoured 10 expert sources to discover the seven most wrinkly dog breeds that make for wonderful pets. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

The List: Most Wrinkly Dog Breeds You Will Fall In Love With

1. Pug

pug covered with blanket on bedspread
Pug puppy in a blanket (Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash)

America loves the Pug! These affable fellows are usually wrinkly, chubby, and charming. Believe it or not, Pugs can trace their roots way back to ancient China, over 2,000 years ago, World Animal Foundation raves. Back then, only emperors got to cuddle these cuties – commoners could only own one if it was a gift. These affectionate pups are happy to curl up on your lap, just like they did with the emperors all those years ago.

Believe it or not, these wrinkly bundles of joy have been around since 400 B.C., adds The Dog People. That’s a long time to perfect their irresistible charm. Not only are they adorable, but Pugs are also known for being gentle, sweet, and playful companions. Plus, they’re super motivated by treats – gotta love a dog with a good appetite!

These little charmers might be a bit stubborn, and training them can take some extra effort, betterpet notes. But hey, that’s all part of their sassy Pug personality, right? And those adorable wrinkles? While they add to a pug’s irresistible charm, they can also lead to some health problems. So keep an eye on those precious folds to make sure your pug stays happy and healthy.

2. Bullmastiff

a brown dog standing on top of a lush green field
Bullmastiff (Photo by Albert Dávid on Unsplash)

The Bullmastiff’s imposing size belies a surprisingly sweet and loyal nature, combining strength and tenderness in one unforgettable furry package. While they might not be the absolute winner in the wrinkle department, these gentle giants can tip the scales at a whopping 130 pounds, making them one of the biggest bundles of wrinkles on this list, says be chewy. But don’t let their size fool you! Back in the 19th century, Bullmastiffs were known as the “Gamekeeper’s Night-Dog” because they were trusty guardians, keeping watch over estates at night.

The name says it all – these pups are a blend of two powerful breeds: Bulldogs and Mastiffs. Just like Mastiffs, they’re on the bigger side, as Hepper Blog describes. But with their smooshed faces and sometimes brindle coloring, they also share some resemblance with their Bulldog (or even Pug!) cousins.

These big guys might look like English Mastiffs, but they’ve got a flatter face thanks to the Bulldog in their family tree, Pure elaborates. With two super wrinkly breeds as parents, it’s no wonder Bullmastiffs are famous for their own impressive folds and rolls!

3. Shar-Pei

Shar-Pei puppy photo by Tiago Vasconcelos on Unsplash
Shar-Pei puppy (Photo by Tiago Vasconcelos on Unsplash)

Shar-Peis seem like living teddy bears ready for endless cuddles. But don’t underestimate their ancient guard dog instincts – those wrinkles hide the heart of a loyal protector. These pups are famous for their super-squishy faces, and might even be the wrinkliest breed out there, adds HK9. Fun fact: even though they look similar to some Mastiffs, Shar Peis are actually closer cousins to Spitz breeds like the Chow Chow. Who knew?

While those smooshed faces are enough to melt your heart, Shar-Peis were originally bred for guarding and fighting, so they can have a bit of a tough side, says AZ Animals. Their independent streak can also make training a challenge. Here’s the thing – because of their potential wariness of strangers and other dogs, early training and socialization are super important for these feisty furballs.

Those wrinkles are undeniably cute, but Shar-Peis aren’t your average cuddle buddy. Owning one of these pups takes a confident owner with some experience, warns The Spruce Pets. They can be stubborn, fiercely protective, aloof with strangers, and sometimes even aggressive with other dogs. So, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance lapdog, a Shar-Pei might not be the best fit.

4. Bloodhound

Bloodhound (Photo by Glikiri on Shutterstock)

Bloodhounds boast those impressive wrinkles for a very cool reason: super sniffing powers! Their loose skin helps trap scent particles as they sniff around, kind of like a built-in scent collector. This can make walks a bit of a tug-of-war for less experienced owners, Purina explains. But fear not, cuddle lovers! At home, Bloodhounds transform into giant, lazy goofballs, happy to relax with the family. Their patient nature also makes them great companions for kids (as long as you don’t mind the occasional stubborn sniff-fest on walks!).

These incredible dogs, also known as St. Hubert Hounds, have noses so good they can literally track down evidence admissible in court, World Animal Foundation adds. Talk about a super power! And those famously long ears? They’re not just for good looks – they also help sweep up scent particles from the ground all the way to their amazing noses.

Wrinkly pups are adorable, but there’s more to those folds than meets the eye, says betterpet. All those adorable squishes can trap moisture, leading to itchy rashes and even ear and eye infections. Another thing to keep in mind? Keeping your wrinkly friend at a healthy weight is key to preventing hip dysplasia and keeping them comfy in the long run.

5. French Bulldog

brown and black French bulldog lying on white fur area rug
French Bulldog (Photo by Alexandru Sofronie on Unsplash)

French Bulldogs are chubby little love muffins that are happy to cuddle all day long. Their calm and loving disposition makes them a popular family pet. These charming furballs don’t need hours of exercise outdoors and are known for being relatively quiet. That makes them ideal for apartment dwellers who might not have a big backyard, Hepper Blog claims. But don’t let their chill vibes fool you – Frenchies are also playful and love spending time with families, making them well-rounded companions for all sorts of living situations!

Their adorable smooshed faces have taken Instagram by storm, making them the most-followed canine on the platform and one of the most popular dog breeds overall, adds Pure. Fun fact: these Frenchie cuties actually have English Bulldog roots, but they were perfected in France, where they became the “paw-ferred” companions of everyone from artists to aristocrats. Talk about pedigree!

Here’s the catch: Frenchies are known for having some health problems like breathing difficulties and ear infections, which can mean more trips to the vet (and a potentially hefty vet bill), AZ Animals reviews. Wiping out between their wrinkles is also a good practice to keep them healthy and smell-free.

6. English Bulldog

A brown and white English bulldog laying on top of a wooden floor photo by Sébastien L. on Unsplash
An English Bulldog (Photo by Sébastien L. on Unsplash)

Right behind their French cousins are the English Bulldogs. These well-loved dogs are stocky and heavier than they look. According to World Animal Foundation, these gentle giants were originally bred for bullbaiting (yikes!). Thankfully, those days are long gone. Today, English Bulldogs are known for their love of everyone – kids, other dogs, cats, you name it! They’re basically social butterflies with a unique look – that underbite, the wrinkles, and the adorable squatty build make them truly unforgettable pups.

Don’t let their stocky build fool you, adds betterpet! These short, shiny-coated pups have super mellow personalities despite their size, making them the perfect couch companion for movie nights and naps. Plus, English Bulldogs are known for their devotion and loyalty, making them one of the friendliest dog breeds around.

These playful and caring pups are total cuddle monsters, despite sometimes reaching up to 55 pounds, AZ Animals says. They dream of being lap dogs, so get ready for some serious snuggles! Keep an eye out for hot weather. Those adorable short snouts can make breathing tricky, so playtime might need to move indoors when the sun gets too strong.

7. Pekingese

Pekingese dog
Pekingese dog (Photo by Vianney Cahen on Unsplash)

The Pekingese are a unique breed that sports a wrinkly face in combination with long silky hair. These dogs are known for bonding strongly with one person. These little charmers might be a tad stubborn (maybe that’s where they hide their secret sass?), and they do best in homes without small kids, The Dog People states. Think of them as one-person pups who crave all your love and attention. And speaking of attention, their luxurious locks need some TLC to stay luscious.

These dignified little furballs have deep wrinkles framing their short snouts, and their long, flowing mane around the neck gives them a lion-like vibe, adds The Spruce Pets. Those big, expressive eyes will melt your heart, and their demeanor is a perfect blend of loyalty, confidence, and independence (think of a tiny lion ruling their own domain!). Just like pugs, be aware that Pekingese can be prone to some health issues related to breathing, teeth, eyes, and skin.

All that fur can make it tough for them to stay cool, so be extra cautious when taking your Pekingese out on hot days, HK9 writes. Think sunscreen, shady walks, and maybe even a cooling bandana – these little lions deserve to stay comfy in the summer sun!


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